Phase 1 – Garbage

Main idea :
What is art and what is trash?

Main critique object :
Trash as a transformation object of the surrounding urban area

Screenplay object :
A performance which converts trash into an art object, the pedestrians into an art consumers, a garbage man into an artist and a public space (just a corner) into a urban museum.

Resources :
-Using backwards timeline in order to give the information to the spectator from the specific to the general, creating prejudices in the beginning of the video to break up these thoughts as the video develops.
-Slow-motion to give to the spectator the enough time to comprehend the information and also, make prejudices with that images.
-In addition, to force that strategy we used close-up views in the beginning in order to only show little packs of understandable information and then make wider views to change the meaning of that initial showed things.


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