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Infography Phase 2 LOL

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Our subject is the study of roundabouts in Alicante. So, we choose a roundabout for our project development. This roundabout is in the junction between “Avenida Periodista Rodolfo Salazar” and “Calle Alonso Cano”.


First, we study the general aspects of roundabouts (agents that take part on them, how people see them, economical aspects…). Then, starting from two urban theories, we choose a roundabout that will be the base of our project. These theories are:

– Visibility of the city: the city and each part of it has a charasteristic image. This image comes from a coherence and a continuity in the space. That is: façades, urban furniture, how the streets are, how people move… This makes each part has its own image, its own identity.

– Roundabouts as “porosity points” for the city. A porosity point is an empty point in the city that is used as an attraction point, a point that absorb the social diversitiy and activity. We have said that a city can have different images. These images are of course connected, as they are part of the same unit. Porosity points are these “connection points”. As roundabouts are an important part in connections in a city, we see roundabouts as Porosity Points. A place where everything can happen, a transition place.
After this analysis we conclude that the roundabout that join all these charasteristics is the chosen roundabout.
This will be the starting point in our project.



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