Phase 3a – GarbinEAT



GarbinEAT is a project that strengthens the neighbourhood’s gastronomy traditions, involving the neighbours and the bars. The main objectives are to  configure a new identity in Garbinet and activate the commerce potential axes.


The roundabout will be the tool to draw the attention of the citizen and the boulevards (Avenida Pintor Xavier Soler / Avenida Juan Sanchis Candela) and the bar terraces will be the scenes where the ritual of eating will become in a social event.




Referring to phase 2 of this project, and the analysis by the WTF group of last year, we know:

ONE: The roundabout has a strategic location.

The “Parque Avenidas” urban plan, approved in 1988, designed the roundabout as an articulator element of the new urban fabric. Therefore it is working as the heart of the large streets and boulevards of Garbinet. Its strategical location makes it be viewed by 38.000 drivers daily and 200 pedestrian on average per hour.

*Controversy: The roundabout is an unused area with an extremely high maintenance cost. No amortization of that location.

TWO: The sculpture “Puerta del Milenio” is a landmark.

The work of the sculptor Eduardo ballasts, built in 2001, has a monumental scale, around 25 m. This sculpture is recognized and associated to “la Rotonda de Gran Vía” giving an own identity to the roundabout.

 *Controversy: Despite of being one of the most recognized monuments in Alicante, “Puerta del Milenio” is not associated to the culture or society of the neighborhood.

THREE: The roundabout and boulevards divide Garbinet in 3 parts.

(These context data were collected after the analysis of the phase 2)

Garbinet was a rural area in Alicante, since 1988, with the “Parque Avenidas” construction the neighbourhood has suffered an unstoppable growth in its west part. With the opening in 1998 of the new Shopping Center  “Gran Vía” Garbinet began to consolidate as neighbourhood. In 2008, when the economical crease started this growth stopped, as a result, we have an unfinished area with 3 parts clearly different.

A. Old Garbinet:

Economic: the main economical activity is the car repair shops

Social: lower – middle class

Cultural: the popular festivals have been lost, the new ones are the Bonfires

B. New Garbinet undeveloped

Economic: there is no economic activity. The 90% of the commercial locals are closed

Social: upper – middle class

Cultural: The new popular festivals are the Bonfires

C. New Garbinet consolidated

Economic: in this part is where the main commercial activity takes place

Social: upper – middle class

Cultural: The new popular festivals are the Bonfires


*Controversy: The roundabout and the boulevards could sew the 3 different areas in Garbinet but as opposed, due to the large size and the lack of attraction that they offer, they are barriers to the development of the neighborhood.


(These context data were collected after the analysis of the phase 2)

ONE: The neighbours’ meals

“Antes todo el mundo salía a la calle a cenar en verano. Nos juntábamos para todo. Eso se ha perdido” (Un empuje imparable)

One of the discoveries of this second analysis shows that the popular tradition of community meals outdoor is still done around the neighborhood, but under the name of different identities.


A. Old Garbinet: They have their chairs outdoors during all the year, and in summer they use to dinner together.


B. New Garbinet: It has 49 urbanizations of which only 4 have not a community garden. It is also a tradition to celebrate the community festivals in which they gather for dinner together.

C. The Bonfires Associations: In Garbinet there are four Bonfires associations and during all the year they celebrate Sunday events, in which the “almuerzo popular” is something indispensable between the activities.

Bonfire Gran via-garbinet: “Gran fiesta popular” more info

Bonfire Parque de las avenidas: “almuerzo y mercado artesanal” more info

Bonfire Jose angel guirao (no information)

Bonfire Boulevard del pla garbinet: “almuerzo popular” more info


*Controversy: The popular traditions and festivals that gave identity to the neighbourhood have become obsolete. Now the citizens celebrates the Bonfires and events in their private urbanizations and don’t have identity as a neighbourhood.

TWO: The bars are the most commercial offer of the neighborhood

The commercial local activity in this area is affected by the Sopping Center “Gran Vía” and because one of the areas of the neighbourhood is undeveloped. Therefore the main commercial activity is located in the street Médico Vicente Reyes and the Avenida Pintor Xavier Soler, corresponding with the consolidated Garbinet area.


If we analyse deeper the zone we find that the best commercial offer is the “restauración”, and specifically, the traditional bars with terrace.

Garbinet is a “new” neighbourhood, designed under an urban plan in which the dimensions and scales of the public space are quite large compared to other areas of Alicante. The sidewalks are large enough to accommodate the terraces. One of the reasons of the successes of the bars is have a terrace, because they take the activity outside and serves as a “wake up call” for the consumers.


*Controversy: despite being considered a commercial point of interest, the number of closed locals is very high.


STRATEGY ONE: GarbinEAT association


The GarbinEAT project is an initiative tat involve the neighbours, the Bonfire associations and the local commerce mainly the bars, due to this variety of agents, the first step is to create a new organism for mange all the interests. The GarbinEAT association will be responsible of:

 – Economic management

– Organization and control of project phases

– Schedule activities


 – Representatives of the neighborhood association: participants // go for the neighbors’ interests.

 – Representatives of the bonfires associations: participants // go for the foguerers’ interests.

 – Representatives of the commerce associations: participants // go for the bars owners’ interests.

 – City Council, Department of citizen participation: Consultants.

 – Benefits:

– Social benefit: The interests of the different collectives will take part in the project decisions.

STRATEGY TWO: New roundabout image

– Explanation:

This strategy is to take full advantage of the location and landmark of our roundabout. In one of the conclusions of the second phase the roundabout could work as a showcase of the neighbourhood. For that, the first step will be create a new urban image using the roundabout and the monument, this image will identify the project and will provide and identity to Garbinet.

Robert Venturi, in his book “Learning from Las Vegas” presents two ways to make a building communicative, that the form expresses its function or a functional building with a giant sign. We are working in a neighbourhood scale, and following the second way of Venturi, we’ll be use the roundabout to create this landmark.


The roundabout is an important traffic node, where circulate cars, pedestrians and cyclists and each with a different perception of the landmark and the roundabout. To create the new image we’ll play with the visual perception.

Anamorphosis: it is a perspective effect used in art to force the viewer to a pre-establish or privileged point of view.


” ” by Felice Varini


 “Luz nas Vielas” by Boamistura 

The chosen points of view are:

A: The first point is located in the end of Avenida Pintor Xavier Soler. There is a traffic light where cars stop every half-second, a crosswalk connecting the avenue with the roundabout, because with the new project the roundabout is going to be accessible and also the bike lane cross in that point. Furthermore Avenue is the main scene of the terraces bars.

B: The second spot is in the end of the Bellea del Foc Street, the main car access to the neighbourhood. It is the street that joins our roundabout with the Plaza de Castalla, the connexion between Via Parque and Garbinet.



Design: (no develop)

The design plays with the geometry of the sculpture, generating an image to be draw in different elements, the monument, the floor of the rotunda and the facades of the surrounding buildings. As this is an intervention instead of paint will use adhesive tape, for at any time remove it.


fos by (fos)

In this ephemeral installation in a Vegan restaurant in Madrid, they use adhesive tape in the facade and the ground.


First ideas (no develop)


– GarbinEAT association: organization.

City Council, Department of urban image: organization // create a new image and attractive to the City.

– Operators: responsible to create the new image, employed for the City Council // Economic benefit.

– Neighbour’s associations: give permission to paint the facades


– Economic benefit: Revaluation of the adjacent commerce locals, due to the new landmark in the roundabout

– Cultural benefit: The new image will generate an identity for Garbinet recycling the existing landmark associating it to the neighbourhood.


– Social problem: The neighbours could not be agreeing with acting the sculpture. Furthermore, it will be necessary to obtain the premises to transform the public space and the building facades.

STRATEGY THREE: Involve the bars 


The bars are the most commercial offer in the area in addition where the bars are there are less empty locals. For that reason they will be the protagonists incubators of the activity in Garbinet.

– Firstly, identify the traditional bars, restaurants and coffee shops on the streets come out the roundabout.

1 (next opening) // Pub

2 “Carnicería Taberna Pedro” Carnicería Bar + Terrace // Bar

3 “Sushi up” // Asiatic

4 “Cortinas Artesol” Cortinas/caferetía + Terrace // Coffee

5 “La mouse de Alan” + Terrace // Coffee

6 “La casona Rizwan” + Terrace // Bar

7 Telepizza // Restaurant chain

8 “Cerveceria Adaxe” + Terrace // Bar

9 “Restaurante pizzeria Tito’s” // Italian

10 “Cervecería Estrella del Bulevard” + Terrace // Bar

11 “Despacho de pan Estrella del Bulevard” // Bakery

12  “Vinoteca”

13 “Cervecería Bulevard” + Terrace // Bar

14 “Comida para llevar”

15  “Panadería Delicia” // Bakery

16 “Bar Avenidas” + Terrace // Bar

17 “Cafeteria Costa blanca” + Terrace // Bar

18 “Panaderia Calentitos” // Bakery

19 “Cervecería El Romano” // Bar

20 “El placer de comer” + Terrace // Bar

21 “Kebab” + Terrace // Turkish

22 “Restaurante Ying” // Asiatic

23 “Panadería la pastita” // Bakery

24 “Cervecería los cerezos” + Terrace // Bar

25 “Cafetería Arte” + Terrace // Coffee

26 “Heladería” + Terrace //

27 “Restaurante dehesa de Santa María” // Restaurant

28 “Cafetería Memphis” + Terrace // Coffee

29 “Cervecería Cromwell” + Terrace // Bar

30 “Panadería Confitería Cañaveras” + Terrace // Bakery

31 “Al-Andalus” // Restaurant chain

32 “El chef” // Bar

33 “Cafeteria Alvaro’s” + T // Coffee



-Secondly, if in the roundabout we are creating the GarbinEAT brand, to involve bars it have to associate it to this landmark and culture, do this in two phases.

A. Change their facades and terraces image, paint the furniture with the roundabout colours and place a new sign to present it as GarbinEAT terrace.


B. The bars pay for new urban furniture to be placed in the roundabout. It may be used for the bars, neighbours and Bonfire associations in the different new events.

The furniture will be disposed every day for the use of the bars and the neighbours, there no a private bar terraces, it may be used for any user or no of the bars. (no develop)


– GarbinEAT association: organizes the process of bars’ incubation

– Bars owners: participants // advertise their business in a point of maximum visibility and get a new image to their local into a collective (GarbinEAT)


-Economic benefit increased the consumption and the popularity by removing the bars to the point of maximum visibility

-Social benefit associating the bars to project the GarbinEAT community grows, reaching a wider audience.

-Cultural benefit: the GarbinEAT bars follow the traditional gastronomy culture of Alicante and Spain

 – Problems:

– Social problem: It will be necessary to obtain the premises to transform the public space and the building facades.

STRATEGY FOUR: Providing a sociocultural attractive in the boulevards


One of the controversies was that the roundabout and the boulevards could sew the 3 different areas in Garbinet but as opposed, due to the large size and the lack of attraction that they offer, they are barriers to the development of the neighborhood.

For that the aim with this strategy is to transform the boulevards in a socio cultural attraction for neighbors, creating workshops and events using the new urban furniture. Reviving the popular social tradition that occurs in the neighborhood but with a new image and identity.


Cooking classes the Sundays. Any bar, bakery or neighbour can organise a cooking workshop for a day.


 “Almuerzos populares”: organised by the Bonfires associations. For this Sunday events they tend to located tables in the street and pay taxes, using the new furniture they don’t have to, they are a urban elements.

 “Sunny Sundays” in GarninEAT: The idea is to bring the “Restaurant Day” concept to Garbinet. “It is a worldwide food carnival when anyone can set up a restaurant, café or a bar for a day”. Neighbours, Bonfires associations and bars can create their own restaurant for a day and invite and share with the city.


Restaurant Day 


 – GarbinEAT association: organize and advertise the event

 City Council, Department of culture: organize and advertise the event

– Restaurant day: advertise and help launch your restaurants // grow their rapidly growing international network

– Bars: participants and users // promotion

– Neighbors: participants and users // celebrate for one day the new event that identifies Garbinet or economic benefit if they set up a restaurant in the “Sunny Sundays”.

-Bonfire associations: participants and users // celebrate for one day the new event that identifies Garbinet and economic benefit.


– Economic benefit: Provincial, national and international tourist attraction, due to the celebration of the events in Garbinet.

– Social benefit: The events celebration and the workshops will create a more strong community, taking out the people for their private urbanizations revitalizing the boulevards.

– Cultural benefit: consolidation of the neighborhood identity

STRATEGY FIVE: Marketing campaign

– Explanation:

The importance to create an own brand to the project is part of the success of the same. A name, a logo and a colour to provide the identity that people can recognize and identify it as something is happens.

About the name, we must be clear that the main protagonist we want to announce is the neighborhood, so “Garbinet” is one of the words with we need to play, and secondly gastronomy, or the eating and activity. Another criterion is the audience it is destined, the neighborhood and the city of Alicante so the idiom must to be in Spanish. However the phonetic game with the combination of Garbinet and verb “comer” in English “Eat” was more powerful. For that reason no other possible Spanish names were used.


For the logo design, one of the premises was to use the potential of the existing landmark, in order to generate something very specific for the zone. In the final design the shape refers to the “Puerta del Milenio’s” geometry.


And finally the election of the yellow colour came for their relation with the sun and the Mediterranean weather and the culture of the live outside in the terrace in the summer. The “Sunny Sundays” could not have another colour.

“It is a bright, cheerful colour that symbolizes luxury and like to party every day.”


– GarbinEAT association: Advertise “GarbinEAT”

City Council, Department of urban image: Advertise “GarbinEAT”

– Bars: users // Their new exterior image will be associate in to the collective “GarbinEAT”


-Economic benefit: a marketing campaign promoted the project and therefore the economic activity of the area will be revalorized.

– Social benefit: advertising helps the attraction in the neighbourhood level and city level

– Cultural benefit: Consolidate the project as a cultural and social interest generating an identity for the neighbourhood.

STRATEGY SIX: Involve the local commerce (No develop)

To really use the bars as incubators it must be necessary to generate some kind of association between bars and other businesses.


reference: Wasbar by Pinkeye


The phases of the project are:

ONE: Create the new roundabout image to announce the people that something is going to happens.

TWO: Involve the bars, renovating their terraces or facades according with the roundabout style.

TRHEE: Construct and place the new furniture in the boulevards.

FOUR: Activate the Sunday Workshops

FIVE: Celebrate the “Sunny Sunday”

SIX: Relate these events with local trade (No develop)

HOW MUCH (No develop)

The main budget for the project will come from take advantage of the new project is being developed in the roundabout. We estimated that 35% of the grass surface has been removed to generate the pedestrians walks, so in the annual budget for the roundabouts maintenance may save 17768 euros. This is the budget that we start.



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