Phase 3A · ALta Cultura

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 ‘Alta cultura’ proposes to revitalize the neighborhood of Carolinas Bajas through culture.  It’s location in the city is privileged, connected to the city center and surrounded by three of the bigger official cultural containers.

Two of them: ADDA and Cigarreras represent the main focus of both high and popular-contemporary culture, and are directly in the limits of Carolinas bajas; connected by the street San Carlos.  Although the infrastructure of  ‘Las cigarreras’, dedicated to start up – contemporary culture,  it’s not enough to hold all the actual cultural environment of Alicante, nowadays  average citizen has not the image of Alicante as a city with a rich cultural scenario.


1.Transform Alicante’s culture image.

The actual situation is :  medium-big centers that don’t communicate between each other and a big variety of smaller associations , groups and artist with few resources dispersed over the city.

What is needed is  a cultural system that brings communication between them and generates an unitary recognizable image, based on the existing material: a big range of proposals that include every budget and knowledge.


The concern about this topic was visible last november at the first Alicante’s culture think tank , organiced by Ciudad de la Sombra at the cultural center CAMON. Nine cultural agents from the city where invited and the workshop-debate during 2 days turned aroun the need of stablidhing conexions between them and giving an unitary image through a network.


2.Relate this cultural image to the physiognomy of Carolinas Bajas.

The relationship between flat roofs and dividing walls generates a varied range of outstanding situations where to recreate cultural proposals in a creative way. This may also attract young people with proposals and cultural projects to move to the neighborhood and that way increase the average age.

Altura_edif 2500 versión 17Main section


a.Location. ‘Invade ’ the roofs of the streets  San Carlos, that connects Adda and Cigarreras; and Valencia , that connects San Carlos street with Castellón square , the center of life in Carolinas bajas.

maoeado cub2maoeado cub3

Mapping the roofs of both streets we can observe that 80 from the 181 are pitched, and 101 flat; in a range from 20 to 70 sqm.That makes 7081 sqm of new available showspace. But we should count on three factors that come toguether with the use of housing biulding roofs:

*They are suposed to be common areas of the building, so we need neighbors assembly agreement to use them.

* It is written in article 396 of the Civil code that it can become private through neighbors assemply agreement too.

*Conditions of use and safety.

So counting on denials, private properties and bad conditions due to the age of the buildings of Carolinas bajas I am counting on 40 flat roofs; that makes 2804 sqm (comparable to the area of the surrounding cultural containers)

Presentacio fase 34.4


b.Performers. Involving both associations from the neighborhood and cultural proposals from the rest of the city to generate a rich and interesting cultural offer, based on the exisiting not exploited cultural ‘material’. As a conclusion from phase 2 we could observe how in Carolinas bajas citizen participatio groups , collectives and asociations have found a place to grow due to the rent prices and the comunity relyind in the neighbourhood.


One of the success keys that makes the diference with one on my references , SOHO Málaga, it’s that its a cultural proposal working with a huge quantity of existing material from the neighborhood and from the rest of the city. The fact that it doesn’t have to be generated to start ensurances the project.

d.Success and maintenance. Work with the season factor. Its location demands good weather , and not too long endurance , so it will be celebrated in periods of one week- or even one weekend- twice a year . At the beginning of good weather season and at the end, also because in summer Alicante’s citizens, the potential public, tend to move from the city center.Also each year that ‘alta cultura’ is celebrated it is related to a common topic. Cultural performers relate their activities to it and it generates expectation in the public to which will be next year’s  topic.


City council    Implication·Benefits

Provide of budget and technical materials. Management. Give the roof donors taxes facilities · New image to Alicante’s culture ans a new atractor poin fot tourism

Asociations from Carolinas bajas

Organice cultural activities out of their usual places · Get themselves to know and potential new members.

Artists , groups and asociations from outside Carolinas

Match their usual activities to the season’s topic and cash only with ‘pay after show’ sistem · Self advertisment and future followers Last month circus festival in Alicante ‘ Circarte’ had a crowded answer from the public, and the paying to the artist process was ‘Pay after show’. More info here:

Neighbor assemblies 

Handing over their roofs · Cultural benefits (free antrances, tour guides,…) and comunity taxes reduction.

Cultural tanks (ADDA and Cigarreras)

Cultural ‘benefit pack’ for neighbor assemblies’ · Potential new public and promotion of their programmes.



Class presentation:

11NOV , Culture think tank:

Agenda 21 de la cultura:

Festival Circarte:

Alicante a escena:


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