Phase 3a- Carolinas Bajas NET+WORK

Carolinas Bajas NET+WORK

First of all, this is the graphic that synthesize my project : the Carolinas Bajas NET+WORK . All the project and my brief is based on this scheme.


First of all, I will explain why my project is called Carolinas Bajas net+work.
I chose the word net because my Project is based in the day-a-day exchanges between neighbours . And work because their skills are links that will create relationships between them .

2) Potential of Carolinas Bajas : Agents

  • Foreign people

Foreign people represent the 25% of Carolinas Bajas population. In total there are around 70 different nationalities. The coexistence of different nationalities gifts the neighborhood a relevant cultural richness.

  • Associations

Carolinas Bajas has is the neighborhood of Alicante that has a highest rate of associations per habitant. We should take in account that their role in the neighborhood is being underestimated. If we read their programs we will see that what they offer is the key for Carolinas Bajas development. This graphic shows us which associations are still active and which have more influence and more activity in order to choose which ones would participate in a most active way in the project. The association of the Carolinas Bajas´s bonfire is the most representative one.

  • Labor: unemployed people

Carolinas Bajas is one of the neighborhoods of Alicante with the highest rate of unemployment. The number of unemployed people is 1.178 in age of working and a representative part has a level of formation above the ESO. More than the 30% of the unemployed people had worked in the construction sector, this is something that we should take into account, labor is available in Carolinas Bajas.
Presentación de PowerPoint

  • Elder people, Youth and Children.

These social groups are different between them but, this project is addressed to all of them. One of the main objectives is integrating elder people in Carolina´s activities because more than the 18% of the population of Carolinas its under 65. Also attract young people in order to assure the developement of this neighborhood and children , both are the smallest groups of population of Carolinas Bajas.

3) Potential Carolinas Bajas : Traditional Identity

Carolinas Bajas has a traditional identity based in the Bonfire activities that have been given the recognition to this neighborhood in the city during years , but now is suffering a process of degradation. Also, the bonfire vitality is reflected in the existence of many commerces and bars that right now due to the economic crisis are being closed or have lack of activity. Objective: create a NEW IDENTITY : NOW+ TRADITION

So my main goal is creating a new identity for the neighborhood based in the tradition (bonfire association, commerces, bars…) and in what is happening now ( diversity of cultures, new facilities, unemployment…). And how we can achieve this? Creating a Net+work of production.

4) The net+work of production 
After doing an analysis of the existant commerce in Carolinas Bajas I decided to create a Network of production based in four types of “shops” models. These models are based in gestion models that are being successful in the Belleville neighborhood in Paris and that are part of the hood´s identity. These models could be used in order to re activate the opened and closed locals and revitalize the population of this neighborhood an favor the visit people from outside the neighborhood.
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I decided to establish the dining topic as a work model because I did a sample of the existant locals in the streets of Carolinas Bajas. I realized that in Carolinas Bajas there was an important presence of bars and restaurants, most of them typical bars of tapas.
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The proposal of the dining net is based on the model of gestion of la Rotisserie is based in a self economy system and the model of an associative restaurant.

  • The DIY workshops

I decided to establish the DIY topic as a work model because I  did a sample of the existant locals in the streets of Carolinas Bajas . I realized that in Carolinas Bajas commerce was based mostly on activities of painting, fixing, supply your home, mechanics…
Presentación de PowerPoint

The proposal of the dining net is based on the model of gestion of the Atelier d´Artistes de Belleville. It is based in a self-economy system and a economy of exchange of objects. The collaboration between the DIY shops and the artistic workshops could be the key for the production network development.


  • RE-Bargains

I decided to establish the Bargains topic as a work model because Carolinas Bajas is one of the few neighborhoods where this type of commerce takes part. Not in a very representative way but is enough seeing how some locals of opportunities and of exchanging objects are working.
I based this model in La maison de la Plage in Belleville which promotes this kind of activities.


I decided to establish the Nextdoor  topic as a work model because its based on the reactivation and integration of foreign commerce. In this neighborhood there are many international shops but they are only for an specific public, maybe we should take the presence of this commerce as an opportunity to create an attraction for the neighborhood.

I took as a reference the way international commerce reactivate and take part of Belleville´s neighborhood.

5) The Intersections

These 4 work models will have influence in 3 scales the private scale, the locals scale and the urban scale. And they won´t work if the collaboration between the three scales doesn´t exist.

So , in order to run this project I decided to start applying this model in an specific element of the urban tissue of Carolinas Bajas: The Intersections. 

For me, intersections are an opportunity because they are elements of the utban tissue that are very numerous but nobody pays attention to their capability of accomodate new uses or events.

Carolinas Bajas has a total of 31 intersections .


The intersection is the point where 4 streets converge that is why most of the locals of Carolinas Bajas are on this location. Also, the corner is a privileged position for commerce. Right now most of the opened commerce are in intersections and also the empty locals that are in rent.

Here we can see a mapping of some of the intersections of Carolinas Bajas.

Example : Street San Carlos
Presentación de PowerPoint
The presence of a bar will be our point of departure. We have a bar that will be reactivated with the model of the dining net , a groceries shop and a baker that would be reactivated due to the intervention in the intersection and their collaboration. Also is available an empty local that will be temporary rented for an specific use. In this case, to use it as a DIY workshop in order to build what will happen in the intersection, afterwards this local could be closed or maybe re-used for other type of activity.

So my first strategy proposal is framing the intersection

Traffic problems could be solved because this is a temporary intervention and the intersections are very numerous so traffic can be redirected if we block an intersection.
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The first element that I will use to frame it are the scaffolds this elements will work as a dispositive for advertising what will happen there. We can contemplate these three options:
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  • The event

Afterwards a temporary event can take part on the crossroad and the commercial activity can go out of the local and invade the public space.

It is the moment of reclaiming the public space that is missing in Carolinas Bajas.

In order to describe the urban image of this event I made the difference between ephemeral elements and permanent elements that would rest there in order to improve the urban quality or the activity of the neighborhood. Most of the elements are reused elements that will be obtained from the municipal supply or some construction enterprises. I decided to make a variety of proposals in order to generate diversity in the neighborhood´s urban landscape.

All the elements that will be built will be registered in a catalog.

-ephemeral elements

a) the scaffolds
Presentación de PowerPoint

b) meeting places, plants boxes
c) Exposition objects for shops products and folk lanters
-permanent elements

a) planter boxes
Presentación de PowerPoint

b) Logo , shows this commerce has partcipated in this event

c)Street Archaeology project: use a board to show what happened in this place before and value its function in the neighborhood
Presentación de PowerPoint

d) In some cases urban painting could be released and after could be permanent, 2 type of strategies:

– Thread it- link with the façade
Presentación de PowerPoint

-street-art painting of crosswalks
Presentación de PowerPoint


The project will consist in reactivating different intersections and in consequence their convergent streets. At the same time the network of different model shops as was described in the gestion phase , will be developed.
Presentación de PowerPoint
Presentación de PowerPoint

Benefits of the project

Social Benefit

This project is based on the relationships between neighbors, its main goal is providing a identity to the neighbourhood and the integration of the social groups that are being discriminated. At the same time that we profit the social capital that exist in Carolinas Bajas, we make the rest of the city notice that this neighborhood is alive and we invite them to be one agent more of Carolinas Bajas developement. Also, the associations that now are an agent in the neighborhood that is present but without the enough strenght has a new role in the gestion of a production network.

Cultural Benefit

The Carolinas Bajas Network involves the reactivation of a gastronomy culture , an identity of the bonfire and a network of workshops based on artistic production of objects linked to the existant facilities. Also, the construction of that event on intersection involves population and creates a system of feedback between their skills and what they need for the neiighborhood. One of the main goals of this project is value the richness of the conviviality of different cultures or nationalities.

Economical Benefit

This network is based on a exchange program between the existant commerce and the neighbors. It consists on providing a new gestion for what exists right now, the base of this project is re-use and re-activate. The main goal is reactivating Carolinas in order to improve its commerce, restaurants.. that are mainly present on the streets and favorise the feedback between the rest of the inhabitants of Alicante.

Environmental Benefit

The intervention on intersections provides the neighborhood of new permanent elements that will improve the urban quality of Carolinas Bajas such as, urban planters. Also this project introduces the topic of the appropiation of the public space. Now citizens will be concerned about how an element so rigid as the intersection can be an opportunity to transform the becoming of a neighborhood. Also, this project is based on the appropiation of the streets and life outside.

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