Phase 3a: The Roundabout Circle

LOGO WHAT IS IT ABOUT? it’s a project that create an spot of information centre as way to share what people from the area can offer one another and unlocks frequently ignored resources for often unmet needs. Our roundabout:

  • It is the beginning  or the end of an avenue full of life and with a pedestrian way use for the day a day of the neighborhoods and for special issues like temporal markets.
  • It is the point at which all traffic systems meet in a different characteristics to those of the avenue. So we know from previous phases it is the most busy traffic spot with more different stop times space. More people with a longer pause.

trafficNUEVO copia

  • We know as well that it is the only point around that can focus six viewpoints of streets in just one spot. That means, it’s the most visible spot around the area, and that it has a direct visual connection of about 100 m around
  • The drivers and pedestrian users can get the information from the roundabout in a 360º view not only in the normal 180º of the avenue.

view Our area:

  • The three surrounding neighborhoods have their natural meeting at the roundabout.
  • The elderly population is growing at a much faster rate than other groups, something that it’s happening all over the country. And in neighborhoods as Carolinas Altas it’s something more visible in fact of the history of the location.
  • Unemployment is a constant in relatively young neighborhoods.poblacionlamina 0_Página_01
  • There are already existing associations that care about this two big groups of populations. But in separate ways.

lamina 0_Página_02 I got in contact with  the largest association of retirees of the Province which works at a European level as well. It usually doesn’t work with other associations if they are not retired too. Almost all funding is from provincial budgets, its members pay only a symbolic fee. they have an office only by association with a single employee. They also work with all types of volunteers and agencies to meet the needs of members are recommended activities or workshops and lectures. The only way to convey what they do is by word of month or by stands in crowded places such as supermarkets, churches …lamina 0_Página_03I took into consideration that the weakest part of this association is the way they spread the word and how they manage their activities, almost always in a private way. The location of the association is not as important as the way they share their information. On the other hand the association for unemployed has an scale too big to be able to focus on what it’s the best solution for its members situation. All funding is made by the Spanish and European budgets and divided into each step until the neighborhood scale we are interested in.lamina 0_Página_04 The weakest part of this is that the member is not really showing anywhere his skills, he can improve them but the information about his situation its not being shared in a direct way, only with a central office which gets the interviews.

PROPOSAL: So following the example of my 1st reference the Southwark Circle I will propose an unique partnership between both associations in order to understand better the community’s needs and aspirations. The scheme thereby caters to otherwise unmet needs of the community, adding to the public service offer and strengthening local social networks. Members who are struggling with small everyday problems can get them fixed without having pay large sums to commercial providers or turn to relatives or social services.  Helpers can choose to be either voluntary or paid, which enables retired or unemployed people as well as active professionals to use their skills in a productive and appreciated manner. lamina 0_Página_05If we develop the steps of communication between both association to create just one logistic center in a neighborhood scale. Creating long-lasting professional relationships and friends.lamina 0_Página_06Which is the role of the roundabout in this process?

Use all the previously mentioned potential to create a continuous spread of the word and a landmark for the association as developer of the citizens potential and skills. Graphic and visual information can reach more users in a shorter time than the word of mouth.

Phase 1: Create just one association to take care of both groups of population: The Roundabout Circle.The physical location of the association can stay where it is nowadays, but some of their activities must move to the roundabout.lamina 0_Página_09Phase 2: Develop a real centre to have well focused the information and the potential receptors of it. And for that we need:

  1. Move and conect gateways. We will get a concentration of the public transport, increasing the times and the population from all over the city which is stoped in there.Agents:
    • All the users of the line 2 of tram and 6 of bus.
    • Our assocation.
    • The council which has to agree with the fact of change.lamina 0_Página_11
  2. Create a place to wait. The users of the new getaway need to be protected by the climatic conditions during the wait.lamina 0_Página_12
  3. With the new high support the visual communication of the roundabout with the six streets. We can get a longer perception of what we are showing there.lamina 0_Página_13
  4. (not the final one) Use the empty plotes to show the infromation to the inside of the roudabout.lamina 0_Página_14 lamina 0_Página_15
  5. (not the final one) Create a public space able to host lectures or workshops.

lamina 0_Página_16         6. (not the final one) The roundabout as spread of word of the association activities and members needs. lamina 0_Página_17 4. Use the two nevels to show the information to the inside and the perimetral area. (in progress)DEVELOP A CENTRE6Not to create an enclosed place, so use the orientation from the traffic better perception of the information to keep the visuals with the inside of the roundabout. Use several kinds of structures similar to the billboards to keep the immediate image of a big spread of word. Support the information visual contact with lights able to make the difference panels go around with the traffic.

Phase 3:  Develop what we want to show, teach, tokens, posters explaining the needs and knowledge of each one under a same catchword. Start developing an inter network of skills and fields. As this kind of for an already existing advertisement:



Estimated money than the association would save private lectures and workshops, along with what it considers the reference is received and the general budgets for both current partnerships. More investment from potential sponsors who want to use the billboards or intending as in the best ad of the year unemployed (not develop)


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