Phase 3a_ KEEPlot-FIT

logo keeplotfit


According to the city council’s plan for the neighbourhood all the facilities are covered, this is not really true; even if they are, either they are not prepared or they are far away from the neighbourhood, so the neighbours have a long way to go in order to enjoy these facilities. Obviously, there are not enough meeting points in the neighbourhood, and possibly the only green area, that there is in here, has become into an unhealthy area where nobody want to go, it also wrong located for a good purpose, because it is in an edge of the own neighbourhood. The plot, where the project will be developed, is in a strategic position where the three neighbourhoods of the area come together, being the heart of the area (Alipark, Princesa Mercedes y Francisco Albert).

The neighbourhood is short of sport facilities, free time social-cultural activities, which they could work as a meeting point for the neighbours and for the development of full activity programs, that doesn’t exist right now. Neither in the neighbourhood or in the surroundings exist a sport centre equipped with activities for the people or a meeting centre.


The neighbourhood and the plot is really strategically located close to the centre of the city, and also well connected with public transport services which is an advantage in order to attract people into the plot, this strategic location will be useful for doing events. Another important aspect of the plot is that one edge of itself is oriented to an important street of Alicante (Avenida Aguilera), the edge will work as an ad wall and publicity space for the plot, and also for the project and image of itself to the city of Alicante.


The main request of the inhabitants of the neighbourhood is the maintenance of the plot; now there is a lot of waste in the space and the neighbours complain about the bad smelt. Also they demand, according with the interviews that have been made, the development of some project in the plot that they find interest  about their and have benefits for them, not like the private parking or the project of “Nueva ciudad de la Justicia” that has never built; both of them are unconnected with the neighbours.

The whole neighbourhood (Alipark, Princesa Mercedes and Francisco Albert) has the older average age of the population in Alicante. The average age is 41 years old. Specifically the 60% of the inhabitants of the neighbourhood are older than 40 years old and the 30.5% of them are older than 60 years old.


Because of there are not enough facilities in the neighbourhood, an active program of activities to do in the neighbourhood, meeting points and the old age of the people in the area, that produce they don’t walk for long distance, are the main cause of a sedentary life in the inhabitants of the neighbourhood generating lot of health problems.

The choice for the development of a project will be dedicated to all the neighbours , it will generate a meeting point in the plot, at the same time in there, sport activities and keep-fit will be made.

Also, the small commerce is starting to disappear because of the crisis, the inactivity of the neighbourhood and the new big commerce. The 58% of the trade premises are empty during the latest years, but the worse thing is the feeling of the current business that feels they will close too.



The aim of the Project is to reactivate the plot creating a dedicated social centre of sports-leisure entertainment based on the keep-fit concept. In order to this, some strategies will be made that will involve all the neighbours in the project; designing several physical and healthy activities as well as the constructions of the physical machines of keep-fit. There will be also included different activities to the kids and the rest of the population to get a connection with the plot. There is an important role for the business of the neighbourhood as well.


Clean, educate and control.

The strategy involves an initial phase by cleaning the dog excrement of the plot. This is how to prepare the space in order to be used, because is currently full of dog excrement.

The unhygienic conditions in the plot and bad smell caused by dog droppings make their use impossible. Is necessary to clean the plot and prepare it for new use.

But the strategy extends beyond cleaning. After tidy up the plot, a civic education is needed in pet owners (current users of the area) to control, and so they can continue to make an application that currently works and generates a social relation on the site.

To control that use, the space will be preconfigured.


perros sanvi

This is a reference of a space used as a dog park in San Vicente del Raspeig. We could adapt the space to a similar size in the plot, and do a spatial preconfiguration.

Adapting the plot area, we get a space for dogs with dimensions of 20 x 60m = 1200m2

To educate dog owners, and keep the plot clean, a dog bin with a hygiene bag dispenser will be installed into the dog’s space.

Dog bin with a hygiene bag dispenser = 359.00EUR

To encourage the correct use of the site and prevent re-soiling, posters shall be provided along the fence. The posters of “Citizenship Education” are going to be done by students of the adjoining school, in their subject of Citizenship Education.

Plot is expected to acquire cleaning and a good use of users who do so far.

Take pets for a walk in that space is an action that is currently being conducted illegally. If today is done illegally, it will continue to in the future when space becomes “open”. Therefore, we include the use of dog-park to integrate with other applications, adapting and ensuring their proper use, coexistence and control.

Justification of the strategy:

– Unused empty plot as an opportunity.

– Reduced amount of meeting points.

– Lack of social activities.

– Closed fence surrounding the plot.

– Near school to link young people to the project.

– Improper and uneducated use of the plot nowadays.

– Dirt droppings on the site.


Cleaning Equipment council: as a public space, the council has a budget for maintenance and cleaning of streets and public spaces. The site is an area of the city council, categorized as green area and it will have cleaning and maintenance. (imagen del espacio verde según el eyuntamento)

City council: It will allow access to the site. Install a dog-bin in the plot to encourage the collection of dog- droppings.

The city council will benefit from having a suitable site and a controlled use of it.

Pet owners: They will be advised, use appropriately the space, making use of installed facilities.

Primary School: in their civic education classes, make banners dedicated to pet owners.

Children develop a direct connection with the site.

Neighbors associations (Alipark, and the one in process: Francisco Albert): first contact. They will be the responsible part for the financial management of the site. They will be the intermediary agent between neighbors and I or the City. His interests are those that benefit the solar and users.

References:  Involving students in the development of the site to establish direct relations with the project. Similar strategy conducted by Collectif ETC.



The budget for the depiction of the actions of the project is estimated as follows:

Incomes are expected due to the plot management, but initial budget for the beginning of the strategies is needed. Thus, we have estimated an initial amount in relation to the number of grants that the city gave to public participation projects.

subvenciones vecinales

It has been estimated an initial budget of 3300€ which is what the council subsidized to José Antonio neighborhood association, for carrying out sports-leisure entertainment activities. This is a similar actuation and I estimated the budget based on that data.

The budget will be paid in two parts, 60% first and 40% after. 60% of the budget will help us to project initiation. And along with the economic benefits in the first and second phase, the remaining 40% for the development of the entire area will be used.

So for this strategy, a total of 359 € for the dog bin is needed.

So the budget available will be: 1980 – 359 = 1621€

Total budget= 1621 + (2nd part budget) 1320 = 2941 €


-Social benefit: an existing use of the plot continues because of the social activity that already works, but now, in a respectful and controlled way.

-Cultural benefit: the kids of the state school will be involved in the plot while they are being educated through the civil education subject.


Change the image of public space through co-construction of urban furniture.

Summary: This is basically first of all, to build a seating area and a meeting place for all neighbors that also allow the development of workshops and various activities taking place in the plot. And then, build a specific part of the project for keeping physical activity engaged basically in older people in the neighbourhood (60%). And the rest of the strategies will complement the rest of the project.

Is important make all neighbors feel that the closed empty plot will be a public space for them.

The aim of the strategy is not to build a fully equipped social centre with a gym for the elderly (a representative part of the neighbourhood), but to raise awareness to all neighbors that the plot is a public space, by opening it to access and build with neighbors pieces of public furniture to create an initial keep-fit gym space for neighbors (usually elderly). The feeling of usable public space allows the process of the firsts workshops to develop the configuration of that space. So, first of all, is needed the construction of a place that lets the neighbours develop the workshops.

So involve community is an important part of this strategy because that means not only a help to developing and construction, but a real implication from neighbors and a direct connection with the site.

Justification of the strategy:

– Empty closed plot in the confluence of three vicinities. Unused empty plot as an opportunity.

– Reduced amount of meeting points.

– Lack of social centre in the neighborhood.

– 60% of neighbours are older than 40. And 30.5% older than 65.

-The potential of old population with free time.

– Inactivity program in the neighbourhood that makes people remain in a sedentary life.

Agents involved:

Neighbors over 40: part of de idea is focused on them. So they are the great power collaborating in the project and building it (dedicated themselves).

Rest of neighbors: They get the benefit of creating a space needed for the neighborhood. Collaborating in the project and build something, first of all, dedicated themselves.

City Council: owner of the plot. Benefits: will start the regeneration of a gap in the city.

Neighbors associations (Alipark, and the one in process: Francisco Albert): They will be the responsible part for the financial management of the site. They will be the intermediary agent between neighbors and I or the City. His interests are those that benefit the solar and users.

The first urban furniture that will be built in the plot are some benches and unfolded tables for the rest area that permit to configure the rest area itself, and also develop all the workshop dedicated for the development of the local business.

The project is beneficial in terms of creating a space for all residents and citizens, but this part of the idea is focused on the people who are more than 40 years old (60% of population of the neigborhood), who needs an activity program to keep them healthy. Making an activity of a specific use for the same people who are building it, this group of people will feel a real involvement, integration and dedication to the project. They will have a strong relationship with the project to feel that they are developing something for their own benefit.

Construction of the second phase will be conducted through open workshops and painting the furniture to create an identity.

The developing of the project will become a landmark event for the neighborhood, creating an identity that neighbors have built up to get some facilities.

The workshops for the construction of the keep-fit machines will be constructed with the neighbors’ help, the ikea-way instructions catalogue (in order to standardize the construction) will be provided and also the building materials.

Space-configuration becomes material through paint pavement. Painting the floor is a resource to site space-configuration, that actuation will also serve plot to get an identity. Therefore the act of painting the pavement delimiting spaces will be a spatial and also visual strategy.

Budget:  Budget for this strategy will be: 1621€


-Social benefit: to generate a new social activity and new relation between the plot and the neighbourhoods. The development of the project and the neighbours together become a new identity for the neighbourhood.

-Cultural benefit: to introduce a new healthy life way to a group of over 40 people in the community.

-Economical benefit: the investment of the budget in the project of the plot will be a future economical benefit.

-Environmental benefit: because of the fact that the project is ephemeral, the environmental impact will be as minimum as it can be. So, once the project is ended, or it must be removed, all the materials could be used again and the fitness pieces of equipments their self as well.


Incorporation of the small trade of the neighborhood in the plot.

Incorporation of the small trade also represents a source of incomes for the plot. This offers benefits to both parts: getting trade an extra benefit to be in an active space and paying the trade to the plot a percentage of its benefits.


Small businesses that are dedicated to this strategy are those related to the neighborhood and its functioning at the site. They are businesses, which complement the area of the project, as cafeterias (eg churrería Mari Tere) bakeries (such as: Llorens).

A street market stand structure with a tarp cover and a horizontal support shall be provided. The commerce will be responsible for assembly and disassembly and save the structure. Traders will rotate weekly to use the stand on the site.

Incorporation of small commerce of the neighborhood in the plot, allows the entire development of cultural activities as Healthy Days. This action will develop activities to children and other people in which will be develop aerobic healthy exercises and promote healthy habits to avoid sedentary lifestyle. Because of implementation of the small neighborhood commerce, the Healthy Day activity will be complemented by healthy food adequate to a healthy diet. This activity will be a healthy-cultural action of healthy lifestyles.


– This strategy is because of the need of an economic self management to keep project alive.

– And also there’s the need to revive small trade in the neighborhood.

– To include to the rest of population.

Agents: (besides mentioned above)

Merchants: they benefit of acquiring a place in an active area in the neighborhood apart of their own shop. They will be in charge of the street market stand by mounting and disassembling as appropriate and keeping it. They will pay to the plot an amount of 10% of their benefits.

Neighbors associations: They will be the intermediary agent between neighbors and Commerce. His interests are those that benefit the solar and users (in this case, to raise money).

Reference: Incorporation of the trade in Pallet Pavilion to get benefits.



Street market stand = 175€

Because of this strategy of producing some benefits, and the other part of the budget (1320€), the area of market stalls will be expanded by investing in more structures for expanding the trading area, and in turn services will increase by opening the area to groups such as children, such as the adjacent school, and other neighbours and citizens. They all will acquire an urban park area with benches for rest area and a realization of sports and leisure activities scheduled that instructors will conduct.


-Social benefit: to create a new social activity, and include other collectives in the intervention.

-Cultural benefit: to educate the senior people group and the kids in healthy life habits with the proposed activities and the sale of healthy food.

-Economical benefit:  to join the surroundings business in the plot because the 10% of the sale profit will be used in the development of the project.


Implementation of communication tools.

It will be also developed tools for communication to try to touch not only the neighbors, but the rest of population of the city and diffuse the project, that will be a space with facilities.

Communication tools will be done through workshops with the neighbors, creating an upgradable newspaper, to which will be adding information to the progress made on the site as a medium of documentation that neighbors together will create. Giving rise to a rich document with diversity of views on progress and failures functioning and development of the idea. Another way of communication to touch the rest of population in Alicante will be through posters, made by open workshops with neighbors and the collective of primary school to get outdoor advertising. This second workshop is going to be developed with recycling leftover materials of the construction process, to decorate them.

Because of project facilities that are going to be built and the strategy of implementation communication tools to let the rest of the people know about it, the plot could be rented by private events.

This is another source of incomes. So, to raise funds, private events like markets, private meetings, even concerts or performances will be charged for using the prepared space.


– This strategy is because of the need of an economic self-management to keep project alive and so on.

– Strategical situation near the city center and good connection with intercity infrastructures. It makes accessible to people the proposed activities.

– Inactivity program in an almost dead neighborhood.

– Creating an upgradable newspaper of developing allows self-criticism of the functioning of the project.

References: Collectif ETC.


Pallet Pavilion rents its prepared space to private events.



Organizers of private events: Rent the space to develop a private event or a market that makes them benefits. They must pay a tax to use the plot.

Neighbors: Create the newspaper to evaluate the situation of the project and place on record events and progresses.

They benefit from the communication tools by letting people the existence of the site, there is available for events, and so, rent the space and make benefit to further develop the project.

Neighbors associations: They will be the responsible part for the financial management of the site. They will be the intermediary agent between neighbors and the rest of population. His interests are those that benefit the plot and users.


-Social benefit: the advertising will attract new people and will increase the popularity of the activities in the plot.

-Cultural benefit: because of the hiring of the plot for private events, a new variety of cultural events will take place in the plot.

-Economical benefit: because of the facilities that has been built and the communication tools is possible to hire the plot for events, this will generate a profit that make possible the self-management of the project.


The project’s budget has been estimated based on financial assistances that the city council gave to different urban civic participations of several neighbourhood associations in Alicante.

To a similar performance, the city council gave 3300€ to Jose Antonio neighbourhood association, for carrying out sports-leisure entertainment activities.

So the budget has been estimated in 3300€, like other budget given, the money is given in two payments: the first 60% (1980€) will be used to develop the first phases, and then the 40% (1320€) with the incomes of the project will be used to complete and continue with the idea.

The incomes of the project will be those that come from the small trade implanted in the area and from the hire of the area for special events. The trade that take place in the plot will pay a 10% of the incomes that they earn.

So, the project will be develop in 4 PHASES (the three first phases will be done in a time of 6 months and the last one, in another 6 months): The first one in order to clean and prepare the area; the second phase will involve all the neighbourhood in the project and the furniture needed will be built for the rest area, that also will be ready for the workshop area, and the keep-fit machines; during the third phase the small trade will be set up in the plot; finally, in the fourth phase all the activities will be made, like the healthy days which will be dedicated to kid as well as seniors people.




Designing the space configuration:

The design of the space configuration will be made through the action of painting the ground of the plot. Marking use spaces and walkways.

In order to do this, the structure of the existing parking will be use as a way to organize the space using the modules of the parking and the walkways which are still visible in the plot.


AAADifferent variant of yellow and orange will be the colors for the identity of the project

The choice of the colors is due to how they affect humans. Yellow suggests the effect of warm, produces joy, stimulates mental activity, and generates muscle energy. The orange color vision produces the sensation of more oxygen to the brain, producing an invigorating and stimulating effect of mental activity; it is associated with healthy food and stimulates appetite. It is really useful to promote food products.

Reference: configuration of the space by painting the floor.


It is important to create a brand in order to be recognized, not only for the neighbors, who will know because they will be involve in the project, but for the rest of the people in the city.

logo keeplotfit


The Healthy Days are some activities that will be developed once a month throughout the day in the plot. They will be implemented in the fourth phase of the project, because the need of a proper space to do it.

During these Healthy Days, activities will be developed for both adults and children; the purpose of these activities is to give an example of a healthy lifestyle. Aerobics exercises will be taught by a qualified monitor throughout the day. The trades of the neighborhood implanted in the plot will provide healthy food to extend the culture of a healthy diet. A joint lunch will be done by these trades of the neighborhood which will take place in the unfolding tables of the rest area; also some workshops about good eating choices habits will be provide.


FURNITURE DESIGN (material elements)

–> For the rest area some unfolding tables-bench will be built like in the drawings. WORK IN PROGRESS (This part is not developed yet).


–> The type of furniture and appliances of the gym will be developed based on the types of keep- fit exercises.

There are four key issues that develop in the keep- fit:

– Muscle Strength: Muscle strength takes a very important role to perform activities of daily life. Related to age and the lack of requirement for physical activity is lost up to 40% of muscle mass. This loss is more noticeable at the level of the lower limbs, causing a slow walk, with an increased risk of falls and the ability to rely on other people.

– Aerobic endurance: Aerobic endurance is the ability to continuously perform physical activity at a moderate intensity. The decrease in endurance which is observed with age, has two important consequences: the appearance of fatigue more easily and the risk of cardiovascular disease.

– Flexibility: Flexibility is the ability to move the different joints freely without pain, to the greatest extent possible. Aging and inactivity tend to reduce the mobility of the joints affecting the performance of daily activities.

– Balance: the balance is the ability of a person to change his position certainly. Any exercise program should include a training of balance and coordination.

WORK IN PROGRESS (This part is not developed yet, as I am studying the equipment and standardizing their actions and their construction through low cost items).


–> For the development of the Healty Days, a stage is necessary to follow the movements of the instructors to aerobic endurance exercises.

For the construction of the stage, where the fitness training will be taught, a structure and a horizontal stand will be need. The material to use will be wooden pallets and some plywood planks. A total of fifteen pallets will be part of the stage. A module of 345 x 575 cm à 15 x 3.80€ = 57€



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