Phase 3A//The route 120

REAL SITUATION.-What we have:

Carolinas Bajas has too many problems and controversy to continue developing as CULTURAL neighborhood. We find in Carolinas Bajas a disintegrated neighborhood with no identity when it has a lot of potential due to the strategic cultural points and the several associations . Also there is an important lack of public spaces and green area.

STRATEGIES.- What we want:

-REgeneration of degraded urban fabric:  REcovery and REvitalizing of obsolete spaces through the appropriation of empty plots and temporary streets closure.

-Recovering social values in conflict:create an open and inclusive system  with horizontally relations between different social actors: coworking between neighborhoods and assotiations, workshops…

-Increase cultural level of the neighborhood:cultural events, promote local artists, marketing everywhere.


Through the creation of a CULTURAL ROUTE that connect the wasted space with another space with cultural activity, like Las Cigarreras, ADDA or Plaza de toros and also with green areas like Les Palmeretes.

It’s a cultural way to connect spaces that by now are isolated regarding the neighborhood. So, with this, is created a public space that doesn’t exist where start a lot of events, activities, movement…

To start the project, it’s necessary to create an activities that involve the neighbors and the action begin. Like example a cinema. It creates a close relationship with the social education, it’s a great source of culture, information of almost any subject and this interest do established groups of people with the same interests. Moreover, there is any cinema close to this neighborhood, only at the shopping centers, outside.

Ref: The Cineroleum

First of all it’s necessary  to create an ASSOCIATION that organize and carry out all the process. This can be  formed by anybody, but principally must have some participants of Carolinas Bajas associations, of the private associations of Alicante and also neighbors of Carolinas and volunteers.

Is estimated that at the begining, the association will be formed by 15-20 person aprox.

Their job will have to resolve the 3 RE: REVITALIZING( the neighborhood), RECOVERY and REGENERATE (wasted spaces). This begins identifying priority needs of the neighborhood and choose a plot to start the process. It will accomplish some terms to become a good place to stay there.

So after the study of the many plots of Carolinas Bajas, the selected is one placed at Calle General Serrano. It’s great also by the closeness with Las Cigarreras. To sum up, the strategies to develop are the next:

Ref: Summer Streets Event Guide

Ref: Walkable city

The budget of the project is provided by the council, that gives for social activities a subsidy. And also the participants at the new association created must pay 15€ (it’s estimated that at the beginig there are more or less 15-20 participants). With this, we could have 11.810€ to begin.


Consists to cleaning and refurbishment the plot. This takes part only a day and by a private company for take away the heaviest things. The rest can do it the volunteers at the association.

This part will costs about 5.800€= 20€x m2 (290m2)

The finished ground will be the natural land but accessible and the most clean as possible.

After that, takes part the WORKSHOP  that will develop all SUNDAYS and will created an agreement with the University of Alicante fot the participation of some architecture students. Also neighbors and volunteers will can participate. The objective is to create LOW COST FURNITURE, like the chair bordelaise that can serve as a module to develop this in a future bleachers or in a table. First it will start with the building of 40 chairs and the bleachers. It will costs about 1.500€.

Chair Bordelaise



Ref: Chair Bordelaise

The workshop will take part about 3 months to establish the base of the program of cinema, the organization about the furniture and the creation of future events by the association.


  • CULTURE NOW!: organize all
  • Neighbors: participate to create the new furniture
  • Volunteers: people who no lives at the neighborhood but participate to create the new furniture
  • Architecture students: they design the new furniture

Now, to become known, it’s necessary to create some social networks like a fanpage at facebook, twitter, instagram and also a BLOG! When the visitors achieve to 6000 the sponsors will starts to pay the association CULTURE NOW!.


Then, the second phase can iniciate: a BASIC CINEMA. With the first 40 chairs and a rented projector (by now) can iniciate the Sunday sessions of cinema with a premeditated program of films (some of them rented or lended- by the association participants, neighbors or cinema assistant)

This phase will costs about 340€

And here begin the benefits because the entrance at the cinema will be about 2€ Except the first day that is promotional.


  • CULTURE NOW!: organize the films program
  • Neighbors/Volunteers: viewer. Also can help to organize and lend some own films.
  • Producciones y Ediciones Culturales de Alicante Cb: lend/rent the projector.

When the benefits are enough the cinema is developed into a MEDIUM CINEMA: now is included a coffee service with some drink and food and it’s open all the weekend.  New furniture is included also. Some tables that mix the cinema program with the coffee shop program. The entrance now is a slightly expensive because a new service is included. Also are include meetings with moviegoers  of the Producciones y Ediciones Culturales de Alicante Cb(Association of moviegoers in Alicante) that will give the event some participative event.

The program and organization of the plot changes with the addition of the cafe service and the meetings with the film experts.


  • CULTURE NOW!: organize the films program
  • Neighbors/Volunteers: viewer. Also can help to organize and lend some own films.
  • Producciones y Ediciones Culturales de Alicante Cb: lend/rent the projector.
  • Moviegoers: talk about the film and give their opinion.


After more or less 2 months of the beginning of the previous phase, starts the third. When the cinema works well, the cultural events take the STREET: it will be closed three streets from the plot to Las Cigarreras in order to create in this public space a lot of activities above-mentioned.

The place that remain at the closure street can be used as a place parking. All of this will cost about 360€ that involves the tax for close the street.

15€/day for close the street x 2 days/week= 120€/month/ street (x3 streets= 360€)

To participate at the events in the street only is to follow these steps:

-Get on with the association CULTURE NOW!

-Accept to give a percentage of yours benefits

-Contribute to pay the taxes of the closure of the street


  • CULTURE NOW!: organize the events.
  • Neighbors/Volunteers: help to organize the events or participate at the events’ street.
  • Neighbors: public
  • Participants at the events’ street: everyone can be a participant if provided that accomplish the steps to follow above mentioned. The activity that you can do is everything: send something, exhibit some work, photos, art, live music, little workshops for children, physical activity…

The next level of the CULTURAL ROUTE is organize different days of cinema with new offers, various programs implemented, new activities, both day and night, streetmarkets, live music, etc

Ref:Downtown Flea

PHASE IV (not developed yet):

Finally the last phase is to continue this route connecting the other two plots that accomplish the terms already said. The process will be the same like the first plot, also the budget, and expenses. This phase is in process of develop but the objective is create node connections that involve the neighborhood in an environment of culture, participative activities and improve the local commerce to achieve a new relationships at the self-neighborhood and with the city of Alicante.

Cinemas are big focus of cultural knowledge for all ages.
The DIY system (at workshop)creates a sense of own: this public space is mine.
The new association connect the others with the neigbors.
A big cultural node is created at the city. People will be interested to know what is.
The benefits begin to exist from final to Phase 2, with the implementation of the caffe at the plot. Those can be use for next events. But the system is allways non-profit and self-sufficient.
All the project is ready-made with natural recycled materials, and the fact of revilatize a plot improve the situation of the area, without trash there.


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