Trash Game is a Project that emerge from the collaboration beween a group of students of the W.A.T.C.H. 13 course of Proyects IV in the University of Alicante and the Council of Alicante that set out a solution to the problems of lack of urban fourniture and dirt in the 25 of May square in Alicante.
The project propose a series of elements of urban furniture destined to the improvement of the activities related with the “tardeo”, principally generating devices for the waste collection.


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In Alicante the “tardeo” starts during the Saturday midday in the 25 of May square, reside the Central Market, where people goes to drink some beers and have an aperitif that generally buy in the surroundings of the square.




In the 25 of may square emerge some users that generate a waste and noise produced in the development of their activity on the saturday’s midday; the waste produced are composed of small bottles of beer, cardboard trays and beer and soft-drinks cans that are mostly bought in the market stands and the bars surrounding the square.

With the new project appear a series of new agents that are in charge of the development and management of the project, as well as some devices that try to improve the conditions of everyone of the agents indicated previously.



The last proposed devices are composed by complete pallets (or complete sub-divisions of them for the smaller elements).  There is a later design of them that tries to optimize the design throug the use of the boards of the pallets. This situation is outlined by the necessity of disassemble the pallets in order to treat them suitably for their public use.


devices position 2

Having in account the waste volume generated and the capacity of each devices is set off a predefined number of elements to give service in a usual day but leaving also  a security margin to assume the trash generated in the most influx days.



The Trash Game appear as an exchange that follow on one hand the cleanliness through the reciclyng and on the other hand the generation of interpersonal relationships between their participants.

The game consists in the trash exchange to make easier its deposit in the defined places, reducing the movements and promoting the relation between strangers in the waste picking and deposit process.


In our blog is exposed all the complementary information:



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