Phase 3a – PLAYGROUND in Teulada street market

00 - Portada


The PLAYGROUND project arises from a petition of traders to the Department of Commerce, which will propose to architecture students this project


01 - Recursos

02 - Recursos 2

03 - Beneficios 2

We propose that the playground will be paid by the council and traders. The council, using a low cost strategy, save a lot of money. They pay all the playground, but they don’t pay to the animation enterprise. Otherwise, the traders spend some money in tickets to the playground, that will pay the animation enterprise work. In this case, that money will be repaid by customers, who will buy products in exchange for that tickets.

04 - Beneficios 2

Teulada Street Market was a boring place for children, they didn’t have anything fun there. In this way, we give them an opportunity to enjoy with other kids.

05 - Beneficios 2

With the playground we improve the street market situation. Creating a place for kids we give an opportunity to families to have a good time that before was very difficult because children didn’t enjoy there. We make the street market as an option to have a family time, because it will be interesting for each family member.

06 - Beneficios 2

The main part of the playground is made with reused materials. It is not only because of economic matters, but it’s about what it signify. All the materials of the municipal warehouse were damaging by weather, so we wanted to show how that obsolete materials could become in the essential part of the project, and show its attractiveness as a reused material too.

07 - Gestion

We have taken part in materials and animation company, but not in labour, that depended entirely on the council.


08 - Agentes

The interest of the Council was to spend as little as possible and guarantee the security of the emplacement and people. In this way the project use low cost materials, but because of security it add some more expensive elements.

Traders wanted don’t be disturbed mainly, and secondly to catch new customers. Because of that we have moved the playground as much as possible in order to let truck cross between the playground and the stands.

The animation company wanted a minimum benefit: 200€ per day. The city council guaranteed this money, but the idea is that traders and customers would pay this amount.

Finally, customers want a place where their children could play in order to make the street market visit interesting for every member of family.


 09 - Marketing


a) References

Before start designing we studied some references related with what we were looking for.

10 - Referencias 01

We wanted to catch the attention of people in order to bring new people to the market, for this reason we chose these references. The first one use striking tapes hanged from the ceiling. They contrast with white and black pallets.

In the second one the tapes are a covering element that limit the high of the actuation, creating a high more according with kids.

10 - Referencias 02

These references are good examples of how transform a place in other completely different painting the floor. The color has a significance, it limit the spaces or mark different locations.

10 - Referencias 03 2

About games, we caught references with a lineal form because we wanted to create a sequence of games.

10 - Referencias 04

To the exterior form we used organic references because of the hide laws that are harmonic. In the architecture we caught the Philips Pavilion because it include organic forms and that idea of sequence.

10 - Referencias 05

About the organization we studied references that played with forms, colors, corridors and delimited spaces.

10 - Referencias 06

To create a secure delimitation we searched an economic material, so we chose tyres because is easy to move them and because is a soft material.

10 - Referencias 07

For the games that don’t needed monitors we thought in games created only by painting the floor. So we were searching these kind of references.

b) Emplacement

11 - Emplazamiento 2

We decided to place the playground where access converge. The place selected had at the time a privileged location because is next to the bar and is visible from outside the market.

c) Games

12 - Juegos 2

13 - Juegos 2

Negotiations with the council and the animation company made clear that it will be only 3 monitors, so we thought about other activities that don’t require any monitor. Finally we couldn’t make these other activities because of security and lack of appropriate materials.

d) Floor plan

14 - Planta forma

At the beginning we were thinking in materials and activities, and we needed to draw an example of floor to the council to start discussing. After that, we started thinking the floor plan for the playground studying simple forms and its attributes. In this moment we thought that the tyre wall will be removed every day, so we were thinking in several possibilities for the floor plan in order to give children different spaces every day.

15 - Planta forma

Studying the attributes of the simple forms and what we wanted we choose four options, that we will develop with the project conditions.

16 - Planta forma

The conditions were:

1- Let space for trucks crossing

2- Display the entrance where it could be visible from teulada street entrance

3- Close the inflatable to the bar because of the electricity point

4- Provide only 3 activities that could need a monitor

With these simple forms and conditions we develop these first 4 forms.

17 - Planta forma

The next point was taking nature formal references in order  to make a more attractive space.

18 - Planta forma 2

Finally we decide to do only one floor plan because the tires will be fixed.

 19 - Planta forma 2

e) Tapes

We wanted attract people to the market, so studying the “ohwow pop store” reference we decided to use tapes with striking colors. With this element we make the playground visible from the market limits.

At the end we used 5 post and a curve perimeter to join the tapes. But first of all we started studying the different possibilities thinking in the quantity of material and the difficulty of creating each form.

With the first option we find a big result with few posts. The second option requires more posts, so it was not a so good option for us. The third option create a ceiling that is quite interesting, but it’s very difficult to do it.

20 - Cintas 01

So, we chose the first option because of constructivity facility and because it require few posts. We started using ruled surfaces because it was easy to create a surface joining posts with the tyres wall.

As a reference we took the Philips Pavilion, a building that uses ruled surfaces too, joining points with curves, and curves with curves.

In this point we proved to use the aurea proportion in the tapes joining, because we used that proportion for the floor plan.

20 - Cintas 02

The problem was the complexity if we wanted to construct it. In addition, we were using too much tapes with this option.

For all these reasons the final result was triangular sheets joining points with curves.

About colors, we wanted to use the three colors that we chose (yellow, green and pink) in every sheet, but combinating that colors with some intention. In this way we decided to use mainly some color in every zone, depending on the activity.

20 - Cintas 03 2



Because of vandalism the tapes have to be removed every day. We designed a system that consist in different sheets were tapes are fixed, so what you move is the whole sheet, and not an independent tape. We elevate like a flag some points of that sheets and that is how we create the tapes decoration.



23 2

The tyre wall is problematic because of vandalism too. In this case there is not problem if we stay the tyres in the place, but we had to fixed using steel cables. In order to avoid some other damage, like that someone wanted to fired them the police is watching the area in these days.


20 - Cintas 03 2








– The biggest problem that we had has been with tapes due to security against vandalism. Because of this we have to remove the tapes every day, and although we designed a system to simplify the collocation by using sheets it is too much slow and complex. In order to make it easier we had to use a color codification. Otherwise, each tape has a different length and that was a mess. We must have thought better the relationship between floor plan and tapes and we must have modulate the tapes to have only a few measures.

– The color use that we made hasn’t work as we thought. We put in each sheet all the colors, but in a different measure. The problem was that difference is not appreciate in the reality, so we had to use only one color for each part in order to focus the different activities.

– We must have to look for sponsors since the beginning, because when we wanted them it was too late and we only could talk with them by phone, which did not give us credibility.

– The playground design has an start and an end because we wanted to generate a flux of children to facility the monitor work. They wanted to keep out of the playground the parents because their work could be easy. The real thing is that as many children are too much young their parent want to be with them inside, and that affects in the sequence of the activities because monitors can’t carry a whole group of children. In conclusion, the reality is that only one entrance is used.

We designed the playground according with the animation company petition, but if we had thought it with the real use that it has, the playground would be quite different.


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