Phase 3B- Color to Work



In this phase 3b, which constructively criticize the project, I redesigned every aspect concerning the contest COLOR TO WORK.

First I designed a logo according to the project basing on some marketing guidelines. The main design requirements have been effective transmission of ideas and simplicity to make it easy to remember.

2 3

 Secondly I chose the group of companies that will participate in the competition by assigning a color and a route. The color is assigned depending on the characteristics of stores and places where I spend the trade routes.



-The streets of the routes have been taken from the “Comercio de Alicante” page( existing rutes), adding a tricolor route assigned to large companies.

-The choice I’ve made ​​basing on psychological characteristics that people assign to different colors.


8 7

Large companies have been chosen depending on their involvement in environmental issues, resulting in : El Corte Ingles, Mercadona and stores associated with Inditex.


De esta manera los grupos que compiten en COLOR TO WORK , sus colores, sus colores y el nombre de las rutas (elegido de la misma manera que los colores), son:


The main physical element affecting competition is the advertisement of the winning company. This was done in the first place by placing bollards led on a tour zoas assigned to large tourist influx.


Redesigning publicizing element, is based on the knowledge gaps in the area of competition and the use of different references focused on urban marqueting.10'

Thus I have developped two models looking the same purpose in different ways. The main design cracteristicas have been the lack of a visual homogeneity routes as they were virtual paths, where a plane was required to roam around.


In this first design I based on the shortcomings of the bicycle parking area for a characteristic element of each path, producing an interaction with the tourist and the city, so that the goals set for the object to be achieved. This first design is located in a timely manner along the routes, serving as guide them along.

13 1416 


The pillar of light is the bicycle parking and the element that demands attention. The design attempts to meet the needs of lighting, visibility and amount of bicycle parking to improve the conditions of what exitente, thus also serves as advertising element and together with the interactive floor Intoduction keep the attention of users.


The design of each of the soil has to do with the area of the path and the color used, thus achieving unity among colored forma-use.

Designs assigned to each route are:

28 27

This design is based on the pedestrian street and the low section of the same ‘and uqe is a family-centered path.

22 21Paint the city with your feet.

The blue route is the most important in the streets contained, and try to get a design identity and draw attention of tourists for you to discover.

20 19

The red route is located in the leisure area of Alicante and tries accompany this application, besides providing an ecological use, generarenergia to load different dispositivosl.


The yellow route is continuing attempts to find the play of light generated in the port of Alicante, because when you walk you also generate light.


This route is intended to support the use of giving businesses a place of relaxation for hard days shopping.


In this second design I tried to achieve greater homogeneity along each of the routes, in addition to informing the user of the route if the shops in that area are really bike-friendly.


The idea is based on assign a number of colored  tires to each route depending on the number of trips that employees of the shops associated with that route had done in the last 3 months.


Depending if the path has made travel more or less present a greater amount of furniture in the streets, visually informing citizens that route is the most bike-friendly.



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