Phase 3B- CYCLE SHOPPING- (Bikebook)


To create the relationship between the Km and the discounts I need to create an accounting system. Every Alabici-station, has four associated Areas: Area 0 (0-1Km), Area1 (1-2 Km), Area2 (2-3Km), Area3 (>3Km). How much you ride more discounts you get for the trades. So if you for example want to go to Mercadona, and you live nearly the Alabici-Station of Carrer Colombia, you must to ride to, for example, the Mercadona of Benalúa if you will take the most biggest discount.


Have the users from Alabici discounts in all the products? The answer is no. Only the products that have the Cycle shopping logo have discounts.


For example a good idea to Mercadona, can be give discounts in the next expired products, so they can earn money of the products they usually throw in the trash and at the same time foster the daily consumption. The bikers take too benefits because they can save around the 40% € of a normal shopping.


The cycle shopping process is very simple:

1st. Take a public bike, in one of the Alabici-stations.

2nd. Ride to the farthest trade, to get more discounts.

3rd. Go shopping and take cycle-shopping items.

4th. Shows the Alabici-card before paying, so you get the discounts.

5th. Then get another public-bike in a Alabici-station, and choose if you want return at home, or if you want continues to another cycle-shopping trade.


Why have we only discounts in shopping items? That is a limitation of my project, then I want to do my idea in all tips of trades, bars, discos…The system would be the same, but you can go to do another activities like eating, drinking… Enjoy and get discounts.


Now in this point of my project I can see that I have to foster the commerce but I have forget to foster the cycling. So now this is the moment to Foster the cycling. I want to choose the concept idea of the Fun theory, get awards for carring out good deeds.Image

But my intervention can’t be punctual, because it can becomes boring for the users, I need to create an a interactive intervention where the social situations keep the project alive and evolve it.


How can I do that? I have observed the most popular interactive things, like social networks and online videogames, to extract the reason of their success. Meeting people and have stats to show how good you are playing something are the secret of their success.Image

I propose to create the bikebook a physically social network, where the only thing that you need to use it´s be an Alabici Member. This Social network must to connect people and saw to others how much and how long you ride.Image

In the bikebook, the social side are the cycle shopping trades, where the people can see your stats that you obtain if you use the bike lane, for example how much you ride and all the benefits to use this method. In brief, in the bike lane you get stats to get a social recognition or awards, and this stats are exposed in the cycle-shopping trades. So I can foster the use of the bike line, at the same time that I do publicity of the Alabici bike system.Image

The Bikebook process take place in the second step of the cycle shopping process, the road, and is really easy:

1st. You get a bike.

2nd. You ride in the bike lane.

3rd. If you changes of Area you get a photo. This photo is uploaded and exposed in the trades. So the people can saw that the bike lane is used every day and who use it. With this photo you get social recognition and you can win awards, for example the biker who more photos has in one week, or the most funniest photo of the month. How much areas you oversteps more photos you get.

4th.  You arrive to your destiny.Image

Now I can say that in my project I need to design, in a low cost awareness, an object to get the photos, to register and foster the change of areas, and the new urban image of the cycle shopping trades.

The change area object (the fun-radar) must to advert the bikers if they are in the good direction or if they ride in the opposite direction. That cause I designed two types of banners: “You are doing fine, go go go” and “Stop!!, you are in the opposite direction”. The radar only will make you a photo if you are in the right direction.Image

I want too that the change area object, saws visually if it works. Hence I introduced as a visual indicator climbing plants, there were to watering by the bikers. So if the if the plant are grown beautiful the object works and it means that a lot of bikers overstep this area. At night it must be shine to changes the urban image, be located, and attract attention.Image

For its construction I propose to use recycling materials like pipes, and plastic mesh where the plants can climb, and in the other hand  the use of technological elements like a wify photo camera and a monitor sense.Image

The showcase of the bike- friendly trades will incorporate a plasma TV, to show the activity of the bike line by the photos (that the fun radar make), the cycle shopping logo and  infographics which explain to the citizens why is the bike the best option of all.



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