Phase 3b – DRIVE-THROUGH Garbinet



We make de roundabout Agatangelo Soler a useful element for the neighbourhood. The roundabout will be a tool for the commercial revitalization through the placement of a Drive-Through market. We take advantage of the new habit of the society and we make manifest of new uses of urban infrastructure, which generate a neighbourhood identity. Welcome to Drive-Through Garbinet.


The main discovery, which starts the project, is obtained from the analysis work of the roundabouts in Alicante done by the group WTF! During Phase 02 of last year course. The residual surface of these spaces reflects potential to serve the city for more than just adornment.


 After the analysis of Alicante’s roundabouts in phase 2 this year by Los Rotonderos, the roundabout Agatángelo Soler was elected to undergo for an intervention by its potential.

In the roundabout arises the need for a new significance and may be drastic enough to pass the existing significance to the background, halfway between the spirit of the avant-garde and postmodern appropriation collage.

Roundabout potential: strategic location

–       Roundabouts have potential as a usable area (SPACE)

–       Roundabout has a Landmark status (POPULARITY)

Our roundabout is seen by 38,000 drivers daily

Our roundabout is seen by 200 people on average per hour

–       Roundabout in the heart of the neighbourhood (NODE)

The roundabout influences in neighbourhood-level (pedestrian) and city level (vehicle)

–       Roundabout located in axes and boulevards, are viewed from long distances (PERCEPTION)

The Millennium Gate is seen towards SE from 700 meters

The Millennium Gate is seen in the direction O from 450 meters

Roundabout potential in the neighbourhood

–       Confluent Point of 3 parts of the neighbourhood, 2 boulevards , commercial axe and the access to a shopping mall

We find three different part in the neighbourhood, aside from new buildings and major avenues even resists the old Garbinet neighbourhood where you can breathe a clear village atmosphere, where highlights the large number of body shops and paint. On the other hand, the new part that develops along the Boulevard Juan Sanchis Candela is yet to develop, having all the premises closed, and finally, the part of the neighbourhood that is developed along the axis of the Medico Vicente Reyes street and the Boulevard Pintor Xavier Soler is where we find the most business, and where we will focus when developing the project.

–       In the roundabout are placed the public transport stops

When meeting the public transport at the roundabout we ensure that the intervention is seen not only by drivers and pedestrians but also citizens who move from one neighbourhood to another.

–       The roundabout is in the heart of the neighbourhood

Because of being placed in the centre of the neighbourhood it give us the opportunity to reinforce the identity of it.

–       Puerta del Milenio as neighbourhood landmark

The sculpture located in the roundabout has the potential to create a strong identity for the neighbourhood.

Garbinet potential: New neighbourhood

–       Young population

The district Garbinet becomes one of the youngest neighborhoods not only in creation if not in population. In fifteen years the population of the district, which in 1999 was 2615 people exceeds 10600 ten years later.

We are faced to young middle class people of 30-35 years, who have begun to form families in recent years or they living alone. Also, Garbinet is one of the neighbourhoods of Alicante where more young people live alone. Most of these residents work outside the neighbourhood.

–       Trade Boom: The Shops Take away

In the neighbourhood are many premises dedicated to takeaway service.

Contact a take away establishment and make the “purchase” for lunch or dinner is a common practice in the district. The protagonists are young, single, people who work from home and even entire families who prefer to change time in the kitchen without thereby sacrificing good food.

The need to eat out, especially at midday, is a fact linked to modern life for many and varied reasons (distances from home to work, part-time, time savings, etc..).


Controversy I: Inside the business guide tours (Trade in Alicante) Agantangelo Soler Roundabout is scheduled as “Place of Interest”

It is an initiative of the commerce association of Alicante along with the Department of Commerce. Alicante Commerce Routes is an online guide shopping, which contains all the necessary information on the different kinds of shopping, restaurants and charming places in the city of Alicante. Their main objective is to promote and boost the retail business of the city. It’s designed for both foreigners and natives, establishing different types of cultural, shopping, dining, or variations between them. Within the route number 5, which runs from Plaza Manila to Pla Boulevard, one of the places of interest that is defined is our roundabout.

The Roundabout has a potential as commercial and cultural interest point.

Controversy II: “Interest point not reachable”

Despite having public transport associated with the roundabout, it is not well-connected; lines and frequencies are not enough. As explained in Step 2, we find lines 10 and 11, 30 min midrange.

About the private vehicle, both neighbours and merchants complain about the lack of parking. That is because The Pintor Xavier Soler Avenue is a stretch of the Gran Via, which is part of the main road of Alicante and is the main axis connecting the inner city neighbourhoods.


The intervention will be made in the Perimeter of the Roundabout

Like this we will leave the inside as a green area, because the last project of the city council made the roundabout accessible and incorporate a bike lane. Rotonda Agantangelo Soler apart of being the greenest accessible roundabout in Alicante is also the green heart of the neighbourhood, with 5400 sqm of grass. Which supposed the 20% of green of the vicinity.

During the period of temporary intervention, the project appropriates the inside lane of the roundabout, as rail service for self-purchase.




Strategy 1.  Organism “Shopping in the way” 

This is the generation of an organism where FAST premises carried out joint actions in favour of their interests. Will be responsible to perform and announce the event and to conduct economic management.

For shops belonging, and therefore those who place themselves on the roundabout, a differentiator will be placed in the store, which will be specifically designed for being visible from the car.

This organization will continue to exist after the intervention finished, encouraging purchase through digital interfaces.




Social: The decisions are part of a collective


Neighborhood association:

  • Intervention: Participants
  • Benefits: Neighbors’ interests.

Commerce associations:

  • Intervention: Participants
  • Benefits:  Retail’s interests.

City Council, Department of citizen participation

  • Intervention: Consultants.

Strategy 2. Modification of urban image

It’s about finding the HIDDEN POTENTIAL OF THE EXISTING to demonstrate the identity of the neighbourhood. Through intervention in urban infrastructure show that something is happening in the neighbourhood.

In addition to generating an identity will be an attractor. Great landmark located on the roundabout will be taken into account.

1. Changes in the Roundabout

We will mark the boundary between the lane we will use and the remaining of the roundabout, also entrances and exits. We will use the usual sign marking the existence of the roundabout, usually located in the front of each addition. We multiply and change it’s colour, becoming clear that something else is going on.

2. The rail service

 We will mark the service way for the market.

 3. Participant retail

It is necessary to release the retail that are part of the event and that their specialties can be found in the drive-through roundabout. In the district of Garbinet, we found that all sidewalks and boulevards have trees. In this case we will place a visible device for cars, above the roadway.





Economic: Amortisation expense of maintaining the roundabout encouraging outdoor activities.

Cultural: The roundabout exploit its potential as a sociocultural landmark


City Council: Department of Urban Image

  • Intervention: Encourage areas, making them more attractive


Strategy 3. Make of the roundabout a commercial point

We increased the commercial variety of the area, to the retail of buildings and the shopping centre Gran Vía we add the Drive-through Market. This market, located in the roundabout, offers us the opportunity to make our purchase without having to find a parking space and without leaving the car. We perform our PURCHASE IN THE WAY. We take advantage of the roundabout being in between routes, home – work or between areas of the city.

It aims to create new economic configurations: pop-up spaces. Where normally the purpose of selling in the market is less important than creating demand for the products and brand image, and thus produce a profitable business selling elsewhere, such as e-commerce or the store itself located on the boulevard.

 How does a drive-through work?

The common drive-through consists of three stages. Selection, disclosed by the products the user panels. Request, the user communicates with the seller about the product. Collection, the user is pick up the product.

How does Garbinet Drive-through work?

In our case, to streamline the purchasing and maintaining the steady rhythm of the roundabout, the market is a collection point. The products of each stand will be unique or custom.

 The unique ones correspond to the daily offer and will change every day. The custom ones refer to particular orders made through virtual platforms, arranging a timeframe when you pass by the roundabout. Thus, the three moments become one + one.


Moreover, the benefits of having a common virtual platform make the users able to know all the neighbourhood’s offers in just a click. It is estimated that people who shop via different methods — the Internet, smart phones and visits to the supermarket — spend more than double those who only shop at physical stores.

 The success of this new configuration is that make the buy more flexible for the users. “What customers like is they are in control,” and “They choose when they want it to be available. It de-stresses the whole experience for them.”


Economic: Success of the sales for the premises to be able to locate in the most visible point.

Cultural: Generating new habit puff buying, different from the established.

Social: It will allow the user to have more time for other activities.


 City Council: Department of Commerce, Markets and Trading

  • Intervention: Organization

Associated Shops:

  • Intervention: Main actors, responsible for sales
  • Benefits: Advertising in the best spot in the neighbourhood

Buyers, neighbourhood residents or not:

  • Intervention: Shopping
  • Benefits: Meet specialties that had not had access before

Strategy 4. Make of the roundabout a point of socio-cultural interest

 During the intervention of Drive-through Garbinet, the interior of the roundabout will become a meeting point of the neighbourhood, exploiting the popularity of the moment and the benefits that causes us to put the market on the perimeter. (Barrier)

 Meeting point

The cultural offer is simplified to the bonfires of the neighbourhood (up to 4) and the Garbinet community centre. They will be responsible for organizing events and workshops, in the same way that take place along the year, as the Moto-meeting or meetings to promote responsible consumption and exchange without money. Organized by Inusa and the bonfire Gran vía-Garbinet.

El Garbinet, incorporado tardíamente a la civilización y a la vecindad de Alicante, se empeña en ser barrio “barrio” y en una sana competición con sus vecinos de Carolinas. Y se reúne en torno a sus Monumentos Fogueriles y ya gana premios importantes. Ítem mas, no le bastan las Hogueras y se esfuerza en crear otro eventos que den unidad de identidad al barrio, como el Moto-encuentro. Barrios de Alicante
It is here, when we take into account the previous work done on the phase 3a

Drive-through ART

When modules are closed the outer parts are used as canvases. We will use to send messages, use art as issuer. One workshop will be dedicated to raising awareness of the water, which belongs to a Dispute Global level.

It will consist of designs made by the children:

 – Workshops conducted by the educational area of Aguas de Alicante. (Gotagotham and Ambientech)

– Murals, they will be done in the form of street art, done by cultural and art associations and collaborating with the citizens.


Cultural: citizens are aware of the importance of public events; small changes are crucial to change social behaviour.

Social: The citizens has an opportunity to intervene in the city, art as social intervention


Aguas de Alicante

  • Intervention: Responsible for performing workshops in local schools
  • Benefits: To promote social image of the company

Schools: Santa Teresa Vistahermosa, Inmaculada Jesuitas, Sagrado Corazon, CP Azorin and CP Pedro Duque

  • Intervention: Making murals designs
  • Benefits: Expand education outside the classrooms

 Cultural-Art Association: Association of Artists and Patch- Alacant

  • Intervention: Responsible for doing the murals that are placed on the perimeter of the structure
  • Benefits: Develop their talent

City of Alicante: Department of citizen participation

  • Intervention: Organize informative and educational seminars


  • Intervention: Collaboration painting murals
  • Benefits: Socialization and relationship

Strategy 5. City Branding

It is very important to keep citizens aware of each step and how the project develops, and therefore develop a good communication campaign.

It is necessary that the neighbourhood sit the project as their own, developing its own identity, promoting the attractiveness of the neighbourhood

  • Name: Drive-through Garbinet
  • Logo: Direct association between the market and the roundabout.
  • Slogan:   No solo lo fast es food / Lo fast es mas que food / En Garbinet llego a todo / Garbinet, para gente veloz
  • Packaging
  • Social media


Economic: The advertisement favours the commerce in the area because of the attraction of people. (From others neighbourhoods and tourist)

Cultural: We endow a neighbourhood identity

Social: We present the qualities of the neighbourhood




–       Activation of the roundabout as potential commercial point of interest

–       Reactivation of the sales of retail partners, the event provides advertising

–       Assure the success of the event by placing it in the point of maximum visibility

–       Marketing helps disseminate and promote the event

–       Amortisation expense of maintaining the roundabout encouraging outdoor activities


–       It takes advantage of an existing infrastructure, respected and understood as an opportunity.

–       Creating social / cultural programs responding to the demand of the neighborhood

–       Citizens are aware of the ideas importance of public events, small changes are crucial to social change Behaviour

–       Use of existing items for resourcing identity

–       Utilization of art as communication tool

–       Tourism Attraction


 –       Generate a local tissue neighbourhood

–       Traffic improve in the boulevards by the disappearance of the cars stopped on the side of the road

–       Users will be able to enjoy more free time

–       Holding an anual neighbourhouud event


–       Encourage the creation of a green lung

–       Bike promotion by using delivery bikes


What is the path? Entrances and exits: Efficiency

Must be Efficient and do not alter the normal rhythm of the existing traffic. Being a temporary intervention, We use the movements and times that allow the current traffic lights at the roundabout.

We use three traffic lights to divide into the three parts that make up the market, as described above. Between them there is enough space to ensure a good addition to service lane and a good exit, trying to avoid misunderstandings that could cause an accident.

How many car fit?

There is 12 place for food, 10 for service and 8 for specialties, the roundabout can accommodate up to 30 cars inside.


How is it deliver to the roundabout?

For the deliver of orders from shop to the market module delivery bicycles were used, replacing the motorbikes. In this way, we can move around the bike lane boulevard without having to deal with traffic problems and provides economic and energy savings. It is not necessary for each local to have a dealer, the organization is responsible of it and the system is shared. It will take 4 bikes, 2 Av responsible Pintor Xavier Soler, one in the Roundabout and one charge of Calle Medico Vicente Reyes and other reinforcement.





Must be both modular the device as the set that forms it. Like this the configuration can adapt to changing needs. We achieve a joint image and it is cheaper. It will consist of modules at maximum dimensions transportable by bicycle.


During the event should be able to open as much as possible and will be divided into two parts, the “stock” and the announcement. When the day ended, will be closed against possible vandalism. When open, generate a space comfortable enough for the seller and will facilitate the order collection of the most efficient possible.


It should be possible to apply the same colour used in the rest of the intervention to generate an overall urban image. On one side you can adapt murals on its surface and the interior panel will serve as advert.


It should be able to hold all the elements of the stand, a chair, a table, an sunshade … staying inside all the elements.


The device must be capable of other configurations to be used in another situation once the event is over. May be placed on smaller roundabouts and boulevards or streets.












/Users/sandrapalau/Desktop/UA/6º/PROYECTOS IV/FASE 3/3b/ENTREGA 31:01/AxO/3D MODULO materiales.dwg


Colour: Pantone 151 C

Promotes vitality, fun and excitement. Promotes good relations between body and spirit increasing optimism. It is related to communication, balance, security and trust. It is suitable for teamwork helps the interrelationship and unity.

Because of its stimulating effect is also used in the fast food places because it opens your appetite and also generates a fast movement of the public. People who buy products of ORANGE colour, is usually jovial. It is the colour of action, exuberance and generosity.

Form: Mark the situation

This icon is intended to mark the place, and refers to the landmark that characterizes the roundabout. So we note Garbinet Market as a point of interest.





Presentations PDFs

Correction 22.01

Final Presentation


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