Phase 3B: Parking Day Alicante


The project is based on the creation of an urban axis where is shown the potential of the area that we studied in the previous phase and is currently widely dispersed and as consequence it is not very attractive.

The main activities carried out in the neighborhood are traditional cuisine, associations pursuing cultural activities and associations hold workshops and subsequently made ​​markets for the rest of the city to sell their products.

In an initial phase, this urban axis joins the two most important cultural facilities in the city to be known in the first phase.



References 1.
On the one hand, the project of the Parking Day initiative began in the city of San Francisco in response to the lack of public space. It was very important first step in finding examples of interventions that initiative. In this way it was possible to study the different programs and proposals that could occur in the spaces for the parking spaces.






References 2.
Parklets references were very interesting to study what types of programs could be developed in these areas. But only those references, it was not possible to reach an interesting proposal.

For that reason, I looked for other kind of referencias of low cost constructions that could generate more interesting proposals. These proposals generate a new urban image based in the construction with low cost materials.




Parklet nº 1.
This first parklet is a proposal designed for restaurants and tapas bars in the neighborhood to help them join the urban axis, generating different types of spaces where customers can be accommodated and have a lid or a coffee.


Parklet nº 2A.
This is intended to parklet associations pursuing cultural activities within the neighborhood such as concerts, lectures can join the urban axis and be known


Parklet nº 2A + 2B.
Probably a concert by a local group is not enough to attract the attention of many users but nevertheless if it may be more attractive to be listening to a band while you’re enjoying the traditional cuisine of the neighborhood.


Parklet nº 1 + 2A.
The parklets not work individually but cohesive and interrelated programs, any space has a program, from the stairs, whose function is combined with that of the tapas bars, as we studied in the references.



Parklet nº 3.
This parklet is designed for organizations conducting workshops and then sell their products in different markets. On the other hand they also serve to associations engaged in selling organic products, second hand products, …


References 3.
Interesting that these proposals were not permanent but could move to different parts of reactivating the neighborhood, so I looked for transportable parklets references, most of them they were built on wheels.


Proposal 1.
This proposal solves a proposal for a normal street, built from modules on wheels that can be disassembled and transported to another part of the neighborhood. In this proposal, the lower, the less versatile spaces are used for cold kitchens of restaurants and stalls and working partnerships. On the other hand, much more versatile, higher spaces are used for the development of the activity of the bars and restaurants.

Propuesta 1




Proposal 2.
This proposal is similar to proposal 1 program, but solved with the same modules in the game corner. Like the previous proposal is designed so that cars can move and rotate correctly below, controlling the radii of gyration.

Propuesta 3 copia

Proposal 3.
These modules can also be used in the manufacture of traditional spaces and building hogueras barracas, saving the neighborhood street furniture rental year after year.

Propuesta 3




All modules are removable and trailer, so that allows us to save a lot of money in transporting them against other options.



Economic Management.
The project income based on two funds, first council grants and secondly through the advertising strategy of color. This type of advertising is based on the choice of companies that are directly associated with a color and use those colors in the finish of the parklets. For these companies can be very interesting in these parklets promoted, since the activity of many of them is based on the cuisine.

Economic Management



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