Phase 3b: SAN ANTON_Green Play Cube

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Image and video hosting by TinyPicNeighborhood of San Anton has a lot of empty, unused spaces. There were few criteria about deciding which empty lot will I work with in my project.

These criteria were:

– size of the lot

– location

– condition of the lot (abandonment, existing usage)

–  potential for development

The lot I have chosen lies on a crossing between Calle Trafalgar and Calle de la Esperanza, in the middle of San Anton neighborhood.  The size of this lot is about 120 square meters, which allows us to make a smaller public space, intended for nearby residents.

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It is clearly seen, that the lot has been out of use for a long time. It is overgrown with wild vegetation, which grows without any control. Lot is also full of trash, because the door in the steel fence is opened and people can easily enter the lot.

Lot is surrounded with blind walls on the south and west side. These walls are also in a bad condition, they are not secured, and signs of previous constructions are clearly visible.

The current state of the lot is not suitable because of the safety reasons, but it has a potential because of the location and form of the lot. Current state is visible on the picture below:

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After the talks with local people we found out that they, among other, miss a public space with children playground. Thats why I decided to build my project around that.

Phase 1:

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– contacting the owner

– cleaning the lot
based on volunteer work

– adverts about the action:
(printing flyers= 25€)

– people bring their own tools
(+providing additional tools)

– organized waste deposit
(= 40€)

– food and drink for workers
(= 35€)

Phase 2:

Sand: 50€ /m3 = 100€

– green SURFACE
Soil: 200€,  plants

– Wall repair

Phase 3:

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After this phase we establish a public space, which is already prepared for use. Costs after this phase are not high, and with the possibility of lack of funds, the project could (with some modifications) work also without the final stage. Elements used in this phase:

– Sand: 30 €
– wood: 20 €
– Benches
– 3x 50 = 150 €

Phase 4:cube phases 2FINAL/ END PHASE

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After completion, the lot functions as a public space, mainly intended for children and their guardians.

Lot also represents a green spot in the San Anton, which does not have plenty of that spaces.









Photomontage describes the usage of the playground. Children on different levels of the object show the diverse usage and many possibilities for entertainment and enjoyment.
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