Phase 3B · Alta cultura



In this phase we will base the design decisions on specific strategies translated from the previously defined goals.

· Generate a new perception of Alicante´s culture as a rich and unitary image, based on the existing ‘unknown cultural material’.

· Relate the cultural movement of Alicante to Carolinas bajas by placing its show event into CB’s physiognomy: the flat roofs.

Calle San carlos and calle Valencia were chosen to be the streets where to develop the program , as they conect both the two official cultural containers in CB , ADDA and Cigarreras, with the heart of CB’s activity, ‘Plaza palmeretes’.

1st design phase: Analyze of the location.

Once flat roofs in both street where located , they can be classified in three groups, based on the posible activities happening in there.

maoeado 3


Type A. Rooftops in which elevator and inner courtyard are toguether and in a side, allowing discontinuous spatial configurations                                                       

Type B. Rooftops in which either elevator or courtyard are placed in the center, allowig continous space configuration.

Type C. Terraces. Smaller , rectangular areas , that have access from penthouses.

Reference: Redetejas.



Redetejas is a very similar project that developed a net of ‘cultural rooftops’ . After developing several events, they wrote a manual of recommendations in the use of rooftops. the reading of the document, leads us in the consideration of security as a design issue. any action or accident happening in the rooftop would be responsibility of they neightbor’s association of the building.

*The design must  reinforce the existing  security barrier.CUB2_PRO

2nd design phase: Activities’s design factors.

The event program will be based on the participation of both local performers of the city , associations and commerce of CB. All the range of possible activities are classified in 4 groups based on the similarity of the design factors each activity provides.

3rd design phase: References.

5-540x540 563fa58dbfd2b933a4da49c96b17353e

Corrugated pipe as main material. Why corrugated pipe?

· Lightness: It can be masively used without adding so much weight.

· Price: 0,20 €/m

· Temporary: Taking the assemble process from the references above, we can develop the project counting on not damaging a big amount of material, and returning it or reselling it, so part of the budget can be returned.

· Colors: The colors available depend on the original use of each tube (water installation , electricity) and determines also the diameter of it.  The choices are allways powerfull bright colors that diference themselves from terracota and neutral colors from the facades.

SebastianWierinck1 Meetube-seating-system-3

References: Sebastian Wierinc work and Meetube

From the analyze of this two references we can extract the construction process of the proptotypes needed: Orthogonal ribs define the way of the tube and its combination allow the configuration of complex spaces that combine diferent functions: siting, lightning…

4th design phase: Resolution.

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