Phase 3b – A Place For Fun



Our project consists in implementing strategies of reactivation by phases of this unused structure. Those phases make the project self-managed. There are four phases.

Phase 1 Advertisement + First games + Warehouse


The first point was to get some benefits to manage the project, so we use the structure to put there some advertisement because it was a great opportunity to do this.

To determine where put the advertisements we studied the visibility, the time of exposition of the each area of the structure, and the number of vehicles per day.

The conclusion we take was putting advertisement only in the NW façade, because the 80% of the vehicles watch that face of the structure whereas only a 20% watch the SE façade.

In the study we determine the proper inclination of the advertisement in order to be more visible.


For the first games, we caught RUS. Lima as a reference because here they create an image using basically tyres.


In our case, we want to use cardboard and ropes instead of tyres. We want to use cardboard because we want kids create the games, so we need a material that could be easy to work. In addition it was a material with a lot of possibilities to create different games. We choose ropes because we want to use the structure as an element of the playground and with ropes we can hold games and create a way to use the structure without creating a solid floor.

Otherwise, the games will be in relationship with the sport area of the surround, so they will have a physical activity characteristic.


The idea of the games is to create a place for children in the street market in order to attract them and their parents and consequently improve the situation of the market. For this reason those games are going to be set during the street market (Thursday and Saturday), and they will be kept in the warehouse after it.

Those first games will be made by students of the Dr. Balmis secondary school, who will get a non-economical compensation for that.

Phase 2 Canteen and some permanent games


For the canteen we caught the Ridley’s Pop Up Restaurant project as a reference.


The main idea is to create a place where you can eat and gather with other people without spending money, something that you can’t do in any place of the surrounding. At the same time it has a relationship with the street market because some of its products are going to be eating there. 10

With this use we are creating in the structure a special point where you can go when you get out in your free time.

The canteen will open all the days of the week, so some games won’t need to be kept in the warehouse and could stay, for this reason the structure will start working as a playground every day, but specially on the street market days, when more games will be available.

Phase 3 Colonization of the structure


This phase consist in the developing of the games and in how the structure is been appropriated by new elements.

For the construction of the new games we create some competition or proposal for the different schools of the surrounding. They are our best chance, and they will be the future users too, so we give them the opportunity of creating its own playground.12

The important point in this phase is that now sportive activities can take part here during the street market mainly. Games like climbing, or zip line for example, could be some of them.

Phase 4 Outdoor cinema


As a reference I take the International Festival of Independent Cinema of Elche because some points: because it is a very nice communal experience; because it is for all the ages; and because with independent cinema we avoid a lot of problems that a more commercial cinema has if you want to project their films.


The main idea is continuing with the creation of an important point for culture and leisure in the structure of the street market.


This use is very occasionally because depends of the good weather, and of agreements with producers, etc. But the idea is to make an important point of the city in here taking advantage of the structure.



As we can see with the advertisement we can take enough benefit for doing the project. We have to consider the human means too, but the project is very affordable.



–          Advertisement: makes the project self-managed and let the reactivation of the unused structure

–          Improve the economic situation of the street market


–          Creating a street market culture because of the new activity that will attract new people

–          Create an identity for the street market emplacement

–          Give an opportunity for independent cinema

–          Relationship with schools and involvement of children in the improvement of their neighbourhood


–          Doing something funny for children where they could play in the street market days


–          Use of recycled materials

–          Valorisation of ecologic food



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