Phase 3B// Cinema & Tea

The idea of this project  is to convert Carolinas Bajas like the most important neighborhood with a great CINEMA CULTURE.

Attending the street to convert, and having a knowledge about the closed/abandonated locals, we can start to do real the theories of MARKETING  like the colours, the posters or  the LOGO all around:

C/ General Serrano, Carolinas Bajas 


Along the street, there will be a paint into the facades of abandonated locals that shows how  far (in m or also in minutes)  are the closer equipments.

With these simple elements it will ADVERTISE that something is happening there. Also the cinema can be promoted at the traffic lights with a little  screen or in an abandonated local with an awning like as screen.

Parasite cinema: More info

Cinema al traffic lights: More info

In addition, in some locals it will hang a lot of teabags and attract people at the tea time, or hang a lot of pop corn bags to attract them at the cinema.It will create expectation and interest in the neighbors. The street will be more transited by curious people.

Hanging things: More info //  More info //More info

Some examples of painting the facades, the advertising in the abandonated locals and at the plot.

Like Hollywood, at the roadway will paint the stars guiding to the cinema.


For the entrance at the place, there will be a system of “ exchange”  by 3 TYPES  of ticket:

*A: if you pay 5€, will receive a customizable cup for free drink 30 days at  the cinema cafe  and the entrance for these days.

*B: paying 1,5€ and donate an old DVD  you will receive 40 days of free drink and the entrance for these days.

*C: the normal entrance, paying 2€.

**In a future, there will be a ticket D, with things to “exchange” from the street market, art expositions or hand made things… all will take place in the plot.**

Entry at the plot= Hall cinema.


The PROGRAM is changing all the time.

There are some elements that generate this :

*THE SHELF: where the DVD are placed and classified by ages. The high of the shelf is a physical way to differentiate which that the children can watch or not. In a future can be there also books for sharing.

**An example of this is the “Little free library” where users could immerse themselves and take the time to browse through books and borrow or exchange them.**  More info

*THE FURNITURE: is made up of these elements:

-A module made of wood and can serve as a chair or little table. This module can be combinated in many ways to formed a new furniture, depending the situation and the program.

-The ganchillo’s chair: made with stripes of cloth twisted. So elastic and comfortable to sit there. Made at the workshop is cheaper because the cloth is donated, old and recycled.

**In a future this kind of furniture can be developed as a transformative furniture and occupy some space that didn’t exists before. Like “DIY furniture Hello, I’m a lost space”**
More info

-The vertical pallets like a system of publicity and promotion for new events, also to put some plants to decore it.

ALL OF THEM  will form the space of cinema, space of a square, park or a space for a coffee.

Cinema caffé.

In summer.

Relax place.

Floor views

To view the presentation


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