Phase 3b – Flavoluos Market



Flavoluos Market is a project to reactivate economically Central Market area by means of the association of its traders (including bars and Central Market’s stands) making more powerful its cultural and gastronomical values. They will offer a catering service during week and special gourmet products on Saturday.


On Saturday morning we have an activity called tardeo. To summarize these are its principal characteristics:

– People who participate are young, age between 25 and 40.

– It starts at midday and it ends at 4 o’clock more or less.

– This activity consists in buying some beers and trays with food, and eating this in 25 mayo square.

– Controversies

– The economic benefits are to bars and specials butchers.

– Neighborhood and associations (Oliveretes-Franciscanos for example) complain about noise and trash that activity generates.

In contrast during a regular week it seems that nothing happens, sales are limited inside Central Market and bars only give a service to people who works near and have to eat outside their homes.


– Potential-preexistence

  • In central Market

puestos mercado central

This is the variety of stands that we have inside Central Market. Due to tardeo some of them have an extra benefit on Saturday morning.puestos mercado beneficio

  • Bars close Central Market (150 m approximately)

mapeo bares

_ Damasol cervecería

_ Erik y Zayra cervercería

_ El auténtico

_ Buguer Segarra

_ Bar Serpis

_ La Tapeta del Mercat

_ Cervería-mesón Los Maños

_ El Trellat

_ A tapear

_ Club taurino

_ Aki pikamos Bar

_ Cocimed

_ Aboul

_ La rotonda

_ Bar Jaimaca

_La bodeguita de Triana

  • Companies close Central Market (300 m approximately)

mapeo empresas

What are Central Market offering?                                            What are bars offering?

iconos ofrece Mercado

– Objetives

  • Economic

– Reactivate Central Market area including Central Market stands and bars.

– Activation of 25 mayo square as commercial point.

– Marketing to help to promote services that ‘Flavoulous Market’ offers.

– Recovering initial investment.


  • Cultural

– We have an existing Market infrastructure that has tradition and wealth.

– Getting attraction to populate from Alicante and tourist.

– Create a cultural place about food with existing infrastructure.

– Advertisement as a communication with people.

– Creating these services as a part of the neighborhood image.


  • Social

– Create a social-cultural place.

– Getting attraction to populate from Alicante and tourist.

– Turning Central Market area in a meeting point at lunch for workers during week and on Saturday morning for anybody.

– Neighbors will enjoy these services.


  • Environmental

– Association ‘Flavoulous Market’ will manage waste that they service produce.

– To create its own image it will be use recycle and cheap materials.

– Events in 25 mayo square will use renewable energy.

– References

  • To Central Market

Since supermarket appearance many traditional markets have been affected by economic issues and they are losing its importance. Something similar is happening to Central Market.

Londres Market

In London, Borough Market were in this situation, to go on traders reinvented its identity and they started to sell quality products making a difference between them and their competitors.

Now they have two parts, inside Market they sell quality products and outside you can buy rich and varied plates.

san miguel market

In Madrid, San Miguel Market is a historical and monumental place. It is in an area with a huge personality and with a broad cultural, commercial and free time offer. So they adapted to new situation and now San Miguel Market is a gastronomical reference. It is a place to clients, professionals, or anyone who wants an advice or information.

La boqueria

In Barcelona, la Boqueria is a market where you can buy all kind of fresh products. La Boqueria offer local and exotic products. They have created an open class related with gastronomy. They teach how to cook fresh products, how keep fresh, innovation, etc.

These classes have helped to establish a cultural movement, so this market have become in a global reference.

  • To 25 mayo square

Yard forniture viena

In Viena, this intervention was made inside courtyards of the Museumsquartier in Vienna. This forniture were made of coated EPS (expanded polystyrene), which can be joined in endless variation. So many cultural assotiations have used them to do activities.

Every year they have a different color and formations, in circles, spirals, making a pavilion, etc.

lent space interboro

This project was made in New York in order to regenerate an empty plot. The furniture that architects designed allow to make relationships between people, and at the same the space serve as an exhibition space for large sculptures, an event space and public space as well as a tree nursery.

– Strategies

  • Strategy 1. Create a new urban image

The new urban image it will be as the result of transforming the identity of Central Market area. This intervention will show the coordination between Central market’s stand and bars.

First of all, we have to look for an aesthetically that transmit the same values what we want to show. Due to this we will use Vintage aesthetically because it transmits:

– Exclusivity

– Quality

– History

– Careful products.

Some examples:


So the intervention will be en three places:

1. Inside Central Market

Using recycled materials like cardboard and glass bottles and cheap material we can change appearance.

So this is we have now:


And here we have some references about what image we want to transmit:


This reference shows materials like wood, colors like black and white in names, illumination, etc that remember to values that we have mention before.

The first intervention will be with cheap material:


The objectives of this intervention will be:

–          Builting  a same image to all the commerce that belongs to the assotiation.

–          Starting promote each other.

–          Getting that people realize that something important is going on.

–          Using colors that make recognizable this new identity.

The last intervention will be:

 dentro mercado definitivo


The objectives of this final intervention will be:

–          Finishing construction of this identity.

–          Using recycled materials as wood from pallets, cardboard, ect.

2. 25 mayo square

The design in square allows people:

– Having lunch in the square.

– Throwing away their waste in a funny way.

– Separate the kind of waste that they produce.

recoge botellas

                3. Bars that belong to the association

The bars identity will be similar to stand from central market identity. We will use similar materials and similar colors.

All of them will give tickets to promote each other that will be equal.


  • Strategy 2. Create a service of healthy food to workers


If Central Market and bars works together during regular weeks they can offer a catering service with rich and variety menus. This area is located closer to many companies, so there are many people that can be interested in eating healthy, quality and traditional food in 25 mayo square.

In the past, families had different roles, because one of the members used to put in charge of doing meals. But nowadays some studies show that in big cities 70% of workers have to eat in restaurants.

So if society is changing, the way of selling in traditional market should change.

 funcionamiento food for workers copia


  • Strategy 3. Transform 25 mayo square in a social and cultural point (during week)


Because of this intervention 25 mayo square is going to be an important meeting point, every day at lunch time it will be many people, so we can produce an exchange of knowledge very powerful.

Some references can help us to understand what is going to happen.



  • Strategy 4. Transform 25 mayo square in a commercial point (on Saturday morning)


On Saturday morning, every bar will have a stand and they will offer varied tapas to have with a beer. The can cook some food in the square and promote themselves. The kind of food that they offer will be an opportunity to experimentation and innovation.

An example about what can be a stand for a bar is:

 agronautas 2


This is an example that combines elements that we used to recycle; now it can be used as a support or wall to make a cuisine class, give some advices or make a stand to any bar.

montaje cocina solar

These are instructions to make a solar cooking with recycling cans. It will be effective because it is a parabola, cans are made by aluminum that is reflective so it is a good material.

sombras para blog

These are the shadows that are in 25 mayo square at midday. If we superpose all this shadows, the result is the area that is painted in the right image. That is the area where we have more energy sun.

– Benefits

  • Social

– Workers will have a comfortable place to eat.

– Creating of a meeting place to share knowledge and experiences.

– Attraction to people from close places (during week)

– Attraction to tourist (on Saturday morning)

  • Cultural

– Creation of new identity to regenerate Central Market area.

– Central market area will be an important place to food culture with all kind of innovation and experimentation.

– Marketing as a part of the project to communicate people.

  • Economic

– Economical reactivation of the area during week.

– Incoming extra money every Saturday morning.

  • Environmental

– Reutilization of waste that we generate on Saturday morning.

– Building with recycled materials.

– Using renewable energies.


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