Phase 3b – Play ’em up!


1/ Objective

The objective is to create a functional program to the abandoned structure of Teulada street market.

2/ Functional program

Coffee shop

Playroom for children

Performance space

The coffee shop is based on a stair for its use, the children’s room is actually a craft workshop for making cardboard toys where children can then play with them, and the performance space contains a mobile cinema and stands on street


3/ Materials

The main materials for the project are: scaffolding and pallets.

4/ Design


The development proposal is based on steps for its building, further separated into autonomous phases, depending on the use that has.

Step 01

The first is to place the stair, because it will be the core of the structure. It is constructed with a ladder scaffold, cheap and easy to install type. It also incorporates the cafe, which is the transfer of existing in the market, those current problems with the adjoining plot, it was decided to move it to the best location.


Step 02

The terraces are built into the structure related to the ladder. Here the furniture in the cafeteria will be located. So, you will buy what you want, and you can move freely through these terraces.

It is built with the horizontal elements of scaffolding. Furthermore, these terraces may expand over the entire structure, depending on the number of customers that have the coffee shop.


Step 03

The next step is the protection, the facade, made with pallets because to be very cheap and provide an entity structure. Here playroom for children is also built on the 1st floor , which is actually a workshop where children build and play with the cardboard. From the terraces parents can see their children, who are on a lower floor.


Step 04

Here is operated from a mobile stands, with capacity for 16 people each, to be used as seats for cinema, to rest for the day…

Advertising and promotion is also included with the incorporation of posters on both sides of the structure.


Step 05

Finally, the film is installed on the ground floor of the structure, using the above step. To create this space, some fabrics are used like a façade.


5/ Phases

The above steps are unified in phases

Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


6/ Benefits

/ Economic /

– Materials low-cost

– Possibility of advertising

/ Social /

– New playroom in the neighborhood

– New identity of Teulada structure

/ Cultural /

– New supply of low cost cinema neighborhood

/ Environmental /

– Use of recycled items

– Creation of recycled cardboard toys


7/ References


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