Phase 3b. The Roundabout Circle

fotomontage 2

Objetives: to create an image that speaks for itself of what is done inthe association, a landmark for the movement of the district and a large spread of word in live.

In order to know how to manage better the activities and the association I went to talk with potential users of it. That helps me to understand the real interest from the differents agents. Classify the activities, the places I need and which kind of visibility they have.


mapa con redes


  • Retired interested in continuing to learn and create a new social and friendly circle. The second type of unemployed only interested in the part that the Circle can help them in their day a day in domestic activities. This member will have simbolic fee of 3€.
  • Unemployed interested in creating a new network of contacts to become known in his profession, to continue to expand their knowledge and non-stop activities. the fee of them will be the time spent helping and sharing. Longer time invest  on and  more activities are entitled to do.
  • People employed but wanting to participate in their community and keep learning. Depending on the activity they can pay with time or it will be afront with money.
  • City Council assists to the development of the project  with their own budget projected for advertising in the area.
  • Public transport users will be the fastest spread of word for all over Alicante, being able to take part in the activities if they are interested in.

Design and spread strategy:

From points announced on phase 3a: move the gateway to the center of the roundabout, connected to urban transport at one point and are longer times for people staying and it increase the number of people as well. Use the new second high as reference for the long distances and focus of the information of the 6 routes.

There will be two forms of development at the same time.

  • Comunication and publicity development

ventanaPhase 1: From the idea that there are association’s activities to be undertaken in private homes and what we are trying to create the true feeling of Circle in the neighborhood. The first phase is being shown as a member of the association, through the location of the logo on elements like windows or cars to bring the image  outside the boundaries of the district. If my neighbor knows me and trust me, he will develop an interest in what the association means.



Phase 2: Create a living advertisement spot in the new gateway, the traveler is surrounded by the image of the association, its members and their esoganes havethe same scale as he. Human scale approaches the reality of the situation.


Following the development of phase two and the human scale. Expand the information on the avenue in fact that diverse socio cultural activities during the year as medieval markets takes place there and there is a playground area widely used in the area. This kind of spots will help as well to develop  small lectures or meetings and should been moved along the avenue to make the visibility of the direfentes issues a priority.


(previous image) Not a final design, to develop a mark with scaffolding as in the new references.


  • Building up in the roundabout

Main goal: Spread of word constant and visual and share a living information. The weakness of the association is the way in which it disclosed in its environment. So they need a better advertising, a better billboard.



From the first ideas of what a billboard is, to seehow its structure can be build up. the scaffolding is the similar concept with a so much easier way to been built up. It is modular and easy to assemble and disassemble quickly allowing all sorts of changes easily.


Materials will allow me to play with the depth, visual and sell 3d advertising, not a flat idea. Because this spot must to be the “real” in the reality of the Asociation, the real in the reality of architecture.

  • Main objetives of this new reality:  Share the information in 90º in order to get a direct image while getting close and with the help of the materials see inside the advertisement when you are close to it. Share the activity in 360º . Get an access to the information visible to all users from all points of view. For the usual neighboors and for all the users of the public transport from their stops, the cars and the pedestrians.

desarrollodesarrollo2    sombra final

(First development interior plaza not the final one)


fotomontage uno

Final way to go on, 4 elementes in the roundabout.  The final image of the roundabout is like a cloud, all the information must to be there able to being seen as in the living billboards, becuase we are selling reality and real situations, no filters no misleading advertising.

  • 1st structural element and main visual from the avenue:

fachada principal

  • The second two meaning routes 

lateral grande

  • The individual billboard for small streets

lateral pequeño

All the information in over scale is intended to be received from more than 100 feet away in perpendicular direction with a personal and clear message the driver can connect with. And in the inside of the roundabout where the advertising becomes to life the scale is changing to get back the humanity of the asociation, real people, real issues.

  • living billboard, living scaffolding

In the center of the roundabout on the tram stop is placed at an intermediate level between the deck and the floor some compartments where the unemployed people will be able exhibit their CV and their job. As a showcase the idea of ​​human exchange and knowledge becomes fully visible.


And all the users and new agents will be able to conect in few point of their tour.

living bill


fotomontage 2

The project will be develop under the following topics:

  • Cultural: Real exchange of interests and feeling unification neighborhood
  • Social:  The scheme thereby caters to otherwise unmet needs of the community, adding to the public service offer and strengthening local social networks.  Unemployed are also encouraged to socialise whilst and many have already created long-lasting professional relationships and friends.
  • Economic: Members who are struggling with small everyday problems can get them fixed without having pay large sums to commercial providers or turn to relatives or social services. Unemployed people can
  • Environmental: Based on the premise that many of the everyday social needs in an urban neighbourhood could be met by the time, skills and energy of others nearby. The fact that this does not normally happen could be perceived as a gap in the market which the venture aims to fill through an easy-access network that brings both together. The Circle strengthens a sense of neighbourhood interdependency by both enabling and celebrating the favours that people can offer each other, in a way that prevents people from becoming on mainstream services.


How do we create platforms and institutions that help people support each other, and become more self-reliant through mutual interdependence? The Roundabout Circle focuses on what people can offer one another and unlocks frequently ignored resources for often unmet needs. This investment is essential across our neighbourhoods: it allows us to strengthen the unseen virtual and social networks that will enable our physical places to prosper and be more resilient.


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