Phase 3b_ Centro de Barrios



The project proposal for the plot of Alipark, Princesa Mercedes San Fernando, Francisco Albert, is the construction of a community center for residents.

Giving the neighborhood an active program and at the same time a meeting point for the neighbors. So foldable, movable and fixed furniture is going to be built, and it`s going to be organized in such a way that allows to adapt for different kinds of activities taking place. These activities are: handicraft workshops, keep-fit, theatre workshop and representations, special events, summer cinema and playground and park.



The choice of the place of implementation of the usable furniture is provided by proximity to the entrance of the plot, the visual from the street, especially through the design of the entrance, and by the sun protection due to the adjacent threes.

References of the project:


Collectif-Etc-Detour-de-France-Montpellier-pier-335__MG_0619 51__MG_0173 67_4_v2 1231472_South_Crescent_5-1 (1) dune_ferpect_collective-07-530x359

Building systems references:

Captura BJDW - 048


The furniture will be built in wood with a slatted structure and tables covering. We can distinguish fixed elements on site and movable and transformable elements to get the space configuration.



According to the required use and placement of movable furniture, different hypotheses are given.

7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Visual from the entrance is a determining factor as the visual of the project comes within the design of the entrance.

16 17

Furniture will be painted with colors corresponding to their use, remaining neutral when they are folded and displaying the color of the use when unfolded to change psychology of people in the different hypotheses. So colors have been chosen according to coloour psychology.


WORK IN PROGRESS: Right now I’m re-thinking IMAGE of the project. It is crucial to create an identity and relate the neighborhood. References: “Las Vegas CollectifETC” “Pallet Pavilion” “Color Jam Chicago” “UMLU”…

Collectif_Etc_LasVegasCrugny_Mise-en-scene-2 51_senza-titolo-1-10 00 colorjam


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