Phase 3B_Alicante Intercultural City 2014_Design


Four teams formed by people from different cultures (Latin-American, Oriental, Arabian, Occidental) who will decide to be part of an intercultural contest in their neighborhood. This event will benefit the opening of a new common space for the cultural association in the area.  With this initiative Alicante also would test if it is ready to be part of the European program “Intercultural City 2014”. 


The contest would last 5 weeks, the teams will meet every two days at the roundabout as if it is another association center and they will prepare the Gala of every Friday when they could show their skills in different issues (cooking, dance and music, art, costumes).

During the week the people who every day is crossing through that roundabout (x ppl / day) will follow the activity of each team and will get more and more interested with the coming show of the weekend.

On Friday everybody who will have gotten interested in, by the visit to the roundabout or by different advertisements (buses, taxi, radio, newspaper, and internet) will be able to attend the show using public transportation taking advantage of some special prices for that time and location.

The audience of the contest, during the week and on Friday night, will be able to vote which is their favorite team and they will get a discount for some of the little shops in crisis of the area. With this system there would be a benefit for each part of the contest, audience and participants.

(Deeper justification of the concept and exact program and agenda in my new Phase 3A in process to be uploaded).



  The main concept of the project is the creation of a STAGE where associations can go and share their activities and ideas to the rest of the centers in that area of Alicante, (Carolinas Altas, Sidi Ifni and Garbinet).

Nevertheless this project should not give such an easy solution for the problem of this area. I was going deeper in my researches and I found out the poor participation of the new citizens of the area, most of them immigrants who are still shy to participate in their neighborhood associations.

We studied the physical aspects of our roundabout in the Phase 2 and for us the most successful aspect of working on this area was the amount of visitors and connection between public transports every hour.

  These two concepts: common social activities and huge audience, remind me the kind of contests and programs that are nowadays in our television. So I saw the powerful idea of creating a game show closer to us, alive and a perfect solution for the controversies.





  • SOCIAL: Associations of Garbinet, Isi Ifni and Carolinas Altas will have the chance to share their activities, knowledge and ideas with the rest of associations or citiziens.
  • CULTURAL: New citiziens from different nationalities and “alicantinos” will participate in a game show to promove the new space, and demostrate the diversity of cultures in Alicante.
  • ECONOMY: The contest will be the tool to help some little shop of the neighbourhood and to increse the profits of public transportation.
  • ECOLOGY: Design and infraestructure based in reclyce ideas, useless objects or materials, will have an oportunity to become part of this design with new puposes.
  • (POLITIC)Europe Comunity propose the project “Intercultural Cities” is a project that is striving to develop a model that supports intercultural integration within diverse urban communities.



My project need to take advantage of the principal keys of a popular tv show or game show, so I need this concepts in my Roundabout:


Different agents will take care of different aspects of the design for the global concept.

I will design the basic infrastructure to make everything happen. So this means that I have the idea of how everything should look like, I will provide the place with a STAGE, GRADES, BACKSTAGE, TRAINNING AREA, and the CONCEPT OF THE MARKETING.

These are the concepts I will explain in this phase as they are the most important in my opinion, although I will show my ideas for the rest  as well.


The project should be base in sustainability and low-cost thinking, that’s why the materials, which we will use, should be reused, recycled and cheap.

  • WOOD It is a cheap material and It could come from old constructions.
  • ROPES It is also a cheap material and it can be used more than once later.
  • PIPES A workable element with many different positions that will be part of the structure of the swings.
  • OLD CHAIRS Broken chairs that people don’t use can become a fashion swing for the grade.
  • OLD SITS The sits of the old buses in Alicante will become the swing of the grade and it will create monotony who provide the design with a strong esthetic.
  • OUTER CASING of the lights of the old buses, for the plastic element of the lighting system.


In my first approach to this project I was not aware of the real elements, configuration and possibility of our site.



The first place emplacement of the stage and grades was not possible due to the position of the palm trees which could be able to take out from there but it is not possible in the way of design this project.


Then I was adding other concepts to make the project more interesting and complex:

  • The stage in the middle was always a good idea but the way to build it was too complex.
  • The training area in the bigger space divided in 4 parts for each team it was too simple and if we think that the project will be in summer no shadows was an illogical idea.
  • The idea of the light system was one of the first ideas but I have kept it until now, due to its originality and easiness.


  • The stage takes now the right place, it’s not in the middle but it will work perfectly for the use I want for that.
  • The cars produce light but also wind, and this wind, in a very traditional way, can create music. So I thought about a system of flouts around the roundabout but it wasn’t available due to the distance between cars and the edge.
  • A decoration for the pedestrian road was something important at the beginning but there wasn’t any logical reason to support the idea longer than esthetic aspects.


This version is the final one and I will explain it carefully in the following texts.





The Roundabout is nowadays being used for the neighbors of the area, in a very active way, they use to go there with their dogs. This is something that if we change probably they won’t like it, that’s way I though about a transformable grade that it can always work for any of the existing or future possibilities of the place.


The previous idea of the grade was useful but at the same time too simple and easy. Looking for originality and fun I thought about using swings instead of normal sits. I wanted to adapt old sits for the old buses in Alicante or old chairs to create an strong and powerful image of the Roundabout.


I need to keep the powerful idea of swings but it was a caprice of “the architect” not useful at all. That original way of grade, is not possible for old people or people with problems moreover it wasn’t really confortable and the audience would be stress and afraid of falling down.


I can keep the original idea but it is smarter to combine it with the normal grades and also I thought about broke the serious way of everybody in the same position that its always very uncomfortable for longer than 15 min and I played with the dimension of the stairs to make them more dynamic and allow people to sit in groups or in different positions.


This will be the space where the teams will talk and work together or separated in the activity of the week. It is the only area under shadow provided of 7 tables and portable chairs, it is separated of the direct contact with the people crossing by the Roundabout but with a direct visual for almost the complete surrounding.


For the design of the tables I didn’t forget the opportunity of these 7 big poles which were already there, so I decided to use it as the element where I would hang my tables on. With this system I was taking advantage of the gravity and it makes in transformable as well, so people could use it only if they need it and they will be able to control the height is more comfortable for them to work on.

In a first version a though about make them circular according with the shape of the palm tree but I didn’t found any object who could be light and perfect for that so later I decided to make them out of wood and with an hexagonal regular shape.


The training area was good for work in groups but it did not provide privacy for the team who need it. As we are in a contest many of the decisions that team will take will be a secret so they need an special place to meet and talk about the important decisions or to get motivated before each Gala, that’s why I place them in this side of the tram rails, because it will be closer to the stage on Friday night.


As it a big open space I don’t really need to take care of the isolation of each meeting point, any acoustic problem between points won’t be a problem. So I only need a visual limit between them and the rest of the space.

Again taking advantage of the lightpoles on both sides of the pedestrian way and probably being influenced by Teulada Market I use tensed ropes to create a shape and this wall for the private space.

With this system I can only design what the shape is, looking from above. The triangular shape I’ve decided comes from the idea of interrupting the normal way of people that cross everyday that place and it will makes them to be more aware about the interactive activity that is being carried out in that space.

This intervention will be easily removed after the contest but it can also be part of the future image of the roundabout and maybe it will find a new use by itself.


To get the feeling of being in a real contest I need a melody, something that is so characteristic of the popular tv shows that all of us know.

I explained before what the idea is coming from, the wind out of the movement of cars on the road, and the wind out of the speed of the tram.


The game on the road will be in each of the roads coming inside the roundabout as intro or welcome of the contest; it should be very brief to not be annoying and it can be realize scraping stripes on the road or with wooden sticks well attached to the road. This second option is more economy because on the future the sound will be removed.

In the other hand I wanted to use the speed of the tram and its wind to make some flouts sound. Different sizes of pipes will be placed on a metal grade or on a holey wooden panel. As I took from my reference it should be similar as a tunnel but due to the cables of the tram it will be only two walls on both sides of the tram way. With this music I will wake up the people inside of the tram and I will remind them that something is happening in the roundabout.

The design of this melody will be one of the activities that people from the teams will do during the contest period and it will be choose for the audience in the Gala.


A good show needs good lighting, colorful random spots blinking and moving across the site. I already have this moved light coming inside of the roundabout with a quite high frequency, and it is the white light from the vehicles.

So if I have the main light I need a filter for that. I will place a metal fence along the edge of the roundabout in the proper strategic place. And this fence will have the colorful elements which transform the light.


For this elements I had many variety of solutions, but to be clear what I need is a translucent colorful material:

  • VERSION 1 Normal pieces of random plastic on the fence, expensive.
  • VERSION 2 Some element with double use who could be able to be used during the day as for example chairs for the training area or the t-shirts of the teams, and placed back on the fence at night.  Plastic translucent chairs, would be expensive. Portable chairs out of translucent fabric will have a very complex adaptability to the fence system. And random colorful t-shirts attached on the fence every night was a nice esthetic solution for my project.
  • VERSION 3 For this reasons and coming back to the materials of the old buses in Alicante I think the solution will be to use the plastic outer casing of the lights (white, yellow and red) using metal wire to attached to the fence. This is by itself colorful but I was looking for some more attractive colors for the show.


As the teams are designing the melody, they will also choose the color of those lighting fences, by using color sprays on the white yellow and red plastic.


My philosophy for the marketing is that people is more focus in something if they have to make an effort to get it. Simple, fast and direct ideas are very easy received but not absorbed.

That’s why all the posters or letters in my project will be a little game for people:

  • The simple use of “trampantojo” on the fence that is only visible from the principal incomings of the roundabout or from the tram.
  •  The big logo that is only visible from the buildings around.
  •  Circular logos and sentences on posters which makes people switch their heads to be able to read them.
  •  Paper game with the page of the newspaper with the information about the event.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

* I haven’t design the exact logo of the Game Show because it will be part of the contest. Trying to find original ideas for the activities in the Roundabout I have the idea of taking advantage of the big scale of the site and not forget the people who have to see every day the same roundabout from their windows. Every team will have to create the shape of the logo they want on the ground but in a huge scale, only visible from the buildings around, and they will vote which one is the best by using “walky talkies” (or an existing application for the game show, if it exists).


Week points of my project:

– The lack of design in the stage itself, I have designed only the grades.

– The complexity of the process and concept but it will be clearer in the Phase 3A if the introduction here wasn’t enough.

 – The interaction with the pedestrians that everyday will visit the site. As it was proposed after my presentation I should think about make them to be part in a more direct and active position in the Game Show.


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