In this phase, we go further in the decisions of designing for the elements, taking the blue-line as the main object in the project, and the ocuppying plot as a cultural centre which gather the cultural agenda of the city.

Ready!Culture!Go! is a project which tries to connect and encourage the main cultural centers in the city of Alicante, creating an identity among the citizens and the area itself, through urban image. Participation citizen is taken as an important tool to involve the neighbors in the political decisions of the district, to manage an active and sustainable society. Besides that, it tries to revitalize the Trade in the area with the identity of traditions and Alicante culture.



The blue-colour should be questioned. Doing a research about the different logos and brandings of the city of Alicante, taking in account the conditionings of the project:


The main character of the branding has to be the identity of the city of Alicante. It has to encourage the current identity. For that, doing a research about the different brandings of the corporation and associations in the city, we realize of the importance of the blue color for this area. It is a current identity, which unconsciously all the Alicante citizens have in their mind.


For that the colour  RAL 5012 (RGB 59/131/189)  is taken in the whole Project to encourage this identity and make the project integrated in the mind of the citizens.


Alicante is blue, is the Mediterranean Sea, is the Sky of the city, is the Flag and is the Culture.


Info Circles


The design of the circles is limited because of the view from the cars. The Jijona Avenue is a node of communication between the centre of the city and the north districts. Everyday a huge amount of citizens pass this avenue by car.
The main character of design the info-circles is the visual from the cars. For that, the circle is distorted one half.

Cultural Centre


The Program of the Cultural Centre is to gather the cultural agenda in the city and to create a space for the citizens. One of the Controversies in the last deliver was the lack of public spaces and the intervention from the City Council. Besides that, this project wants to encourage the culture in the citizens of the neighborhood of Carolinas Bajas. For that we mix the 3 points in 195 m2.







About the architecture in the Cultural Centre, having in mind the low-cost strategy and according with the last phase, we use the following materials:

workshop area







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