Phase 3B_Tardeo yourself


Tardeo’s Project is the answer to the necessity of a waste management generated in Plaza del 25 de mayo due to a new activity that happens on Saturday mornings, Tardeo.

Tardeo is a big meeting of people drinking and eating in front of Central Market. These people buy food and drinks from the stores inside the market.


This activity is developed mainly in Plaza del 25 de mayo, next to the Central Market. This project plans to make Tardeo something positive for the city and spread the Tardeo activity to other places around the square.



–        To reduce bad waste management

–        Made by pallets

–        Low cost

–        Use it as a public furniture






2 Strategies

1. Activities, MAKE IT DIFFERENT

There are some activities happening already in the square like birthday parties, stag/hen parties and lunches (data collected in Phase 3a, Interviews). The idea is to strengthen these activities through new furniture that make possible new situations.


Designing furniture that makes possible these activities and creating a platform to create events every Saturday. The most important characteristics for this prototype are:

– To create an space

– Easy to move

– Comfort

It is also necessary to think what will happen when there is not any event, so this prototype has to be also ADAPTABLE for other activities.

People can rent this furniture to organize big parties and share it with all the people that are in the square improving not only Tardeo activity but also Central Market Trade.

When there is any event for this Saturday the same furniture can be use to create a chilling area giving to the flower stores the chance of showing their products and making the square a little bit green.

2. Comfort, FEEL AT HOME

Apart from the price is also how we feel in a place and the reason why we come back. This project is not just about waste management; it is also about the Tardeo as an activity in itself.


Designing a furniture which most important quality is the comfort making people feel in a really relax place. Other important characteristics are the easy movement and the mix of various groups of people in the square.


Making Tardeo something positive as a new activity with many benefits could work in Alicante as a new kind of tourism or social activity, bringing all the positive concepts around the city.


This prototype has to be really easy to transport for a person, so it can be used in wherever place of the city. It has to be comfort furniture and at the same time working as a waste collected. The main issue about the design it will be how to carry it.

3 Materialization

Pallets need to be sanded and varnished, so they need to be detach. Even this means more work just detaching two pallets per hour is still worth it. In this way to avoid waste of material is necessary to work with modules of 120cm dividing the strips in 2(60x7x1.5), 3(40x7x1.5) or 4(30x7x1.5) parts.

A. Trahstable B. TrashchairC. Trushsofa

D. Trashbag

E. Trashcase



– Social: A new activity is generated in the city as something that just happens in Alicante creating a new IDENTITY. As a something new and unique is attractive for people, at the same time the furniture in itself it will become a brand related to Tardeo.

– Cultural: Making waste management part of the activity in itself make people awareness about RECICLYING. The waste that we generate is managed by ourselves because the prototype are prepared for that making easy to keep everything clean

– Economic: A new BUSINESS is created making the project auto-management and improving the trade in Central Market. This business can help local bars and florists advertise their products and attract a larger consumer crowd. Additionally, Tardeo will draw in a big group of people who will have the opportunity to attend the local florists and bars. By advertising for the local shops, people will be more inclined to shop in them which will result in more customers, a higher demand for products, a demand for a larger workforce, and essentially a more active economy.

            – Environmental: The image of the Tardeo is positive, is clean. This idea is spread all around the city, which will be a new CLEAN CITY(Monkey see, monkey do). All the prototypes are prepared to recycle and the 25 de mayo square becomes a new recycling point for the city. According to “The Broken Window Theory”, Tardeo will spread the NEW CLEAN CITY concept throughout Alicante similarly to how New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani rid New York City transit department of graffiti and crime.

 – Versions

It is necessary to make more visible the Tardeo furniture to indicate people that something is happening in the Central Market square and to create an image for Tardeo activity. Including a roof in the Trashsofa we can achieve more visibility from far away and at the same time create shadows area.

Trahsbag is though to be carry so other versions are designed to make it lighter without loosing this powerful image and the functions that this prototype must comply.


Including the roof and some color and text in the furniture it is possible to create a match image to make Tardeo a  recognizable activity.










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