Phase 3b_|TAP| Teulada Adventure Playground

This project seeks to take advantage of opportunities and manage them to respond to short and medium term for a transformable playground in the Market of Teulada: a cooperative park where children are who build their own playground ideal.


– The proposal must coexist with existing uses in the area: Eventually Urban Market ( Thursday and Saturday ) with daily use and car parking . Design criteria such as mobility, flexibility and assembly / disassembly is taken into account.

– The economic reality is another factor to which the proposal addresses . Intermittent flow of money from municipalities , unemployment in families with children . Establishing strategies wich funding and materializing the project.

– An ‘ empty ‘ site. Taking the project beyond the abandoned structure (using that would enable a large economic contribution) and turn those empty spaces in parts of the playground structure. Furthermore, it may raise future uses in Alicante can not give due to the lack of parking ( urban concerts ? )

PHASE 1 { AdventurePlayground + KnittingWorkshop}


The Adventure Playgrounds are parks built by the children themselves , using hammers, nails and all kinds of tools to create a fun space. This construction is supervised by park staff that guides children on the phases of conception and construction of the playground.

The proposal designs a path attractions for children ages 1-6 years mainly based on the skills developed in these stages of childhood. From a sand box ( Creativity , imagination , construction ) ,  Colorful ribbons grid ( visual tracking skills ) , Obstacle ( Balance. ..) is the first design that will be changed in the future changes by children. This first design reuse the materials that were used on Christmast’s Playground. With just 100 € one could starting build this playground.

All furniture , attractions and transformations of the elements of the park is made ​​with recycled elements (stored in the park ) that with the imagination of children and volunteers , will have a new life. In some cases buying some new materials with which to build the park will be necessary. Economic council contributions and grants will enable these purchases in the short term , but the benefits that the Workshop will produce, will do the project self-sustaining.


The workshop provides a social benefit to families to fill the free time of children in free activities. In this workshop children develop their artistic creativity through techniques such as Knitting , Urban Knitting and Amigurumi. That crafts are made ​​with wool that allows children to create dolls for themselves and even participate in collaborative murals to decorate the fences that surround this park.

The workshop aims to arouse interest in large and small companies that are interested in advertising in the park. Through the Urban Knitting , the workshop will design murals based on corporate logos of these companies wishing to advertise through this wool image created on the structure. This technique get an homogenized advertising on this promotional structure.

This is the main activity of the Adventure Playground , since through these benefits can be collected up to 150 € / m2 of ads per year. These profits go to the park with improved materials and tools for the development of the park.

Phase 2 { ExpansivePlayground }

By means of two strategies:
– The occupation of parking lotfor the leisure park.

– The construction of separate devices to equip the square with shopping carts .

The park expands and colonises the nearby park space.


This strategy based on ParkingDay Event, tries to take up with artificial grass, the space near the structure , opening thatspace. So , putting the ‘ non-violence ‘ cars are forced to park elsewhere and letting free meeting spaces, rest and leisure.

Occupy Parking Lots (with Persian Rugs), 2012

Due to that reorganization of parking it could be more difficult to orientate yourself , it is proposed to paint the floor with themed Arcade games, universally known, to be identified in that corridor where you park the car. ( Strategy used in large areas of parking and shopping centers) .


The shopping trolleys don’t have the usual function they had. In facility Moving Forest, trees in shopping carts got to create a transformable space.

Through this idea, it designed the Green Trolleys :  trees like autonomous mobile units that allow equip any space of Teulada plot. They are compatible with the parking use and the market due to their mobility. Green Trolleys are devices created with a shopping trolley as a base, to which it added :


– A tree that provides shade.
– Adequacy of support for working as a table.
– Support for folding chairs .
– Integrated waste collecting bins .

They have a collection site near the playground, where inserting a coin you can rent this device and equip any area of ​​this square.
The mobility and flexibility that facilitate shopping carts , let open to the imagination  any secondary use like doing sport as soccer goal, tennis or volleyball nets,  etc. .



In summary, Teulada is characterized by its transformable image for each person living it , identified by the warmth of Urban Knitting with wich public space will be domesticated.


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