Phase 3B_Tardeo Garden

We know that people go to the square 25 de Mayo on Saturdays to eat, drink, talk…

 These happens in one movement called “Tardeo”. In Alicante the “tardeo” starts during the Saturday midday in the 25 of May square, reside the Central Market, where people goes to drink some beers and have an aperitif that generally buy in the surroundings of the square.


After that, people usually goes to have lunch or drink something in others parts of the city.


In adittion, we can see in the square some flowers shops or florists. They don’t  participate in the“Tardeo”, but people that go to the square on Saturdays, respect them.


People also go to the bar when they go to celebrate “Tardeo”. These kind of people normally have more money that the others. They sit on bar terraces and they ask for at waiter.


When people are in the square, also speak louder. This thing, could bother at neighborhood. For this reason, we will try to solve this problem.


We have to avoid amount of rubbish like this. There will be different containers. One for each kind of rubbish.




1372868217         1372869865

1372875978        1376659592

Using pallets, in vertical position and putting a clothing inside. It allows us to transform  it in a planter. Of this form, we construct one labyrinth with vegetal walls.

After, this vegetal walls are combined with white walls that have messages. Messages are written above filmy clothing that cover pallets. For this form, they reach one singular perception in each place.


Glen_Jansen_Pallet_Pavilion1-e1364259881311         pallet2 (1)

The Summer Pallet Pavilion is built from over 3000 wooden blue CHEP pallets and is a showcase for the possibilities of innovative transitional architecture in a city that is ready to embrace new ideas.

The blue exterior conceals a secret garden, with landscaping creatively integrated into the walls and stepped seating.

The selection of plants will bloom over the course of the summer. With a capacity of 200 people, the pavilion will be open daily as a public space and host organised events most evenings. It will be equipped with a basic sound system, a small triangular stage and a video projector and screen.


13 Pallet Vertical Garden for Beautifying your Home

Musician                    r9

Pallet vertical garden is a stand made of pallet in which you can store your desired plants. It looks extraordinary beautiful when it is set outdoors. There are a lot of things you can make with pallets, but the garden would be the most exciting thing to do.

You can find pallets anywhere but make sure that they are not smelly or the wood is chipping off. Consider putting a fabric at the back of pallet when you have set to make it look like pallet vertical garden because that way it will be able to hold the plants which will be set into it.


watch tower


8796         8839

8895 (1)                                va_total_trees+torre

Lookout Arboreum, is one anarchitecture that try establish one dialogue between urbanism and nature. Taking palets we will build an  structure-footbridge that finish in a watch-tower.

Elevating us above our normal position and obtaining a look since one higher point, ask  to the need to see Our surrounding to take one position and recognize us.


El Ranchito / C+ arquitectos

Pasarela         r1

This project reproduce one footbridge and watch-tower. But the most important that their authors want to show at public is the constructive process and every agents that participated in the project. They get this putting in the structure a lot of documentation of the process.



r2             r4

Built with industrial pallets of wood. It’s a dramatic, ephemeral space. It took in several free concerts.


.When people are in the square they sit in the ground, on the stairs or simply they stand up. The project has the aim to repare these and give at people more comfortability in the design of the space.


.The new infraestructure has the aim to support and strengthen activities that people do on Saturdays.For example, people can create a small and semi-private groups where they can dance and sing withoutbother the others. This is a good point because we increase fun at the square.


.The Cinema is thought for entertein at people and also It’s thought to take advantage of the square the other days of the week. We have to know that Tardeo only appear some hours in Saturday. But, Can we do another activity in the square the rest of the week? Of, course.

We have to think in take advantage of the infraestructure and we have to know that we can use It every days in the week. Each day the use will be different, but al last we will have a resourceful infraestructure.

Cinema It’s an important element that allows these: Maximun of uses on Saturday and another uses the rest of the days.


.Our constructive system is using palets. We create walls and planes. These allows us design surfaces that we can use to play at Ping-pong, for example.


_HOW ?

.Give an advertising is very important. We will use some palets that provide one surface at street Calderón de la Barca. This is a street that has a lot of traffic and It’s very important that people know about this infraestructure and decide go in.


.Some carpenter we will use palets. City Council has a lot o palets in a warehouse. But, if It is necessary, they can buy new palets for a little prize.


.Because infraestructure is big, there will be more than one carpenters that work in project.


p_1                              p_2

4                          5                     6


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