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////How the project gets started: neighbours asociations in Alicante.

As it was explained in previous phases, the roundabout is located in the junction of four different neighbourhoods of Alicate: Carolinas Altas, Garbinet, Nou Alacant y Campoamor-Altozano.

It was also explained that participation is a crucial point in the project. But in order to make people participate, we have to know how participation works in Alicante, which role it has in poeples’s lifes and which ways people have for it.

The main way of participating for citizens is the existance of asociations. There’s lots of types in Alicante (cultural. Sport, religious…). The ones we focus in the project will be neighbours asociations. But not all of them, only the ones in the area. In particular, these ones:

-A-VV. Carolinas Altas- Bola de Oro.

-A.VV. Edificio Garbinet y adyacentes

-A.VV. Nou Alacant.

-A.VV. Angeles -Altozano

-A.VV Campoamor-Plaza América

-A.VV 400 viviendas.

-A.VV Virgen del Remedio

-A.VV Gran Vía norte- Parque de las Avenidas.

Asociaciones vecinos_localizacion2

It’s also remarkable that most of these neighbourhoods are included in the rehabilitation plan “Plan Barrios Zona Norte”, run by Alicante Town Council, focused in the rehabilitacion and reactivation of the area. The project in this roundabout is going to be one of these initiatives driven there.

The first thing we need is to know how they work, how they were created and which activities they make. These are the most popular activities they made:

cartografia asociaciones

If we pay attention in how they were created, we realize that all of them were born in order to solve a problem in the neighbourhood (lack of services, complain about a situation,…) That’s the indicator they are popular in the neighbouthood and really useful. So, if these asociations already have an organization and they are a consolidated part in the neighbourhood, the only thing we need is to guarantee their existence and make easier the comunication with the neighbours (asociations only succeeed if they have people to work with). That’s why the project is expected to be an space for people’s expression, an space for association’s advertising and promotion and comunication tool between the Alicante Town Council and them.

3 (1)




Alicante Town Council: It’s in charge of Concejalías

Concejalía de Participación CiudadanaIt’s the responsible of giving money to asociations, assisting their request, make courses and activities. Recently they have created the EPC (Espacio de Participación Ciudadana) in order to assist online people’s reclamations.

Districts:  A district includes many asociations. In this project, asociations studied are in District 2. They assist neighbours requests and inform Concejalía and help citizens with fiscal issues.

Asociations: There are many types, but the ones we have focused are neighbours asociations (A.VV, “Asociaciones de Vecinos”). They must be enrolled in the R.M.E (Registro Municipal de Entidades).

Citizens: They can be a member of an asociation or not. Anyway, they are expected and encouraged to participate actively in the city activities.



PHASE 1: Inform asociations (District 2) and Town Council about the project.

PHASE 2: Ask for the subsidy that Town Council gives to asociations in order to make activities (later explained in “Funding”)

PHASE 3: Advertising campaign around the city.

PHASE 4: Workshops run by asociations, in order to build all the elements necessary for the project. (later explained in “design and urban image”)

PHASE 5: Placement of these elements in the roundabout

PHASE 6: Working phase. The project is expected to work an be included in the neighbourhood and city routine. Participation days (later explained)



////The project: design and urban image

//Advetising: An advertisign campaign will take place not only in the area, but also around the city. The idea is to catch as many participants as possible, and to inform as many people as possible.

Anuncio2            Anuncio1         Anuncio3_v3


//Alicante DIY Tookit: The Alicante DIY Toolkit is the self-made toolkit with the tools that each citizen must own in order to participate actively in the city. It will be delivered in a self-made cardboard box (and built in workshops, as a normal activity for asociations)


TOOLKIT 2 para recortar





//Made by…: It’s an interective piece of furniture and at the same time a way of making closer relationships between neighbours. With a simple geometric rule (an hexagon can be divided in 6 triangles) is expected people to understand than parts (citizens) can formed the whole (city). It will be also delivered as a cardboard box and built in workshops.







//General image:


//Big advertising sign:


In one side of the roundabout, these big letter- sign will be place. This strategy will atract pedestrians and vehicles crossing, and has been also carried out in several urban initiatives.

//Advertising panels + structure:


As this space will be used as a communication skill, we will need an element to advertise.

4_1 4_2


//Advertising tower: In order to be visible from the distance and for pedestrians, TRAM travellers and cars.


So, the final image can be:



Design references:

referencias diseño

1. Packaging by Camper

2. Adverstisement campaign from Actiu

3. Special Spoons for Royal VKB

4. TDS urban furniture in Copenhagen

5. Observatory tower, by Ecosistema Urbano.

6. Litmus, by Jason Bruges

7. Hacer Toledo, by Basurama

8. Stand for Parking Gallery, by CartonLAB

9. Stand for Trocadero, by CartonLAB



////How are these activities and initiatives hold? And when?

But how is this going to be organized? There will be one each month called “The Participation Day”. This day will host several activities, in collaboration with cafeterias and restaurants (that will provided the food and lend tables and chairs).

Possible cafeterias participating:

bares situacion

Including several activities, special merchandising will be also delivered:



Making people participate has been used in several projects and cities. Projects that have been a reference for the Roundabout of Change are:

referencias proyecto

1. Local Squares, by Basurama

2. “I wish this was…”, in New Orleans.

3. Los de la Luna, Madrid

4. Autobarrios, by Basurama

5. Mach Mann Heim, [VIC]

6. “I like it”, by Carsberg Brewery

7. Give a minute and change your city, in Chicago.

8. Idea Map, in Copenhagen.

9. La negociación de las partes sueltas, by Como Crear Historias.




The materials needed in the project will be cheap or partly free, so the funding system will be easy. An initial subsidy will be needed, and this will be asked to the Town Council. (this subsidy is conceded to each asociation that want and justify they want to make an activity). As the project will be considered as an activity that asociations can include in their programs, they can ask for it.

The possible expenses are:


And possible savings and profits:


* Bars and cafeterias that can collaborate  (see map in previous section)

** Carpentries that can lend the wooden pieces


***Cardboard will be provide by CartonLAB


**** Sponsorship is expected to be a funding part, when local stores know better the project.



////What’s the benefit for the city?

When this project is developed, there will be a new mean of expression for citizens of Alicante. Asociations already existing (and well-organized and working) will have the opportunity to catch new members, citizens will have the opportunity of knowing them, and instituicions (Concejalía and Town Council) will have a chance of improving their way of comunicating with them.


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