· Tardeo Club · Phase 4

· New Management of Reality ·

1 · Objective

Tardeo Club is an association looking forward to benefit all the Agents involved in Tardeo celebration. Whereas some of them are taking a high benefit from this activity [Central Market, Pubs and Restaurants], many others are just getting the worst of it [Commerce and Neighbours]. With Tardeo club we intend to equal things a little bit.

[Article Diario Información]

[Article La Verdad]

[Article El País]

 2 • Context

As presented in the previous phase, the places where the phenomenon of Tardeo happens are mostly three. We turn first to the 25 de mayo square, then the square of San Cristobal and finally to the intersection of the pedestrian streets Teniente Soto and Castaños.  In these places controversy has been generated among the agents involved in Tardeo by belonging to the same context where it happens. At this stage the elements that operate Teniente Soto Street and Plaza 25 de Mayo have been developed.

To do this, an analysis was made of the existing reality in different spaces to configure the devices. On the image below an eleveation of the ground floor of Teniente Soto Street has been made in order to identify the locals that will offer their terraces to place Tardeo Club devices. As the Pubs are in these Street the ones taking the maximal profit, they are where the intervention elements will be sited.


3· Considerations

A number of intervention strategies are proposed to solve problems that are generated Saturdays by Tardeo , and the benefits of which will extend throughout the week.

The main controversies generated in Tardeo are:

#1. Decrease in business due to tardeo

#2. Blockage of the storefronts

#3. Poor management of waste in 25 de Mayo square

#4. Blockage of pedestrian streets by users of Tardeo

#5. Lack of furniture in 25 de mayo square

Through the intervention, element solutions that benefit all parties involved are proposed, not just solving the main problems, but also improving the existing reality.

These proposed strategies are:

STRATEGY # 1. Provide new promotion places for the shops

These windows will have the distinction of bringing products from the store to much more crowded places, not only providing the commerce a new expositor where to place their items but giving them an exponential promo to the current storefronts.

When configuring the storefronts, the height of the eyes of both users sitting on the terraces and pedestrians has been taken into account. Further considerations have been done, like what are the areas that attract more attention in the storefronts, based on existing studies [La exhibicion comercial, Juan Carlos Rico].



STRATEGY #2. Enhance the experience of the terraces in the bars involved

At the time of involving bars and cafes, we propose an incentive to encourage their participation in Tardeo Club. The main action takes place on the terraces of these bars, which will be equipped with new furniture adapted to current situations produced in these establishments and new situations that will enhance these spaces.

2esqemaESQEMA1esqema2esqema 3

On the images above the cafeteria situations had been combined in order to obtain new spaces for the people constructed out of cardboard tubes. After this first consideration, the rest of elements will be designed in order to respond to this configuration.

STRATEGY # 3. Provide furniture to the 25 de mayo square

The lack of furniture for the realization of Tardeo on 25 de mayo square is one of the main problems that has been tried to address. In this case, furniture in terraces is also used as furniture in the Tardeo on Saturdays.

STRATEGY #4. Manage waste produced

Currently, waste produced in 25 de mayo square is collected just hours after Tardeo and considered as household waste. Recycling is not contemplated. Through collection elements, mostly-produced residue, bottles, will be recycled and reused, generating economic benefits once recycled and an image of Tardeo linked to recycling.

STRATEGY #5. Promoting recycling through incentives

The current state of public relations presence in the square is used to encourage recycling. Once the bottles are recycled, a discount or a drink will be given to the users of Tardeo. These discounts are actually self-financed, as the price of the bottle of beer in the butcher’s of the market is between 1’00 and 1’30 €. The idea is to regulate these Tardeo Club prices to € 1.30, and build an economic benefit of € 0.30 per bottle in benefit of the Tardeo Club.


These strategies are embodied in an actuation that combines all of these considerations in the design of an architectural element.

The material that has been used all along the project are Cardboard tubes. These material has been selected for several reasons, among which we remark the fact that is a hard recyclable material coming from a local industry from Alicante, Smurffit Kappa. It has been selected because of its belonging to the context where the intervention is made, the city of alicante, a local trash to solve a local controversie.

· Urban Desing Element ·

#1. Design in Teniente Soto Street

The devices created answer to all the strategies mentioned above, through the combination of usual situations, new situations and the new storefronts.


In the arrangement of furniture an analysis of the different actions that can take place in cafes and bars belonging to the association Tardeo Club has been done. The opportunity to generate new superior space emerges as the opportunity to create windows to match the eye of passersby. It evokes an horizontal space but with some ups and downs not higher than 20 cm between each, the reason is that the same space used for seating or chilling is also the crossing space from one extreme to the other.

axo explotadadispositivo finalTNIENTE SOTO

The final device will be placed, as shown above, on one of the sides of the cafeteria, letting the pedestrians see through the Storefronts and the Cafeteria users enjoying of their new furniture.


#2. Design in 25 de Mayo Square

The mobile part of the device will attend each Saturday the needs of the users in Tardeo in 25 de Mayo Square. To provide them with new furniture, new places where to recycle and new photocalls.

MOVILIDADdispositivo final movil


#3. Recycling elements

For waste management, a removable part of the elements arranged in terraces is proposed. The part of the device which will move every Saturday morning to the 25 de mayo square to offer a service to users of Tardeo, will held some small elements of recolection where trash will be collected, in order not to soil the devices.



#4. You are the Mannequin!


A very crucial factor has been the design based of the visual marketing strategy used: You are the mannequin!. With this strategy, the arrangement of storefronts is done in such a way that it adapts to the position of users in the furniture arranged on the terraces. Therefore, the configuration of these storefronts comes governed by the design of the furniture on the terrace. Another of the events occurring at Tardeo is the strong revitalization of the act by the social networks. With the new devices there will be new places to perform these photographs, providing users a new space where to take their pictures.



#5. Commercial routes

Businesses that become part of the association Tardeo Club, in addition to new opportunities to advertise on the common elements on the terraces of the bars, will have the option to advertise their membership of the club on his own property. We have selected a number of existing routes proposed by Commerce of Alicante. To make an approximation of the type of existing commerce in the center of Alicante, these routes and the shops belonging to them have been taken as if they were part of the association Tardeo Club.


These proposed routes are totally unknown to the public, so to make them visible and to link them to the actions taken on the terraces of the bars belonging to Tardeo Club, subtraction of the tubes forming part of the storefront of the shop in the architectural device is proposed. These tubes are to be added to the front of the current store to signal the route.



#6. Previous Versions

At first it was thought to have the devices stuck to the façade , but under the circumstances of the place, it is logical to place them between the terrace and the pedestrian ways provided at both ends of the pedestrian street. All the previous versions considered same material and strategies, the development of the devices has come after a proper analysis of teh context where the devices operate.



Secondly came the thought of creating a new level to improve the experience of the cafeteria users and have a new storefront placed on the eye height. This is the version previous to the final one.


· Benefits · 


·It supplies the needs [Recycle and Urban Furniture] of Tardeo Users in 25 de Mayo Square.

·It creates a new level of interaction in Cafeterias

·New marketing tool thanks to You’re the Mannequin! strategy

·Creates an own image and an identity in Tardeo Club [Yellow Colouring and Cardborad tubes]

·New relationships between Tardeo Users and Public Relations of the Pubs by recycling

· Promotes a new network inbetween Cafeterias, Pubs, Restaurants and Commerce


·Reactivation of the commerce

· It involves more commerce than just the directly affected one, promoting a new commercial network.

· Enlargement of the terrace places to seat, therefore inducement to economical increase

·Economical Network inbetween involved agents [Commerce, Pubs, Resaturants, Butchers’]

·Takes an economic benefit recycling the bottles that were formerly thrown to the general rubbish.


·It boosts Tardeo Activity

·It proposes new Iteneraries related with Tardeo than just the obvious ones

·It creates new urban landmarks

·It takes advantage of an existing phenomenon, taking it as an opportunity

·It enlarges the benefits of Tardeo in Pubs and Cafeterias during the week.

·It creates a new marketing Strategyn[You’re the Mannequin]


·Creates an urban landscape out of a local trash [Cardboard Tubes]

·Promotes mobility on an enviromental respectful way

·People will get econbomic benefits from recycling [Discounts]

· The controversial trash initially produced will be collected

· References ·

Here are some of the references consulted during the development of the project:


Cricklewood Town Square – SPACEMAKERS

Hotel in Clamska – TORAFU ARCHITECTS

KATE SPADE – Saturday




Haunted House – TORAFU ARCH



·La exhibicion comercial/Juan Carlos Rico

·P.O.P., Diseño de puntos de venta / Marta Serrats

·Tiendas : planificación y diseño / Klaus Pracht

·Arte de Proyectar en Arquitectura/Neufert


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