Phase 4 – A Place For Fun



This is the Teulada’s street market today. Here we can see an unfinished structure that isn’t reporting anything to the market or the neighbourhood.


What we propose is to transform the structure by a self-managed project that could take a big benefit of this structure in order to improve the surrounding and the market economic situation. So, those two are the main goals to reach.


The project that we propose could be something similar to the following picture, in a long term. But the point is how to reach the full project, because we work by phases that guarantee the self-management.


The project is developed completely in five phases that we will explain here.



The first phase consist in create a tombola in the front of the first floor of the structure. We start with this use because we want to start using the structure with a very low investment and start having an economic benefit too to continuing developing the proposal. With this use we create a gathering point in the structure that is related with the market context because this use has similar connotations. In addition, it’s focused to kids too, and that is important because attracting kids we attract a new profile of shoppers beyond elder people, who are the usual customers.


This phase is more important that what could seem in a first view, because with it we start developing the project almost without investment, and at the same time we are starting creating an identity here, the structure where we hang colourful elements. In addition, we start involving the traders to the project too, because they are who give the products for the tombola in exchange of improving the place and create a brand relationship with their stands by the colours of the hanging products.



The second phase consists in start using the structure as a place where kids do sport in the street market days. This phase has a very clear purpose, making attractive the structure for companies who want to be advertised there. Without a use it’s impossible to play with this attractiveness, but now that we are using the structure and something is developed here, the place starts being more interesting for who wanted to be advertised.


To develop the activity we require volunteers provided by the sportive city, in compensation we will give them the management of the gym in the phase 4b.



The phase 3 consists in the advertisement. To develop the project is not enough with the tombola support, so we need a strong way to get money. The publicity will be formalized by hanging elements, like with the tombola.



The fourth phase is divided in two parts, the playground and the gym. In this phase we reach the 1st level in a more inviting way, ascending softly from the centre of the market. While we are arriving to the structure appears a playground, which have the intention of invite a different profile of customer to the market by their children.

To develop the playground we continue with the tombola idea: hanging. So we set games that could be placed in a simple way, only hanging them of the new structure that we create to reach the level 1.



Once we have reached the level 1, we can create a new use too, in this case for usual days instead of market days. We choose as an use a gym, related with the context of the neighbourhood and accordant with the developers of the sport games inside the structure that we set in the phase 2. This is the way that we can maintain the previous use, so we let to the sport city the management of this gym in exchange of the management of the activities in here.




In the last phase we reach the 2nd floor, where we will set a canteen that will take advantage of the terrace and the views in that point. The idea is creating a communal place where people could gather and stay in a social environment without spending money. The relation between the canteen and the market is important too, because some of their products will be consumed there during the week.

We create more private points in the next levels of the structure that will work during the week in order to accept groups of friends to have a good time there talking, drinking or eating. In this sense, we are approaching the project to the young people, so now the project will be interesting for all the ages. 013




Main Idea

017002 018019

Reach the structure in a soft and progressive ascent that starts in the centre of the market, and in which different activities will appear: as the market activity itself, or the playground, or the tombola for example.


About the market activity, that is which we start we have to mention that the tombola will affect in the colours of the stands if they have participated, so that participation will provide them an identity.


The playground uses the ascent structure to play with the different levels using ropes and nets mainly that are hanging. Here it’s very important the relationship that we let between the children and their parents, we will watch and be in touch with them while they were playing.


Finally, the tombola appears in the front of the 1st level, and determines the position of the ascent structure. By the time, the tombola will be transforming into the façade, using this colours, used in the whole project.


As a reference we have taken the Moorfields Eye Hospital of London because the image that it have is very similar to the image of the tombola. But we have transform the reference into our proposal solving other problems beside the image: like is the shadow, that determines the dimensions of the façade elements; the views, that are provided by the thickness of the elements and distance between them; the waterproof and the security, that is reach by the a plastic layer that is before the sheets; etc.


So, with this façade we make more confortable the inside spaces, in which we will develop the different uses that we talked about before.


After those first uses, we reach the structure in its first floor. Here we have the gym or the sport games, depending of the day. This is a big space that let that uses. After that, and continuing the ascension we arrive to the terrace in the 2nd level. So, this is the last accessible level that we have in the project, and that is a very important point, because we let elder people, or disable people, kids, or cyclist to arrive to a very nice point that is the terrace, where they can eat something in company of other people, and all of that ascending in an easy and entertained way. So, it’s important to mark that relation between all the uses, because all of them work together supporting ones to others in a common goal, to revitalize the current unused structure.


Finally, there are two uses left. The first one is the canteen, and the last one is the meeting points. The disposition of the modules that we take is related with the access to them, that we want to do through the canteen. The next diagrams explain the criteria of the selection of the modules.


Previous versions


Stairs as communication system


Mosaic façade


Games in the small modules


First design of the ramp



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