Coming from the individual phase 3, we needed to summarize each project in order to make only one project out of the 3 starting projects.

resumen 3



We summarize the PROJECT KEYS, MAIN GOALS and DESIGN CONCEPTS and we conclude that the new project must include:

–        Participation of the people

–        Act with certain undervalued social groups (unemployed and retired people)

–        Use spectacle as a design tool.

–        Become a landmark in the neighbourhood.


So, starting from these points we create the “LOOP IN  Association”. The association is based and working thanks to these agents:


015 agents - copia


RETIRED PEOPLE: We are aware of the reality of the retired people and their needs.

UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE: There’s a big amount of people that don’t have a job.

EMPLOYED: On the contrary, there’s also people that have a job and can be useful for the association.

Defining these main agents, we realize the common points they have and they can be joined by a simple relationship: SUPPY + DEMAND + KNOWLEGDE EXCHANGE


supply and demand


That means:

–        Retirees ask for services (they people to do things they can’t) —– DEMAND

–        Unemployed people need to promote themselves in order to get a job —– OFFER

–        Unemployed people can suppy the services the retired and demanding —– OFFER

–        Both retired and unemployed people need to keep active and entertained. So we can take advantage of what old people knows and what unemployed people what to learn —– KNOWLEGDE EXCHANGE

–        Citizens in general receive this information and can ask for other services—– DEMAND

–        Companies also receive this information and can find people to hire —- DEMAND

–        Unemployed people that get a job can collaborate with the ones waiting for it  and share their experience —– KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE


esquema necesidades


We also realized that this SUPPY- DEMAND relationship already exist in the roundabout: people use strategic points (such as traffic lights and lamposts) to advertise themselves (look for a job) or to advertise an existing bussiness.


So the relationship will be like this:

015 agents - copia



Knowing that we need to give the association a physical materialization and taking advantage of the roundabout we are working at, we start design the installations we need there.

First, according to the relationship (SUPPY + DEMAND + KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE) before explained we defined 4 different spaces that we will need:


00 esquema explicacion


–        CV SHOWCASE: it’s a place where the unemployed can show their habilities and wait to be hired.

–        CONVERSATIONS: space created to make calm conversations possible. Conversations between companies and unemployed, between new people coming to the association, between the retired people and the unemployed giving a service…. Or just a place to sit a see.

–        MASTERCLASSES: A place to teach and learn, to anyone that want to share knowledge and receive it.

–        SHOW: In order to keep unemployed active, we give them the possibility to “fight” for a job in a contest. Better explained: the contest is a form of give them new job challenges and make them aware they must keep active if they want to find a job. It’s also a way to show to the public their skills.


According to that, we design 3 DIFFERENT POSSIBLE VERSIONS for the installations in the roundabout.

03 presentacion 1



This version is based in 2 principles: a MODULAR design and a MULTIPURPOSE SPACE that can be adapted and change easily.



06 alzaexa

cuadricula VERSION A



In this version we join all the activities in a vertical way, and following a HIERARCHY.




09 alza pirami


cuadricula VERSION B



This version follows a LINEAR DEVELOPMENT, and uses BOTH SIDES of the roundabout (opposite to ones before). We use the tower element as a landmark.

Option C



012 alza cub

cuadricula VERSION C

Each version is defined with the drawings above, and this time we work with model too.

version A

version B

version C






For the evolution of our first designs together and after the analysis were we were discussing which ones were our principal ideas to continue.

We kept the two versions we liked the most and the ones could give to the roundabout a remarkable new identity solving the program of the project.



This design is based on the composition of hexagons around the area,  it respects the existing element s of the roundabout and fills the empty space but it never interrupts the normal use of the area before the project.



This shape comes from the main visuals of our roundabout, and the regulation of them to create a unique module which was the structural element of this design.


These visuals also attend to different agents so it was very easy for us to place the different agents and their programs over the structure.

explanation shape



With the analysis we realized that our first design was right in order to visibility of each agent but we had forgotten the rest of the external agents that a good design may concern as the noise for example.

This reason made us to place some sound barriers in strategic points of our structure, like around the grades, because we thought that tram has not so loud sound when it comes through our area.

AXO GENERAL HEXA 11But this element was not only a sound barrier because we wanted to take advantage of it and we designed thinking about  its height and transparency to reach some visuals which before were impossible and create different atmospheres of the different parts of the structure.

The top area of our design was dedicated to the unemployed so we knew that this part was going to be design for them as their own stands or as we liked to say “showcase”.





This design was always trying to keep the existing activity of the roundabout. That’s why we create two different routes that were an extension of the normal ones.

Both routes were due to the possibility of the different agents as we knew there is a huge amount of retired people this generation needs an easier way to reach the top part of our structure, but there is also another way to get it and it is less regular and allows other generations to go through different platforms in a progressive height until the top part.




Our triangular idea has also this remarkable shape but this wasn’t as useful as the hexagonal one so we thought we need to take the most of it because it could not be just and esthetical aspect of the design.




At this point we had the idea of filling of the empty spaces with rotating modules which contained the messages we wanted to send to the external agents through different scales and orientations.

This pyramidal idea gave us the advantage of two different visuals the one from the ground and a permanent visual from the buildings around .

These modules were thought focusing on the visuals of the agents, tram, vehicles, bus and pedestrians.

15 peonzas

They were also rationality placed in the structure depending on the agents already said.




In our design we didn’t forget the agents that are and essential part of the project, unemployed.

The first floor of the structure was dedicated to them but contrary to the previous design this is not accessible for the rest of the people, because it works as a balcony for them but we need something to attract the attention of the pedestrians to move their heads up and look at them.


In order to solve this situation we placed some triangular mirrors at this part which were used by the unemployed people for disturbing the  normal way of the people under them as if it would be a tool to catch spectators.



For us the structure was a like a static ship where unemployed people was going to show up themselves but this activity had to take advantage of the rest of the roundabout as traffic lights and pedestrian crosses which are perfect place of waiting and an possibility for them to be listened.

For this reason we designed a mobile triangle who was easily carried on their backs to be used as a single platform where they could climb up and talk to the people.




After the public presentation of our ideas we realized that for example in Version B we were asking the unemployed people to do too much efforts to get the spectators and if we know their situations we have to design for them in order to make everything easy. As we will show later they are in a weak personal situation so they are not objects to be exposed in showcase or podiums.

The next conclusion we got was that we were creating an external structure from the roundabout even if that was our idea, we were trying to keep the own activity of the area not disturbing it but we went too far and we were totally separated from it. So later we will go closer in scale trying to take the most of the roundabout and their spaces. 





Before proposing the final design of the physical project we needed to clearly define the statutes of the association, it means the points on which they carry out all activities and under which its members shall  behave. We need to clarify each agent needs and in which situation they are.

01 AGENTS loop in

These are the four most common points in the attitude and posture that ends feeling  the unemployed and we want to avoid completely in the way we manage the asociation routine.


These are the points that we provide retirees and also those who we have to get them away

03 AGENTSThese two agents will have different rights and responsibilities all to motivate them to achieve the objectives in the proposed association.

The association is a platform that connects their needs and through participation agreements  encourages them and bases the foundation for personal development  or just to make their life a bit better, all according to the needs of each of them.


So if we explain how an unemployed enters in the association and benefits from it would be following this timeline:

06 FASES desempleado

As we show in paragraph four of this timeline the asociaccion has a great deal for the unemployed aimed at gradually focusing on combat  his daily motivation to return to work and help him out with an attitude of hiding to feel so comfortable to want even displayed in public in the final celebration. (the competition show)

To reach this end there must be a mutual commitment as the association needs to see that people want to move forward. Therefore, the unemployed must to commit to different points:

  • Weekly on the website of the association their must to complete their weekly schedules use of individual work places. There is a mandatory minimum of hours per week acording to everyone situation. (fix timetable)
  • Their can not refuse to chat with another member of the association or work assistance or exchange prompted by the association.
  • Must participate in all kind of activities offered by the association, which not only allow them to work directly. (avoid the passibe behaviour)
  • To be eligible to participate in final show they should have at least 3 direct recommendations of menbers of the association. Meaning they have had to engage in a social relationship with other members of the association.(interaction and social entailment)


Through the following timeline we explain the situation whereby retirees enroll in the association:

07 FASES jubilados


As we have done with the unemployed, retirees must meet certain duties:

  • When they reach a level of development of a suitable quality, must not only follow their own unfoldment but participate in teaching this.
  • Must participate in the final show as knowledgeable after so long of the abilities of participants seeking employment

And to finish with the terms of the partnership:

  • Worldwide than unemployed must pay a symbolic fee of 3 € per month to carry out the activities and not rely on the council as a whole.

Now that the roles and  the agents behave in the partnership are clear we can introduce the two final designs:

///// DESIGN A /////


With the idea of designing to get spaces and materials to play with the visual, with being hidden, having many images or not to be able to see anything… We got as reference the work os Christofer Dan Graham. To be able to provide the unemployed those workplaces who are physically separated and seemingly hidden but at the same time be able to show them to the association and to visitors.

In this proposal we intervene only in the current paved side of the roundabout and the influence we can have on the tram.


PLANTA bien glass

Each use has a specific area for development according to the skills and benefits it presents, whether comforts such as connections with agents.

012.1.1 Glass DETALLE 1 (1)

Around the roundabout trees areas devoted arise conversations, we turn the asociation members to the projection on the polycarbonate panels nature. They feel protected from the noise and traffic, but not isolated, it is a place to relax and chat about their stuff. People crossing the roundabout is able to perceive these spaces and small groups of people talking inside. Not to hear them, understand that there are small gatherings happening there.

012.2  Glass seccion2

As we have said the unemployed has his own cubicle protected from the noise of cars and with the position of its interior walls and painting them makes the user think he is alone. On the both sides they can see a little less hidden how  the rest of unemployed work in their own cabins.


The exterior walls meet the acoustic barrier function, while using the angles in which are positioned to allow the car knowing what occurs in these spaces and the unemployed do not feel that the driver sees him.

014.1.1 tram dentro

With some parts in tunnel way with the color of the association we want to get the user tram passing by the roundabout just a few seconds every 15 min to perceive that something is  happening and show interest. There is not anything faster and stimulating to be completely cover by a color

As almost unique material of this proposal we have chosen polycarbonate modules:

#explicacion policarbonato


Model image:

maqueta 1

 ///// DESIGN B/////

In this proposal we decided to fill the round no matter the physical barrier of the tram, in order to get the most of the palm trees and vegetation there. We try to provide the unemployed with more space to develop his activities and the chance to interact with more people in his situation and be able to help each other.


With the periscope  idea periscope try to connect the unemployed with other users of this roundabout without their perceiving that they are being watched 016.2 016.1

With sandbags to unify a single space appearance and enjoy its transformation over the time.



The telescope saves the tram barrier while creating a new landmark in the elevation of the roundabout.

detalle tv

This kind of method to introduce it  in a less direct way for the unemployed will make them feel welcome when they go across the roundabout for the different activities. Because users of the asociation already know them, know their situation, their profession and if they are good because they use to see them every day.

Human activity also attracts retirees, they come to see what happens and keep the continuity of story from a comfortable situation.


The opening of the common space is looking for the mix of activities and users in fact to be easy to change the conversation or class and talk to other people who are in the association.

22.1 Presentación1

The free open space left in the common area is where the main stage for the final main show is located, this visually connected to the bus stop and is the most direct and close to car traffic.

To involve more people in the final show and following the roll taken from the television broadcast of the advertising phase we want to provide them with a system of voting it accessible to all. Their own remote control.


As we said before the element that consolidates a full union of design and help our roundabout has a rollover with time, is the sand-bag:


Model photo:

maqueta 2


SOCIAL: The Project is based on a direct cooperation between different social groups (different ages, different areas, etc). This cooperation is bidirectional: at the same time I’m helping the others I’m getting an own profit.

CULTURAL: This Project also encourage the continuous learning of the society, so that no one feel excluded and out of it.

ECONOMICAL: The economical benefits are obvious: some people are getting a job (and having money for it) and some people are getting done certain services. It’s a fair exchange: you need something, you ask for it and a person is doing that for you as job.


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