LOL /// PHASE 4 /// FORMATS 2 and 3



But once we are have explained the FORMAT 1, it’s necessary to explain what’s its position in the project, and how is related with FORMATS 2 and 3 (next explained).
So, the FORMAT 1 is the materialization of the project itself, the physic support we need. The FORMAT 2 will be the advertising campaign for the project promotion. And the FORMAT 3 will be a representation of the association working process, so it will be also a way of advertising.
FORMATS 2 and 3 are explained below:


resumen formatos



/// FORMAT 2

Advertising campaign in which we make evident the benefits of the association in people’s diary life. We use the resource of the exaggeration: if the success of the association is the expected, there will be so many people who have a job that no one will have nothing to do. Even in trivial things (like shown in the video: have breakfast, wake up, read a book… you will have the help of one of the workers of LOOP IN.

The message is clear: the more people we catch to the association, the more people who will have a job or will have an easier life.


STORYBOARD of the video

 storyboard 2 baja





 Situation of the video: strategic points (street lights and zebra crossings)





The reference we took is the Balay advertising campaign “Por un mundo más cómodo” (2000)

capturas balay



/// FORMAT 3

In this advertising campaign, we show directly the operating way of the association through a T.V Show format. The process is: we get people’s request (want to learn languages, want somebody to take care of the dog, want a hairdresser, etc…) and we try to look for a person (already enrolled in LOOP IN) that can give the service requested.


-STORYBOARD of the video

storyboard 1 baja







We took as a reference the Ikea advertising campaign “Tenemos que hablar” (2013)

4- shots



People can participate in the process of choosing the person they need, by reading the CATALOG of the association. Any member of the association can read it in the online version (below) or it can be also delivered at home.


catalogo casa


See the CATALOG here



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