To work on the physical reality around our scope we needed to conduct a preliminary analysis of the agents to which we could referer us more and larger scopes directly affecting our proposal and which are affected simultaneously by the same.


2-factors + agents

  • The Tram agent:

21-tram noise     24-tram visual dinamic


  • A tram noise levels:  it is producing  44.7 db max, being the maximum allowed 40 dB daytime and 27 at night.
  • From inside the tram is  difficult to see what is not being displayed perpendicular to the window because the visual side are minimal.

22-planta grande tram movement     23-planta grande tram


  • Every 15 min we have the tram crossing completely the roundabout.
  • The strongest static point of view it can offer to us is the tram stop in the strip.

24-zseccion tram dinamic


  • The Bus agent: 

31-bus_ruido     32-bus_flujos

  • A bus noise level: The bus occurs between 85 db and 100 db, which makes it the noisest transport around.
  • Line 6 runs in one direction half roundabout and the other half in the opposite direction every 10 min

33-bus_ visual static     34-bus_dinamic visuals


  • The static poits of view of the bus are able to percive almost all the roundabout surface.
  • The angle of view from the bus lets the passengers have a whole image of our area.

33-seccion bus


  • The car agent: 

fondo coches     fondo coches

  • A car noise level: The car occurs between 50 db and 60 db, which is 80% of excessive noise.
  • the car hasa  completely way around the roundabout.

fondo coches     fondo coches

  • 6 streets finish or just cross the roundabout allowing the visual being expanded and have a fixed imagene directly to the cars coming.
  • Surrounding cars have a complete picture of the roundabout and a privileged proximity

44-seccion coche


  • The pedestrian agent: 

51-planta personas marron1     52-planta grande personas


  • Free transit of people arounf and through the roundabout
  • The strongest static points of view are the playground and the terrace of the corner bar.


  • the buildings agent:

61-edif_ static visuals     61-seccion edificios


  • There are four buildings faceing the roundabout with a completely overview of it.
  • During winter time the shadows area is almost half and in summer just the pedestrian way on the south side.


  • 62-edif_ sol summer     62-edif_ sol winter


As conclusion of the analysis:





  • We consider cars like the potentially most abundant agent since we know the data collected by passing. Although they are the ones who spend less time in the proximity of the roundabout, are those who are physically closer and also have the best visual of it even in movement.


  • We consider the static visual of the tram but it is difficult to work with it in fact of the distance it’s located, as the marked deck and the playground, therefore arem these three messages a unique opportunity to run to the strip in general.


  • The bus offers to us the second most important amount of people and also located two stops turning over the roundabout. We want to keep the important of this static visuals cause every 10 min we can have about 50 people looking at the roundabout from the bus and the bus stop.


  • Also believe that we must take special care to protect the roundabout and the association of noise, since after the data we can see how annoying it can be timely bus noise and continuous car traffic.


  • Use human scale within the roundabout to head to the public that comes their day to day or people who use it with their dogs or to rest on the benches.


  • Buildings studied before besides having a privileged view over the roundabout create shadows that can influence the degree of comfort that the users of our association may have there.

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