Phase 4 -|T.A.P| Teulada Adventure Playground


T.A.P. is an integral strategy to create multigenerational playground and attractive street market.

This project take in account this considerations:

According whit this, the project is divided on two works lines:

T.A.P.: Is a kind of playground aware about how funny is playing, imagine and build for children. On this playground the children can design and build the playground pieces.

T.S.M.: This is an ecological upgrade of the Street Market on the sense of SLOW FOOD movement. This organization stablish some rules to hightlight health and enviromental values that food contains.

Both lines, configure the new urban image of Teulada plot, with this operations:

LINE 1: T.A.P.


The Adventure Playground is a model of playground where childrens could play and build it freely, whit tools, nails and construction materials. Children are given the safety of an enclosed supervised environment where they could change and build it by themselves. Moreover, the children could improve and develop cognitive capabilities as a result of this taking-risk playing.

The main benefits of this playground model on our context are:

  • The construction of the playground is made it by children, his parents, volunteers and playground staff. (Is only necessary to hire Staff playground.)
  • The construction of the playground could be divided on phases.
  • The development of phases is adjusted to the donations fund.




              The abandoned structure will runs as advertisement support. This is a way to get money and fund the adventure playground.

The wool and urban knitting techniques is the way to create a fresh, new and different advertisement than traditional billboards.


Phase 0: WE ARE HERE.

The main movement is establish the workshop, located under the abandoned structure.


This actuation create a physical enclosed space where workshop material is stored. This physical construction will be the icon of the workshop because all the activity takes places outside.

This is a diffusion strategy, breaking the barriers to shyness and making easier the engagement of the people. On this workshop, the child and parents learn how produce knitting objects that could take it home or stay it on the park fences, with the child/volunteer’s name and getting the colonization of the plot through knitting.


 W.I.P.: This images are the references that are being used to colonize the fences of the playground and the plot fences. This cool image are knitting simple pieces that volunteers could made easily.

Moreover, we have in Alicante some knitting groups, a physical community is gathered on Y PUNTO shop, based on C/Castaños, or virtually like TEJIENDO LA VIDA which community extends beyond Alicante.

This second one is surprising because we see how the knitters of everywhere works in common to produce through little pieces that are sent to Alicante where the blogger is located to join the pieces. We could propose to this community, shows this pieces on the T.A.P. and knit something special to our playground.

The other main target of this phase, is spread an Urban Knitting image to the whole plot of Teulada. Is necessary to advance, that this project pursue give a whole identity to Teulada as a place and as a street market. For this reason, we provide to Teulada Street Market a branding image.

This was the version 1 of this strategy that has evolutioned on the next versions. We keep the colors because we want to transmit people a positive feelings like Comfort and Nature from the healthy food of the street market, and Energy and Desire of this healthy food and the funny activities of the playground.

On this version, the previous logo was adapted to the geometry of the fences that involves the plot. On this way, the Street Market Logo could be spread on the fence of the plot or whatever fence on the street or city, like an spontaneous Street Art or Urban Knitting action.

From this idea of branding, we have been deforming or readjusting the corporative logo of the project and spread it through the urban furniture of the nearest streets of Teulada.


This have been the main furniture where the knitting have colonize it.



On the lamppost design, we have taken in account the cars displacement around Teulada plot. We have to create an image that people could appreciate and understand that Teulada is changing. For this reason, the image of this urban knitting on the streets have to:

  • Take in account the cars visual.
  • The dynamic power of a moving spectator.
  • The traffic direction.

The lamppost distribution is different on the three streets around Teulada. We have designed 3 versions of the same idea of logo deformation.






Other strategy we have thought has been highlight the entrance to the actual plot. We want the entrance to the playground, street market and the square has a new aspect, more visually. We have a design for each entrance applying strategies of knitting that change his appearance when you are approaching toward them.

1st Entrance


2nd Entrance

3rd Entrance. WIP.


The fences that surround Teulada plot have much presence on the streets. They are going to be the support of the workshop creations. We have proposed some designs to emphasize the unity image of Teulada.



We think the advertising potential of the structure must be exploited, because we have an enormous visual surface on an extremely visited place. For this reason, the abandoned structure will runs as support of advertisement.

But, why the companies wants to advertise on Teulada?

Because when a company is advertised on Teulada’s Structure, the company is transmitting more values than other simple billboard.

    • It will be helping to the workshop get money to fund the future playground.
    • It will be transmitting a social compromise with the place for children
    • The Advertisement Image will be ‘printed’ on a reusable material, wool; and will be used soft techniques that not damage the material, like knots and flanges.
    • It will be transmitting an environmental compromise choosing the wool like advertising support.
    • It will be betting for an artistic way to show advertising, catching the more glances than usual.

This advertising campaigns will be made on the knitting workshop created on the previous phase. This will be the staff’s task. This task will run like a collaborative puzzle: This ‘puzzle’ will be knit outside the workshop store to get easily the collaboration of child and volunteers. With this action, the neighborhood, volunteers, child and families that comes the street market are funding the playground with his time, having a funny time with her sons.

The kind of advertisement on the structure could change depending the hire of this space; showing 2 images:

  • A divided ‘billboard’ where more than one advertise could be shown.
  • A whole image of a unique advertise.

As strategy to engage people in a riddle game, we propose that the advertising will be shown through TEULADITO, the Corporative Mascot of Teulada plot. On this way, we get an homogenized image of advertisement. This strategy will be contains 8-bits advertisement image getting a playful advertisement game.


On both cases, the advertisement will be showed during a year. This exposure time are similar to the traditional billboards and we could manage better the price of the advertisement. Moreover, this long time could help to the workshop to produce the next advertising campaign.

As you could check, there are many thing behind this advertising funding. For this reason, we propose create:

an Advertising Festival.

This will be another extra-value that the advertised company could benefit.

The Festival is a strategy to catch the companies attention  to advertise on Teulada. Is a mechanism to show to people the social connotations of the advertisement agreement on Teulada.

For this reason, will be set on the calendar the date of this festival. The date will be linked with the national day of Advertisement: the last Friday in January. According to this, and our reality, we celebrate our festival the following Saturday, when the people comes to the street market and child can enjoy this festival created for them.

This festival, created between the City Council and the Advertised Companies, will articulate many events behind the advertising creations.

    • During a year, the workshop will be working in the campaigns that will be inaugurates at the festival and it will be showed during the next year on the structure.
    • On this festival, we visualize this social funding of the playground through the inauguration of the campaigns.
    • The same act, visualize the social engagement of companies that hire this advertisement surface to the next year.
    • This Date will announce to the collaborators and volunteers that a new ‘puzzle’ will be made and they can help.


The festival will occupy the plot in a transversal direction, from the abandoned structure to the bar, because is the biggest free space on the Street Market day.



With the economic support of the previous phases, we create de playground. This proposal was thought from the idea of CERO funding (no money, crisis period). For this reasons, on one hand:

  • The playground and the strategies, don’t occupy the abandoned structure because we need to build stairs, floors and fences if we want to occupy the floors of the structure.
  • Cheap labor and unskilled; rather, everyone could build something.

In the other hand, we want to build a playground to everyone, for a big age range of children. For this reason, we have to adopt a strategy of gradients, dividing the plot on safety gradients.


The children will occupy the whole plot, where before just was Parking and Street Market, now we add Playground and Square to Teulada uses.

We found a paradox at this point:

We want to create a Playground based on the model of Adventure Playgrounds: auto-constructive playgrounds are built it by children and for children. The idea is based on the children develop different capabilities on non-preset environments by adults. And we have to preset the playground, against the previous idea.

In any way, we have to show the people that they can build in an easy way, a powerful playground games. Our prime design will be open to the people to make modifications. Moreover, this prime design will run as glossary of materials possibilities to build funny pieces.

The principal design area of the playground will be the ‘safest’ area: under the abandoned structure. The staffed workshop will manage the playground as we could learn about Madison Square Park Conservancy organization at U.S. They will help to the youth children build the designs that the other children wished. In the other hand, staffed workshop, children and volunteers will build this prime design.



WIP, this isn’t the final design, we want to complex it and get definition of the propose.

The outside construction of the playground structure, where the parking lots take place, is an action to condition the space to the children games. We need the square structure!!, where parents could seats near to the place where theirs sons are playing.

How we have advanced, the second part of this phase is about transforming the parking into square. We have studied the principal items on a square and we need this to our square.


The handicap of this part, is the coexistence between Parking, Street Market and now, the Square. The main aspect that define that coexistence  is the mobility, that allows develop them. For this reason, the square needs take in common this aspect of mobility.

We was inspired on the reference of Moving Forest of NFL Architects about the hidden power of this installation. Create an autonomous system like in Moving Forest solve all the square problems:

  • Mobility: The shopping trolley could move through the plot.
  • The hire system of shopping trolley could help us to ensure that shopping trolley will be back to the rental area after use it.
  • This element, gather all the square needs: seats, bin, trees/shadow.

This shopping trolleys have to be negotiated with markets, in change of advertisement. This shopping trolleys will be stored near the structure, producing shadow to the T.A.P. when they aren’t used.

Others actions to get the square image are:

  • Fill some parking lots of grass.
  • Floor painting.

We use the grass like a mental barrier to the drivers: DON’T PARK ON THE GRASS! Getting more free space near the structure. We have to say the parking lots of Teulada are empty. Only there are a few cars, but all of them are gathered near the structure. We propose restructure this reality to other where the square could take place.


The Floor painting strategy helps to this first one to create a playful environment on the parking lots and parking streets. We print the floor with signs that enable children to play to different traditional games: ‘El Pañuelo’, ‘La Rayuela’,’El twister’, ‘Futbol’… Informal games that could take place on Teulada’s parking.


Both strategies respects the other uses of the plot, because floor painting and grass are compatible with street market and parking. Are superficial actions, not volumetric.




The Street Eco.Market that we propose to Teulada Street Market comes from the movement of Slow Food.

This non-benefit association, was created to reduce the effects of fast food and fast life, moreover to keep present the local gastronomic tradition and fighting against the lack of nutrition information interest: origins, flavors and the consequences of our food choices.

They encourage a new logic of food production, choosing food from values beyond the aspect, taking in account the biodiversity and environment. You can learn more about the Slow Food movement at his web, and we apply their indications to our project.









Model 1- Knitting Advertisement.

Model 2- Knitting Urban Image.




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