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The main goal of the project is to revitalize Carolinas bajas through cultural management, in the means of culture as the relationships generated around teaching-learning situations, or showing-watching, speaking listening… etc.

Understanding culture as the interchange of knowledge in several terms: showing teaching explaining, amusing,…


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The  cultural situation that leads us to this decision can be summarize in 3 topics:


1.Culture in the city of Alicante: There are several cultural agents working in the city both public and private , and they generate lots of cultural proposal for the citizenship. In spite of this , their main concern is the communication with between them and with the general public. This generates at the same time repeated and overlapped proposals by means of cultural events or topics , but doesn’t solve the general feeling  of shortage among the culture consumers.

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[photocaption] Density of cultural proposals within the month of March

2.Culture of the neighbourhood: there has been the last 5 years a spontaneous appearance of new associations and collectives , that added to the traditional existing ones forms a potential cultural offer. but , as the cultural agents of the city do, there is no communication between all of them , based on their different points of view for the neighbourhood and their lives, and cultural differences.

3.City and neighbourhood (in cultural terms): Carolinas bajas has a privileged position in Alicante ; as we had analysed in the previous phases ,there are three of the main cultural containers placed in the surroundings of it. In spite of this, ADDA, Cigarreras and MARQ are not a usual attendance point of the neighbors , due to both a lack of cultural education or the prices of the activities programmed.

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That’s why the main goal of our proposal will be to generate this connection and generate a place where new relationships between them can arise.

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Our proposal of participation to the cultural agents described would be the development of ‘ hybrid cultural activities’.

Under a common topic three different cultural agents would work together to define an activity or a serie of them that cross cultural proposals in a different way. We have examples in some of the potential participating agents such as MACA (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Alicante).

Video MACA:  Danza contemporánea en el MACA

In order to generate crossed connections we set as a condition that the minimum participating agents must be three , each of them from a different kind of existing cultural agent (as we have classified them):

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To connect with these all agents, we had to create a management plan for get in contact with them. During last weeks we got meetings with all of them (citizens, cultural agents, citycouncil, business people, etc)

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1. Institutional: Cultural containers provided either by the city council or other official guvernamentary institutions such us Diputación.



04 05








2. Private: Culture producers that work independently from public institutions.



06 07









3. Local: Groups and associations formed in Carolinas bajas.



08 09









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The specific hybrid proposals have to be designed in collaboration with the participating cultural agents, as their experience and needs may give us clues on both the physical design of the infrastructure we implement and the development of the new cultural programme.

Here we can see the development of the phases through time , divided in the week until the final assessment.




1. First contact: [weeks 21FEB -7 MAR]

Project proposal to the potential participating cultural agents.

All the meetings we’ve been having , and the conclusions of each one are collected in here:  PROJECT AGENTS DOSSIER

2. Proposal and needs collect + DESIGN [weeks 14-28 MAR]

3. Second contact [weeks 4-18 MAR]

4. Activities realization [10 MAY-17 MAY-25 MAY]


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The project la PALMERETA is located in the Castellón Square, wellknows as ‘Plaza Palmeretes’, in the district of Carolinas Bajas.  To propose to the agents a new cultural agenda for the area, we need to know the different physic characteristics to quantify the Plaza.


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For that, we propose a new urban image. This urban image allows us to create a new identity of the area and an advert for the citizens. The new urban image combines the contruction of a new temporary stage in the middle of the plaza, reusing the fountain structure, and the creation of a sunshade to protect from the sunlight during the events.


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The intervention in the fountain tries to cover it to create a storage, which will improve the urban image and the quality of the space for the different activities.

maquetación1 copia maquetación1 copia maquetación1 copia







To contextualize the intervention, we did an analyse of the flowings and people routes in the square, which show us the importance of the fountain because its centrality. In the other hand, the quality of the construction of the structure of the fountain was in abandonment, giving a bad aesthetical image. Besides, it creates a barrier in the plaza, dividing it in two (social and physical) parts.

Our proposal tries to erase these problems, to enhance the centrality in the square with the implementation of a cultural agenda in the ‘fountain’.

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According with the different activities that we propuse in the square, we are going to need a different intervention in the fountain. For that we analyse the needs to place the activities in the square using the furniture.


To use the fountain as a working table for the different workshops or to listen a classical music concert and to seat under the pergola paying attention to a lecture about the history of Carolinas and its citizens, can be place in Plaza Palmeretes.

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For the design of the temporary storage, we use wood and recycled materials as the references that we have for it.

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This proposal is the most expensive and complexity in its construction because of the used materials (sandbags structure, waterproof layer and polyster mesh) and its characteristic of permanent storage.

maquetación1 copiamaquetación1 copia



This proposal allows to go up on the storage with heavy objects through the ramp. Leaving open the drain, we don’t need to cover the fountain with a waterproof layer, having a lower budget. Using an wood structure and panels for cover it, we have a temporary storage to generate the activities. This is the most apropiated proposal for the Plaza Palmeretes.


maquetación1 copia maquetación1 copia



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The proposal of the sunshade tries to enhance the identity of Carolinas Bajas in the Plaza Palmeretes and give the comfortable atmosphere for the activities which will take place in the area.


maquetación1 copia maquetación1 copia maquetación1 copia







Analysing the sunlight in the plaza through photografies and a sunlight render we can conclude the need of a cover from the noon to the midevening in the center of the square.

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maquetación1 copia maquetación1 copia

 In the city of Alicante to have a sunshade is something normal for covering from the intense sunlight. For example, in Fiesta de Hogueras, the Abad Penalva Square the citycouncil cover its surface with blue-white fabrics. The same in Santa Cruz District where in Fiestas, citizens decorate the streets with fabrics and flowers.

In Spain, as Alicante does, different cities use this method of sunshade for covering the street from the sunlight. These are the examples in Mallorca, Madrid and Sevilla.

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Taking the six palmtrees in the centre of the square and the structure of the pergola, we have the props for the sunshade. We connect them with a triangular shapes with steelcable.

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Taking apart every triangle and implementing the three corporative colors,

maquetación1 copia

…we develop the triangles in a triangular structure of steelcables for the development of the sunshade.

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maquetación1 copia

And this is our urban image proposal for the Plaza Palmeretes.

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The video (Format_02) want to show the need for the project in the neighborhood, the expectations and the reflections generated by the residents of the area. For that we did a presentation of our project the 2th of April in the Palmeretes Square with all the neighbors and all the people who is helping us to make this project reality.

First of all, we were investigating about the neighbour with meetings, calls, interviews trying to see what they need there ( you can see the videos in our YoutubeChannel laPALMERETA.

In addition to this, we decided to create a mailbox and in this way they can write all the opinions and questions they have, for that we gave to them a short questionnaire: 


mari04b mari04a








Some of the main opinions are:

– The empty and dirty plots.

– The need of a common space for everyone in which children and parents can enjoy       together.

– The possibility of cultural cycles and how the Neighbour Association is trying to do it.

– The huge potential of the neighbour full of history, tradition and interesting points.

In conclusion, they want to change the square but also they want to change the vision of the neighbour with activities which can show to the people than Carolinas Bajas can be culture. For promote our presentation we gave flyers and posters than we put in the local shops and also on internet. 


We think than the most effective Advertising Campaign will be the one in paper of by little meeting there, and less effective the one by media because most of the people who live there do not have internet connection or they do not usually use it.

Finally, we start with this texts written by the people and with the images of the neighborhood.

We prepared a simple sunshade for project our presentation, after that we did a round of questions, comments and opinions and finally the people wrote in the papers some of the texts that we can see at the beginning.

mari01 mari02








For create the video we had some references:


– They show the voice before you to see the interview.

– They reference the interviews with some people with images of the event


– The colours of the video

– How they focus the attention in the people and how they describe everything.


 Here is our video: laPALMERETA

(you can check it also on Facebook and Twitter)



The design of a Brand which can identify our project and our goals was a complex process.

One of the main point that represent our square are the palms: years ago they were the identificative and most important part of the square, they even had a name. Actually, the common name of the square, instead to be Plaza Castellón as it is formally, is Plaza Palmeretes.

That is why we thought in take the palm as our symbol. We analyzed the different kind of mediterranean palms proportion.


We decided to change the typical colour of Alicante with the opposite, change feeling with the opposite colour.


Finally, we decided to give us the symbol of the palm and call our project “La Palmereta”. We think this can be our identity.


For the develop of this and to help everybody to know us we also did some cutouts for children’s workshops.


About the Poster Advertising Campaign we took as reference the “Festival de Cine de Alicante”.  On the one hand, one of the posters represent normal people in typical places of Alicante than you can recognize, they play with irony and also with the most representative places of Alicante.




On the other hand, the other posters plays with the people wearing faces of famous people is Alicante with the typical red cinema carpet.


We also realized that is a good reference the video advertisement of Estrella Damm about how to promote the culture. They show different cultural activities in some city and how it represent people with good slogans and famous people there.


After that, we realized than the typical palm symbol is not as good as we thought at the beginning, we have to investigate in some other complex symbols as complex as our ideas and project. We redefined our logo and our campaign. [REFERENCE]

What we wanted? What is our project? Which factor take part of it? Where is it?

That is what our logo has to answer.

Our project related  3 kind of agents (institutional, private and local) during 3 days of workshop, performance and conference in Plaza Palmeretes. We join them in 3 point and we deformed the image as a palm. Finally we combined it with 3 different kind of colours and we realized our logo.



If you need to see more complete our develop of the Visual Identity we did a dossier than you can see on Issuu.

Moreover, we are on the media: Facebook, Twitter and Youtube were we upload weekly all the last news and events and everybody can comment, share and join!

Instead of this, we realized than the media is not our powerful Advertising Campaign, our main goal is than all the neighbors join us and be part of our activities and for this they have to talk about it. For the meeting on the square in which we talk about our project everybody come there thanks to the Flyers, so that would be our main Advertising Point: Poster & Flyers.

The flyers will be very simple with the information of the date, place and a short description. We will go some days before our activities to give them to all the people around the square.


Even if the media is not the most powerfull campaign we will keep going uploading all the information there.



The mailbox was an idea for the Presentation Event, but we will keep it for all the comments around all the activities. People without internet will be inform with flyers and poster and also they can comment and make all the questions they need.


We are in touch with a town crier ( with a dolçaina ) who will go with as around the streets days before of the events.


Also we will have tea time with the agents for talk with them, the tablecloth and differents elements of the square will be with our logo and we will put it all around the neighborhood.


According to this our power will be on the posters, for that we took as a reference the “Film Festival Abandon Normal Devices”









and we reinterpreted this with our activities and our agents, in conclusion with our project.



It is our hybrid project with the colour and the lines directions of our logo, with the mix of activities and cultural agent and with the 3 days in which La Palmereta will take place in Alicante.



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