Phase 4 – Teulada Plays


00/ Context

Structure of Teulada’s Street Market is a focus of opportunities. There are three schools within 300m away, any cinema around 700m and the sport center of Alicante, with Hércules Stadium predominating.



01/ Main ideas

Actually, the age of attending the street market is very high (50-70 years). To revitalize the market, we attract young people, especially children between 3 to 10 years. Also, to give a new identity using the structure as a center of visual attraction.




02/ Program

Knowing the context and his features, it’s proposed three uses for the structure: a cinema, a workshop for children (DIY) and advertising.

Children’s in the neighborhood have the opportunity to participate in workshops, indirectly knowing the street market.

Cinema is a unique opportunity, there is nothing similar in Alicante and could be a cultural center.

At the top of the structure, is located an advertising campaign and aggressive promotion, making the entire structure in a large annunciator panel.



The uses are complementary economically together for the phases of construction



03/ Phases

The proyect is divided into 3 phases depending of the economy.

The first phase is the construction of the annunciator panel, of the advertisign. Is constructed first to get money to subsidize the different uses.



The second phase is the cinema, that is based in small cinemas (3x10m) like a way.



The third phase is the workshop




04/ Strategies / Design

About strategies, the annunciator panel is not only private advertising, but also promotion, announce events taking place in the street market, promoting films in cinemas, to promote the products of the street market…

The panels are rotatable, so there are twice as advertising space.





The cinema, is not located on the ground floor, but it expands across the structure, creating a way between small cinemas.



For workshops that are targeted for children from 3 to 10 years, are divided into 3 zones by the large age difference.



The first area is  friendlier, rounded, because they learn to copy circles, curves… They can stair up normal stairs and jump with one leg. The second zone is straight and the last triangular area.





05/ Axonometric



06/ Perspective

View from Teulada Street.


Interior view.


View from the street market.




07/ References



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