GarbinEAT is a project that aims to reactivate the trade and encourage the use of public space in the neighbourhood of Garbinet putting manifest new uses of urban infrastructures, generating an identity.

For this, the project aims to enhance the resources of the neighbourhood, taking into account both its gastronomic tradition and the new buying habits appeared in the last decade: take away culture. It is also used as the main attraction, the existing landmark of the roundabout, the Millennium Gate.


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The main discovery comes after the analysis of roundabouts Alicante as residual surfaces with the potential to serve the city for more than a pure ornament .

In our case roundabout Agatángelo Soler is chosen for intervention for two reasons, its strategic position and its landmark sculpture .

The roundabout has a strategic location as it is designed as an articulator point in the new urban fabric of the plan “Parque de las Avenidas” conducted in 1988. Therefore, it acts as a node of the main streets and boulevards of Garbinet. Its location makes it visible by 38,000 daily drivers and 200 pedestrians per hour.

The sculpture “La puerta del Milenio”, created by the Alicante sculptor Eduardo Lastres in 2011, has a monumental scale, measuring about 25 meters. This sculpture is recognized and associated with the roundabout providing an own identity.

The project uses the roundabout as a means of communicating and claim.

This roundabout is placed in the neighbourhood of Garbinet, which becomes one of the youngest neighbourhoods of the city of Alicante. In fifteen years the population of the district, which in 1999 was 2,615 people exceeds 10,600 ten years later. However this growth has been uneven, with the onset of the crisis in 2008 the growth of the district is frozen and it appears three distinct parts.

On one hand, between new buildings and wide avenues even resists the old Garbinet neighbourhood where you can breathe a clear rural environment, which highlights the large number of body shops and paint.

On the other hand, the new part that develops along the Boulevard Juan Sanchis Candela, is yet to be completed, with the majority of its business premises unopened.

Finally, the part of the neighbourhood that is developed along the axis of the Medico Vicente Reyes Street and the Boulevard Pintor Xavier Soler is where most commercial activities are placed, and where we will focus when developing the project.

The project will remove the invisible barriers and generate a unique fabric that allows the development of the neighbourhood. For this GarbinEAT uses public space as a base, since Garbinet is one of the neighbourhoods with the highest number of green areas in Alicante. We found 10,500 m2 of green areas, representing about 22m2/habitant while the city average is 11m2/hab .

With the analysis of Garbinet is discovered that is filed by the Department of Commerce as a point of commercial interest, however, the inclusion of its premises in Alicante’s economy is quite weak, since the number of closed locals is quite high. It’s here when the need for revitalization appears.

Also, after the analysis of the activity in the neighbourhood, it appears some discoveries with the gastronomy as a common point:

On one hand, we find the popular tradition of eating on the street. This occurs throughout the neighbourhood but under different identities. In old Garbinet, we found chairs in public space during all the year and the tradition of sharing dinner with the other neighbours every summer day. In the rest of the neighbourhood this tradition translates to celebrate the festivity of communities in their private urbanizations. Furthermore, the three bonfires linked to the neighbourhood, make popular lunches in the parks on Sundays throughout the year.

Regarding the commercial activity, the restoration business appears as the largest trade offer, located primarily in the Medico Vicente Reyes Street and Avenida Pintor Xavier Soler , corresponding to consolidated Garbinet area .

Looking more deeply these trades we face two kinds of different options: The traditional bars and restaurants to take away.

Traditional neighbourhood bars leverage the size and scale of public space to place terraces, which exploit the good climate of the city of Alicante. Besides these terraces pose much of their success because they are used as a showcase and produce a customer complaint.

The takeaway restaurants, however, take advantage of the need to eat out , a fact linked to modern life for many and varied reasons ( distances from home to work , part time , time savings , etc.)

The project seeks to bring these features and therefore proposes to gather together the potential of both systems. GarbinEAT not only acts in the restoration but it also includes trades likely to adopt the terrace and take away service. Generating feedback within different commercial branches.

Finally, one of the major problems for the commercial development of the area is the lack of public parking, as the Pintor Xavier Soler Avenue is part of the Gran Via and is one of the main arteries that connect the city ‘s neighbourhoods, being impossible to locate parking spaces.

GarbinEAT tries to solve this problem by promoting the collection system from the car, streamlining purchases and removing existing traffic problems.






The project will involve a commercial revitalitationm using GarbinEAT as an incubator, bringing the neighbourhood of Garbinet in the list of commercial attractions of the city, which assumes a promotion of neighbourhood, affecting all businesses and neighbours. In addition, a tourist attraction is generated, locally, nationally and internationally.


GarbinEAT is generated through social participation project by a collective initiative and transforms an individual into a common tradition through an event. The Sunny Sundays promote citizen participation in the public space by socio-cultural activities with the goal of a common good, the construction of a public space conditioned for it.


The project will reinvent a new gastronomic tradition, with the mix of the Mediterranean tradition and the new fast ways of living. Also, It will transform of private mores of the communities in a common tradition of the neighbourhood, generating a big festival.


GarbinEAT is configured taking advantage of the potential of the existing resources of the neighbourhood and it will Enrichment of the public space trough new activities.


Success Keys

Get the necessary volume of trades

It is important that trade in the neighbourhood are active participants in the development, so we have to promote private economic benefits, as will those who stimulate the project.

Communication: Communication is vital

Potential customers will judge our qualities watching what we do and the image we project. Our communication should be the living expression of the qualities, skills and promote alternatives.

Exceptional care and customer relationship

Customers are the ones who keep alive the success of the project, which is why we must perceive that we understand your needs and goals.

Comply with project objectives.

The purpose of the project should not forget the success of the stores next to social success would assume project success.



The risks that must tackle a project like ours are, firstly the inherent any new business: customer acquisition, initial oversizing or lack of financial oxygen.

On the other hand, we find the possible lack of interest in the project from the trade or the commercial competition, which may be given by the shopping malls.




The two promoters of this project are currently students of architecture at the University of Alicante. The study has provided us with experience, knowledge and skills in areas of urban action. We also share a common vision of how it should be our business as intermediaries between the interests of different agents involved in this event and approaches for success.

Rocío Egío Perez: Born in Murcia, began her studies at the University of Alicante in 2008 and she highlights for its artistic and design skills. She has studied in 2011 at the EPFL, Ecole Politecnice Federal de Lausanne, in Switzerland. She is currently finishing her studies in Alicante.

Sandra Palau Palacio: Born in Barcelona, she began her studies at the University of Alicante in 2008 , since then she is been developing organizational and management skills. She moved to Berlin to study at the Beuth Hochschule für Tecnik in 2011 for one year. Currently she is finishing her studies in Alicante.



They are responsible for providing the services and prepare the orders in the Garbineat Point. This new purchasing model and the generation of a brand image promotes the relationship between premises, generating a feedback that leads to increase the sales.

City council and Urban Image Council

The City Council with low investment looks how the city upgrade one of its trade area, improving the quantity and quality of jobs of the neighbourhood, while the urban image is regenerated. Also, will generate a tourist attraction in the neighbourhood and the city.

Garbinet Point Consumers

Consumers see how their shopping and everyday activities, such as going out for drinks or collect take away, improve with this change. It adapts to their needs, it’s more efficient because they can still make the purchase from the car and they can enjoy this new terrace space without being in a bar. Furthermore, through the existence of a loyalty service (bonus card) the customer gets many offers.

Participants in the Sunny Sundays (Inside and Outside)

On Sundays when the furniture is moved to the boulevard, Alicante’s citizens have the opportunity to participate in the event by doing workshops and outdoor activities, obtaining new skills and enjoying the family company in the public space.


Indirectly, whether they are consumers or participants or not, they see the quality of neighbourhood improving and becoming a landmark of the city. The street is set up as a meeting place that enhances social activity and the conditions of public spaces get enriched with new infrastructure.


The proprietaries get benefits without having any implication their trade and flats are revaluated.

Bonfires x3 and Garbinet Community Center

Both bonfires as the Community Center can enjoy a space provided for outdoor activities and workshops without the need to cut streets or installed on wasteland. In addition, they can be released and reach more people, getting more neighbours involved in these tasks.




The main activity of GarbinEAT project focuses on the gastronomy of the neighborhood, as it is the most potent commercial activity in the area.

The situation in which this sector is in Garbinet corresponds to 33 % of trade. These bars can distinguish the two types, first the traditional food that would be 34 and 25 on the other new bars, restaurants and take away chains that each day will be more and more numerous in the neighbourhood.

Another relevant fact is the number of terraces found in this area , regardless of Being lifelong bars or new chain restaurants. It seems that this is one of the keys to success in this sector has Garbinet .

In the city of Alicante is found that the rate of restoration per 1000 population as the first alternative leisure is 7.71

In terms of quality of life, the Alicante have a good endowment of restoration as the main alternative entertainment. But even so, the supply of the city is low compared to other cities with clear orientation to services and has identified a lack of diversification.

The commercial profile of the city of Alicante; distribution by type of trade is on the average of the cities analysed. However, there are small deficits in the city that undermine their competitive capacity. It should have a more diversified business to achieve a higher degree of differentiation.



Analysis of the Garbinet needs

The first necessity, a common terrace at shops: New trend consumption of leisure consumption. If in bars and terraces are successful because they always have people work, they can be used as incubators for businesses that cannot provide this service entertainment itself.

The second need of a drive point though: new consumer trends associated with new forms of life of consumers, the fashion of “takeaway”. Also, the lack of parking in the avenue is improved with this new service.

The third need, a cultural terrace: in the neighbourhood different socio-cultural activities in public space are made, but there is not a place suitable for it. (Only a field or cut the streets)

Target Analysis

TARGET A: Neighbourhood residents after work enjoy the terraces with friends and family

TARGET B: Person who uses the car every day to move around the city with a job that leaves him no time for daily activities.

TARGET C: Neighbours of Garbinet participating in cultural associations


Our major competitors offer both commercial and leisure, shopping malls are found near the neighbourhood. The Gran Via mall, which lies to the east of the Rotonda Agatángelo Soler, and the Centro Vistahermosa leisure center which is at the Avenida Antonio Ramos Carratalá ( 2 min by car from Garbinet).



USP. Unique selling proposition

Location of the busiest areas of the district

Leisure and commerce offer

Existence of traditional trades

Existence of a link between merchant and customer

Use of public space

Pioneers in the service take away of the traditional trade

Pioneers in common leisure service in trade

Association between traders

Participation of neighborhood associations







Affiliate Model

As the title implies, an affiliate business model is a business model that describes the business relationship between two parties. In some sense, the two affiliated parties are entering into a business relationship that it is designed to be mutually beneficial to both parties




GarbinEAT generates a physical platform in the public space where Garbineat shops and neighbourhood associations through collaboration seek commons benefits.

In this case there are two scales. The larger scale of the project, in which collaboration occurs between Garbinet Sunny Point and Sundays. On the small scale, the model is given on one hand, between the businesses affiliated to Garbineat Point and the other, between associations participants on the Sunny Sundays.

The success of the model and therefore Garbineat Project is based on achieving the differential value of the new product generated from existing services in the neighbourhood.

One of the keys of this model, and the neighborhood has as an opportunity, is the amount of traffic (people). Garbineat is responsible for creating connections and channel types, creating synergies between them.


Organizational Structure

The project GarbinEAT is an initiative involving Garbinet neighbours, associations of the neighbourhood, bonfires, and local trade. Due to this variety of agents, one of the first steps to take is the creation of a new partnership association, which will be responsible for managing the different interests among agents. (Management team)

The organizational structure is based on a tree structure.





One of the bases of the project is that the budget has to come from the studied controversies. This money will be an existing amount that will manage differently.

In the case of the roundabout, annual maintenance amounts to 9.5 per m2. The Roundabout Agatángelo Soler has 5,344 m2, representing a cost of 50,768 euros per year.

Currently in the roundabout has undertaken a project that has involved an expenditure of 146,775 euros from the budget for construction and installation. One change that has been done has been to make accessible the roundabout, so now 35% of the green surface has disappeared. The new annual cost of maintaining this roundabout will be 33,000 euros; 17,768 euros will be saved annually of the annual budget for maintenance of parks and gardens.

So the budget of 17,768 euros will be divided among the different interventions performed simultaneously.

The first 25% will be used for the intervention of the roundabout, and the beginning of the change of the urban image.

The next 40% will be used for commercial intervention, where we create a new association for the management and we generate the GarbinEAT points. The budget is intended to form a common image of the facades and the terrace and the building furniture that will serve for the drive through.

The last 35 % will be allocated to the subsidy of Sunny Sundays, organized in conjunction with the various existing neighbourhood associations.


Intervention 1: New Image of the Rotonda Agatángelo Soler

As has been explained, the roundabout is going to be transformed in the showcase of the neighbourhood. It will be the main intervention in this urban transformation.

It is an important traffic node, where circulate cars, pedestrians and cyclists and each with a different perception of the landmark and the roundabout. To create the new image we’ll play with the visual perception. Due to we will use the anamorphosis resource.

*Anamorphosis: it is a perspective effect used in art to force the viewer to a pre-establish or privileged point of view.


 In order to play with the anamorphosis intervention, the chosen points of view are very important.

In this case, ours observers are the drivers and the pedestrians. The drivers are mainly from Alicante and the pedestrians are from Garbinet, the people who we want to show the neighbourhood.

The perception that they have of the roundabout is different, however our purpose is to show them the same image. Thus the design will be more conditioned and it will be more complex than if we do separate designs for each observer.

After the analysis of the area around the roundabout, the chosen points of view are the crosswalk and traffic lights. It is in the points where our observers are together.

POINT A: This is one of the most important points, because is the most viewpoint by pedestrians. It is the end of the Avenida Pintor Xavier Soler, the new pedestrians connection with the roundabout.

POINT B: Here is the second most important point. In this case is the most view point for drivers, is from the street that joins our roundabout with the Plaza de Castalla, the connexion between Via Parque and Garbinet. Is the main car access to Garbinet.

POINT C: Is the en of the main commercial street in the neighbourhood.

In each of these points of view there is a crosswalk and a traffic light, where the cars stop facing the roundabout.




The condition for the material election is that it must be put and removed without damaging the supporting elements.

Therefore, we are going to use tape.


Intervention 2: Commerce Intervention

The GarbinEAT points are a new business model based on partnership. The idea is to take the trade out adapted to new consumer trends

/Users/sandrapalau/Desktop/UA/6º/PROYECTOS IV/FASE 4/HIBRIDO/AXO 2/AXO MOLONA.dwg

GarbinEAT provides to the client two types of service.

– The terrace is shared by the participating trade will serve as the terrace bar, to take away shops and terrace waiting as shops services.

– The drive through point, the order is done through virtual platforms, arranging the pick up time and like this we achieve agility and make the purchases from the car.

The advantage of having a common virtual platform makes users familiar with all the deals from all the neighbourhood stores with just a click. In addition it is estimated that people who buy through digital methods spend more than double in the online shop in the physical store.

The existing of this new configuration is that buying is more flexible for clients. What customers like is to have control and they choose when and how they want.


Urban Image

The idea is to create a new urban image through the design and implantation of different GarbinEAT points. The main colours will be the ones that the has already been carried out at the roundabout intervention. It forms a common image of the facades and the terrace.


Following the same conditions of the roundabout intervention, the condition for the material election is that it must be put and removed without damaging the supporting elements.

Therefore, we are going to use tape. Also, it can adapt to the different patterns that we find in the different trades.

The trade will be given a board with logo in order to recognize they are affiliate to the point, and to write their different offers.

For the image of the terrace furniture, it will be use yellow fabric to cover the tables and chairs.

The trees, lamppost and curb take also the urban image, in order to be visible from the car.





Design and build the GarbinEAT module

This new furniture will be one of the elements that will be part of GarbinEAT point. One of the premises of the design will be mobility, as these modules will be used every day in the collection GarbinEAT point and the days of the events will move to the Boulevards.





Intervention 3: Public Space Intervention

Sunny Sunday’s events are new model of activities in the public space based on the partnership between the different socio-cultural associations, where the activities of these associations are taken out.

/Users/sandrapalau/Desktop/UA/6º/PROYECTOS IV/FASE 4/HIBRIDO/AXO 2/AXO MOLONA.dwg
The Sunny Sundays is the big day of celebration in Garbinet. Weekly this festival is set in the public space where everyone can enjoy and have fun with family and friends. Activities and workshops promote cultural and gastronomic tradition of the neighbourhood and tighten the ties between the neighbors.

Urban Image

The palms trees, trees, lamppost, curbs they get this new colours. We create some cushions for the benches so they encourage people to use them. Also, in order to give an environment of festival, we will put flags and balloons.





Restaurant day

The idea is to bring the concept of “Restaurant Day” to Garbinet. “It’s a food festival in the world, where anyone can open a restaurant, a cafe or a bar for one day” Neighbours, Bonfires and bars can create your own restaurant one day.

Restaurant Day is celebrated throughout the day, it is necessary to organize breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, so participants have to choose when they want to create their restaurant, and the menu price.

In addition, to this day, the boulevards will be decorated with the main colours of the project.

Outdoor activities of the Community Centre

Community Centre organizes activities in the outdoor space, but not in proper areas for them, for this, they will take place on the boulevard on the Sundays Sunny.

Gym, Summer Courses, DIY workshops , summer cinema , exhibitions, theatre, elderly activities.

Bonfire events

The bonfires associations can enjoy this new terrace to organize its popular lunch and large festivals.

Popular Almuerzos, Great festival, lunch and craft market.


By neighbourhood associations or interested neighbours to organize some workshops in this space to share “know-how” and build ties between the neighbours. There will also be workshops for the little ones: You have to eat colours!

Eat healthy, Cook, Crafts


action plan
Once the project is defined, the first steps correspond to get the support of the city council and thus the initial budget. Once achieved, we proceed to the creation of the Garbineat association responsible for the management and organization.

To start the project, we began with an initial event (Sunny Sunday 0), which will serve as a strategy for attraction and also the image of the roundabout is configured.

Below, we will generate the different Garbineat points, sandwiching between them, the events Sunny Sundays.

When they are all configured it will be considered that the garbineat project is installed and we’ll let it run for two months, then we assume that commercial rehabilitation is achieved and we proceed to the final benefit.

*Final benefit explanation at the end of the post





One of the conditions of the GarbinEAT brand is that it can be used also as a brand of the neighbourhood.

For the design process of the GarbinEAT project is important to know the brand positioning. Being positioning: All that is and wants to be a Brand. It is s particular location in the minds of its stakeholders. It could say that is the brand personality. Thus we can achieve a consistent design.

About the positioning of GarbinEAT, the choosen cualities are:

GARBINET: belonging, exclusive, identity, joining.

TRADITION + INNOVATION: gastronomy, mediterranean, culture, festival, novedad.

OPTIMISM: sun, sunny, happiness, celebration.


The name of the project fit with positioning. We have to taken in to account the stakeholders and also the name identifies the neighbours.

Our name is a short name, direct, potent, easy and recognizable.


The name appears when we add an A in the penultimate letter. In that way we have GARBINET + EAT (tradition + innovation).


The design refers to the “puerta del milenio”. It simplify the sculpture geometries. It is coined to Garbinet neighborhood as it’s the main landmark, because there is a lack of neighbourhood brand.


The combination of colours makes easier for the viewer to get the message in a different way. We can use the colours’ properties in our favour when creating a brand identity or when generating purchase intentions in advertising.

The name of the brand covers the attributes of tradition and innovation or Garbinet. For that, the chosen colour tries to represent the optimism that we are trying to sell with GarbienEAT.

The choice has been the yellow and orange as an instinctive image of GarbinEAT. we have studied the colour theory and the influence on the marketing. They represent joy, happiness, intellect and energy. They are often associated with food and they claim for attention.

It seems like is the perfect match for the GarbinEAT brand.


The slogan is striking and easy to remember it realte the different actions that take place in the neighbour hood with our project.

Garbineat está aquí
Celebrar está aquí
Comer está aquí
Aprender está aquí



Customers Strategies

In order to generate a good marketing the first strategy is to know the customers we want to get, for that we define the potential targets that the project will approach.

Once we know everything about them, we will use different strategies of attraction. The Sunny Sundays events will serve as platform to show people how the project works. Also, the business model itself generates an indirect coomarketing, so the affiliate trades advertise one to each other. Finally, a good impact in the social media is important to expand the project.

The next step is converting these customers in regular clients, in order to get that we will follow some loyalty strategies. It will be a bonus card, that rewards customers with their consumption. Also, it’s important to make notice our own value.




Promotion strategy




Reference: LIKE A SWEDE, Video


Critique Object: The Swedish Part Model, it is a business model that can be summarised in one word-collaboration. It involves unions and employers’ organisations jointly agreeing on the best conditions in the labour market, without the government interfering in every decision. Those who are the closest to the issues, make the decisions for their respective labour market.
Script concept: Domental-advertising about one fan of this business model that want to make it part of his life . He adapt the main concepts and benefetis to his way of living.

A lo Garbineat

Critique Object: Garbineat Project, It is a project that encourages the commercial and cultural activity of the neighbourhood in the public space with the gastronomy as engine.
Script concept: Documental – advertising about one fan of the Garbinet project that try to move the idea to her neighbourhood in order to enjoy the benefits.








A LO GARBINEAT from Rocío Egío Perez on Vimeo.








It is a communication campaign to point the skills and actions of the Garbineat Project. It result in a series of ads declining press the strong points of intervention in the neighbourhood.

Garbineat esta aquí!
It is through this slogan that we point forcefully the relevance of the intervention in the neighbourhood.

Being there is:
– Be present, be in the action, be existing …
– An adverb of place that serves to designate a place, a specific place …

We propose to translate visually the slogan “The project is here!” By a map pointer, a bit like pointers numerical application that we find on our mobile applications (see” Google map “,” Forsquare “…).

By diverting this pointer creatively, we can address the multitude of activities of Garbineat … In turn; the pointer marks a balloon for the celebration, the plate for eating and the brain for learning.


/Users/sandrapalau/Desktop/UA/6º/PROYECTOS IV/FASE 4/CAMPAÑA PUBLICITARIA/FORMATO 2/Drawing1.dwg

Celebra en Garbinet los Sunny Sundays, la mayor fiesta de la ciudad.
Semanalmente se configura esta fiesta en el espacio publico donde cualquiera puede disfrutar y divertirse entre familia y amigos.

Celebrate in Garbinet the Sunny Sundays, the biggest festival of the city.
Weekly this festival is set in the public space where anyone can enjoy and have fun with family and friends.

/Users/sandrapalau/Desktop/UA/6º/PROYECTOS IV/FASE 4/CAMPAÑA PUBLICITARIA/FORMATO 2/Drawing1.dwg

Come en Garbinet disfrutando del clima mediterráneo en las mejores terrazas de Alicante.
Impulsamos la gastronomía alicantina, juntando los bares tradicionales del barrio y las ultimas ofertas de restauración, adaptándose a tus necesidades.

Eat in Garbinet enjoying the Mediterranean climate in the best terraces in Alicante.
We encourage Alicante gastronomy, bringing together traditional bars of the neighbourhood and the latest offers of delivery food, it adapts to your needs.

/Users/sandrapalau/Desktop/UA/6º/PROYECTOS IV/FASE 4/CAMPAÑA PUBLICITARIA/FORMATO 2/Drawing1.dwg


Aprende en Garbinet la tradición y cultura de tu tierra.
Las actividades y talleres fomentan la tradición cultural y gastronómica del barrio y estrechan los lazos de unión entre los vecinos.

Learn in Gabrinet the tradition and culture of your land.
Activities and workshops promote cultural and gastronomic tradition of the neighbourhood and tighten the ties between the neighbours.

The intervention of the roundabout is related with this advertising campaign. We use the roundabout as a big canvas where using the anamorphosis technic we can write: GARBINEAT ESTÁ AQUI



Taking in account the final benefit, we propose some alternatives that have not been completely defined. The final benefit, could be not only one of this proposals but a combination of them. The students aim to determine a final that match up to the project in the following phases.

Proposal 1. Garbineat terrace

When the Garbineat project objectives are achieved, the furniture that remain will be placed in the wasteland in front of the Community Centre of Garbinet, as a middle point of the outdoor activities that already exit in the neighbourhood, in order to generate a proper space for them.

We configure the urban image of the intervention already done, and we place a screen as a main element. It will create a landmark that creates shadow and it can serve for publicity. It will be an object that make of the wasteland a meeting point, in it not only can be place the activity of summer cinema but also festivals, bonfire events, sport event…

In addition to it, the furniture is placed creating different spaces that can adapt for the different situation that we find in the neighbourhood. Workshops of community centre, meetings of the neighbours associations, bonfire almuerzos, market and exhibitions.








 Proposal 2. Boulevard Pintor Xavier Soler with a line of parking

As the Garbineat Points are placed in the 3rd line of the avenue, this lane will not have traffic anymore and the space between the locations of these points is enough to place parking space. We will solve the controversy of the lack of parking, it will reduce the speed of the cars and crane problems.

Proposal 3. Garbineat points as energy generators.

The idea is to place some kinetic plates in every Garbineat Point, so we can accumulate energy form every car consumption in our points. This energy can be use for the lights of the lamppost of the neighbourhood or the festival lights that are placed in the street.

When a lamppost is using this energy it will be emitting yellow light. (by painting the bulb or the glass in yellow). Also, in the roundabout will be a projection of the quantity that is accumulate to encourage people to continue using the Garbineat points and make them aware of the need of energy saving. It will affect to the urban image.

Proposal 4. Sustainable Roundabout

In order to come back to the first controversies of the roundabouts and the beginning of our project we are thinking on act in the roundabouts by making them sustainable. We plan to affect the water consumption or make them the lungs of the city.



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