Phase 4. Teulada Experience


The current not only economical but social crisis we are going through, where the generative necessities of activities haven’t decreased, only the budget does. We have a complex area with a huge character ahead us.

The following project tries to give a better condition to a potential area like the one we have, where today there’s only a street market thursdays and saturdays. The main point is generating new attractive activities that will lead the plot to create a new community full of life. The main first point to achieve is to help the street market to raise the number of buyers, by adding this new living areas that will be popping up every time they will be needed.

The structuring project’s element is its own mutability through the defined objets to create the user’s incertitude, bye creating new paths connected to attraction nodes. The nodes will guide the user around the street market, with the objective of keeping them the longer the better there in order to get the visitor buy anything. It’s also important that the nodes have a feedback from the user so in this way the whole area can change depending on the users will.

Promoting, project and spread the trader culture, and changing the sense of the current feeling of the street market. Giving an extra experience and creating a new perspective of the whole neighborhood.


Mainly there are two different and opposite situations. Thursdays and Saturdays morning, the area is full of bustling people, and the rest of the week the area is only used for parking lot.

We have an existing structure, in which the project will be acting, but we also have the temporary structures where everything happens. Firstly, the permanent structure is 30 meters wide by 16 meters high; each unit is 5 meters ahead. It is remarkable that the structure is next to the main entrance; the floor is not in a good condition. Secondly, the temporary structure usually, are 3 meters wide by 4 meters length, the way this structure is constructed simply assembling lever makes the system ideal to build and to detach as fas as possible.

There is also a lack of knowledge of several parts of the city of Alicante. Long time ago the street market was placed down in the city center, close to the beach, and was way easier to get people around because there is abundant people from all over the places. But nowadays, people is not willing to travel to Teulada street in order to get to the market, mainly because there are public transport issues, there is harder to get people from the surroundings because the commercial line is broken, also because the location is in an area of low density population.


The essential agents are three;


DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, their aim is to achieve the street market situation for this reason what they are proposing is to give new activities or find the way to revitalize the street market in order to get more people.


TRADERS, have been complaining about the fact of the moving during many years, what they wish is to get a solution to take more people.


BUYERS, the average age is 40-50, it is a traditional buyer whom only visits the market to get what they need, mainly vegetables.


The potencial agents the project is looking for;


CHILDREN, they are a good reason to attract parents there, because like in malls they can have a shopping time and a leisure time with their kids.


YOUNG PEOPLE, there is an increasing amount of people who is getting interested in the street markets, because they are chipper than regular shops, they can have second hand products, or products (as In the case of vegetables) from nearby. This group responds to a particular sector of the inhabitants whichever are concern about where the products are coming, neither they are interested in buying cheaper and different products.



For the development of the project has been taken into account the needs program exposed by the property and that basically consists of the following:

–       Agents

–       Maintenance costs

–       Customs and preferences regarding the use of the street markets, like the way users move around it, habits of purchasing.

–       Creation of spaces such as playground area and leisure time area.



All the features used to identify the market spirit apply to the citizens of Alicante in contact with everyday life, In a process of popularization of the street market culture. One main value is it capacity to push the citizens to use the market, to enjoy it.

The new activities will try to establish a dialogue between the existent neighborhood and the new facilities. In order to improve and create a better and attractive place.



STRUCTURE: The whole structural system will be realized in metal.


MATERIAL: besides metal material from the structure, a textile will be used to cover all the structure a build each different area.


LAND TREATMENT: a line will cross the whole area, in order to mark where all the spaces are. Also, a branding material will be spread through the cooperating business.


INFRASTRUCTURAL: conditioning the floor will be need, so the ground will have to be removed and an appropriate one will be build, such as gravel or compacted ground.





There’s an existing controversy, which stands that citizens from Alicante are not aware about the street market, that’s because since the move out lack of communication skills has been going on. As long as there is not investment in advertisement, the city council at the very beginning was ready to make possible that free buses arrive from the city center to the Teulada’s street. But a long time has came along and the customers have been decreasing.

So the first think the project will stand up for, is to create a branding system, in order to get the market known by the population.

The steps will be creating a recognizable logo,


 photo elena-logo-teulada_zps9b4a1004.jpg

As cities have to re-imagine a new environment, culture becomes today one of the most added value. A new famous museum, events, a well-known personage born in the city, a famous sport team, all can be now a subject to be developed to promote the city. Culture is going to be the new gate were creativity, art, music, can come in to promote the new modern city.


Corporate branding and more generally on branding where brands are seen as:

. marks denoting ownership;


. image – building devices;


. symbols associated with key values;


. means by which to construct individual identities; and


. a conduit by which pleasurable experiences may be consumed.

The fidelity card, will be released to those customers that part in the buying part, and they can have discounts, they can also get a prize…

A commercial line will be drawn in order to spread the project all along the week and to reach as many possible buyers as possible. So business around the street market will be welcome to take part in the project. They will receive this card, and a poster in order to be identified.


The street line will be drawn in the street, in order to guide the pedestrian till the area, using the branding colors. This colors were selected, because of several reasons:


PINK: will be the fundamental color, this is because the loud one, and this projects tries to call everyone’s attention.

YELLOW: it is also an loud color, but it transmit energy and power, also is a very recognizable color for children

GREEN: green symbolizes activities that happens in a free area, it is a calm color and transmit secureness .

BLUE: will be used for the areas were seriously things happens.


During the construction of the new street market, a several crisis arrived. There were no more founds, so the had to quite the project in the halfway point. This is why there is only a structure left behind in the area. The problem still remains, there is no founds, but a growing necessity of activities.

So the main point is to make people go there, the previous analysis have shown that there is not leisure space time nearby, fairly all the buildings around are enclosure urbanized areas where thing happen inside but in the east area, where street happens there are a lot of business. So as it has been already said, a business line will be held in order to spread the news.


This will be the first step inside this strategy, so we can get closer to people and at the same time create a net of commerce.

This commerce will be offered to take part in the project, by having its own space in particular days. Or helping them to create activities in its own business.

The second step will be reorganize the structure of the market in order to get to the structure easily. The way that the market stands today is not the perfect one. So according to shop organize parameters, a continuous path full of activities will create to get the user closer to the structure, where the important thing will happen. Meanwhile, from the entrances, north and south the aim is to create a nodes path, to call customers attention to the stands, and guide with to the east entrance. This way, the customer will spend much time in the street market and we will get more chances to make them buy more at the same time that they are receiving a good leisure time.

This step is taken from the strategy of considering the whole area, as it was a shop. Shops are divided in three different categories.

To distribute a plant, the key is the location of the products. the visual merchandisers tend to divide the area into four zones defined as: Platinum, gold, silver and bronze. It is important to understand first plated area, which is accessed upon entering the establishment, is the main sales: why is called zone Platinum. the second is called zone gold; the third towards the bottom of the shop is the silver zone: and finally, in the background is the bronze. Sales items, promotions or products of latest fashion must be in the Platinum zone. The reason is that this area will always attract a greater number of consumers, and sales. area bronze at the bottom of the establishment will capture the attention of less consumer because of the distance that has to travel from the main entrance, so it worth to take this into account and put some products of first need, a prestige brand or a category of products known to encourage circulation throughout the establishment.


According to this recommendations, attractive nodes have been located in the critical areas, trying to promote user itinerary through the whole market.


Well, the next step is connected with the first strategy. The upper side of the structure will be used, first as a advertisement space and second as a landmark area. Is not common that the traders has it’s own location so; they don’t have its own billboard. They will be place in order to be seen from the road, and only those traders who take part in the project will take the chance of being sited in the structure.

The billboard, will be made of plywood, and painted. It will measure 1 meter high and the wide will depend on the name attached.



The main point of searching for an sponsor is to create a new network of advertisement, from this point of view having “Estrella Levante” (for instance) is the opportunity the market is looking for to find new customers. This kind of sponsorship will take care of advertisement campaigns and people will link the company (and the background they have in other festival and organizations) with the new activities


To create a new center of culture and activities during the week, this stand will stand up to create the attention of the user, giving conferences and courses.


The objective of this stand is, making longer the time people is in the market as long as give the restaurants and bars nearby the chance to have their own space and could sell during the market time. Also it would make a chance to sell products from the market itself.


Spread all over the market place, as well as the eating stand, the aim is to make people stay longer. The more people we get in the market the more chances to get people buy.


Workshop will be celebrated, for children the get them conscious of recycling, and playing workshops as well.


This stand will be build to give new bands the opportunity to give gigs during the market time. This way we will get people of different ages all together at the same time.


In this stand will be collected all the things that will be happening in the market and the future ones.



Visual merchandising, escaparates e interiores comerciales. Gustavo Gili



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