Phase 4-Carolinas Bajas net-work. Welcome to your neighborhood.


**To view the business plan with more detail:


CAROLINAS BAJAS Net-Work is an urban business model based in alliances between commerces and associations in order to reactivate the existant shops and provide a new commercial concept that involve community values.The main objective is reactivating the neighborhood of Carolinas Bajas who is suffering right now an important Gentrification proccess due to its specific social, cultural and environmental context.


Product: what we offer

#Commercial intervention

#Public space intervention

#Socio-cultural intervention


**WHO: Agents that participate in the NET+WORK 

This diagram describes who are the agents that are involved in our businessplan the participation of every of them is crucial, this project is based in stablishing relationships between the different sides of a same context. The contribution of this agents is crucial , this diagram shows that the link between them is fundamental for the achievement of this business plan and their importance is equal nevertheless, they could be quantifyed in different terms.

1.//ALLIANCE TRADES: develop their commercial activity and accept their engagements with network. There are 3 networks:

HOW_ Developping their commercial activity and accepting their engagements with the network.
INTEREST_ New network model of purchasing that will reduce the costs of traders and will improve the service for the costumers


*DINING-NET: form by commerces based on the gastronomy and food in general. This is the network proposal.

*DIY (Do It Yourself): form by commerce based on the repairing works and crafts. This is the network proposal.

*RE-BARGAINS: form by commerces based on traditional sewing haberdasheries and second hand clothes. This is the network proposal


HOW_ being receptive to the new commerce model and participate actively in shopping and activities. Becoming loyalty costumers.
INTEREST_This network creates a needing for the neighbors. Its vast offer is desirable for these agents. They will solve their desires and needings and will be formed in thedifferent activities provided.

















HOW_apporting value in order to make this business work. When we talk about value it could be measured in two ways: financial support and events organisation support.
INTEREST_ They get more than an economical benefit investing in this network model. New relationships between traders and a huge influence in the neighborhood.






HOW_ developping their own activity in their correspondant shop and being integrated and acquainted with this network model.
INTEREST _This new system of management allows increasing the number of employees
and gives internship opportunities to the neighbours of Carolinas Bajas.


*Association MEMBERS



HOW_ developping their own activity in their correspondant shop and collaborating withthe marketing campaigns and the sponsorship with the objects they provide to shops.
INTEREST_ They would be able to advertise their products in our network. Also, most of thesponsors are companies from this region
These are some examples of the suppliers that collaborate with each member of the Carolinas Bajas network.




HOW_propose activities and share their activity program with the network
INTEREST _Obtaining popularity in the neighborhood, improving the qualty of events with the collaboration of the shops. They can be released and reach more people.
These are the most representative associations, in the board we try to link their associative program with the activity of the different shops.


HOW _low investment , grants for associations, culture or support for new entrepreneurs.
The nearby facilities could support some events and collaborate with the network.
INTEREST_ one of the most damaged neighborhoods in alicante is refurbished improving its economy, social, cultural and urban image. Also, this new shop system will be a new attractive for the city of Alicante and its tourists.



HOW_ advertising the neighborhood of Carolinas Bajas with its shops
INTEREST_ economic incomes

Medias where the advertising campaigns could be released as LA VERDAD,  INFORMACIÓN, LAS CIGARRERAS PROGRAM or TELEALICANTE.




**ECONOMICAL: (read gestion in the Business plan)

//COMMERCE REACTIVATION: this model will improve the quality and the activity of Carolinas Bajas shops.

//BRAND IDENTITY for a neighborhood: give Carolinas a status in the city of Alicante.


//PROMOTE the association events.

**ENVIRONMENTAL: (read urban image in te Business plan)

//NEW URBAN IMAGE: the strategies of branding for the network will be urban interventions in relation with shops.

//RECLAIM PUBLIC SPACE: invasion of empty plots and parking.

//ACTIVITIES OUTSIDE: the events would be for activating the public space with a program of terraces.

//REFURBISH the shopfronts and facades with a new image.

//MODERN IMAGE for the neighborhood.

//NEW URBAN FURNITURE in shopfronts.


//NEW COMMERCE MODEL: gastronomic, culture, bargains, crafts…

//Integrate DIVERSITY OF CULTURES, nationalities…

//ASSOCIATIONS are involved in the project with their DIVERSITY of programs. The BONFIRE specially.

//Reinforce the IDENTITY of the neighborhood.

//Complement the program of the existant FACILITIES: ADDA and Las Cigarreras.

//NEW EVENTS promotion: crafts, cinema, sewing…



//Involve the  ASSOCIATIONS in the neighborhood.


//INTEGRATE social marginalized groups.


//ATTRACT YOUNG POPULATION for the future growth of Carolinas Bajas.


The project has 4 phases with 3 different groups of strategies: coorporativize, marketing and agreement. Each strategy has its own objectives that should be reached to continue with the next phase. The budget necessary for each phase is described and also the timing. The timing for the project has a limit of two years objective.






The first marketing strategy will be developed in the first 1-5 months, it is a CATCHMENT STRATEGY. The commerces of the network will offer some branding objects and also use them in their locals in order to start conceiving the new identity of the network.

Also the first strategy will be informing about the different types of commerce existant in this network and inviting the neighbors to start recognising them.The colors of the network are present by posters and also the patterns that are our strategy to complement the logo.


The following strategy is the one who will have more influence in the URBAN IMAGE of Carolinas Bajas. The idea is creating a LOW COST terrace in front of the shops or nearby with a new program of activities organised by the shops and the associations of the neighborhood. This idea of creating spontaneous terraces is from the park(ing) day project. All the proposals are made with tape, taking as reference the TAPE ART, a really fashionable trend, cheap and easy to settle and remove without damaging the urban space. This material allowed to materialize the proposal.

The urban image of this network is based on triangular pattern with the network colours. This intervention is temporary, is a catchment strategy. During this events there will be a significative changing in the shopfronts image and furniture, that will be a permanent change for the neighborhood.




The following marketing strategy will be developed in the next 6-9 months , it is a LOYALTY STRATEGY, we should mantain our costumers . The commerces of the network will offer some branding objects and also use them in their locals in order to fidelize costumers. This objects are more sophisticated than the ones used in the first phase. Here there are some examples of these branding objects.




**FORMAT 2: needs of the project, impact generated, sensations and feelings.

The main objective of this video is transmit the energy and vitality that our net work has caused in the neighborhood. Also showing which are the main values and activities that are taking part during this project such as crafts workshops, terraces…


This video has the objective of attract people to Carolinas Bajas neighborhood, this objective will be more evident with these strategies of introducing an ambiance in each scene.


**FORMAT 3: the proposal is sold.

Here links to the different posters of the advertising campaign






These phase has two strategies. Inside strategy: Information and advertising pannels for the metro guidelines . These boards will be located in the empty shopfronts, they are part of the permanent urban image of the network.

The second strategy is the stand, it will be located all over alicante in order to atract people from other neighborhoods and tourists.



This is the image after the event, the shopfronts will be refurbished with the network colour and the geometrical pattern. The terraces will take part eventually in the neighborhood and the collaboration with the associations will be continuous. The boards and the plant pots will be reused as an element that will improve the quality of the urban image.

**Other design previous version.


That model has helped us to understand how the tapes modify the urban image and its relation between the local commerce, the street and the scale.


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