PHASE 4 – Urban Bike Knitting

0. LOGO 2


Bike Knitting, comes from the mix of color to work, cycleshopping, and telebike projects. It is a project whose main idea is to create a direct relationship between the business and tourism (either as an employee or as a user or consumer) and the direct use of the bicycle.



The main idea is to use street furniture which people use as bike parking for their features such as focusing elements both tourism and trade, which are the main drivers of the city.



The first design, we conducted distinguish workers and consumers at levels high. Bicycles of workers, they would hang on top of street furniture, while consumers bikes would park at the bottom. Thus we used bicycles for workers as a design element in the proposal. At the same time these bikes serve to inform that shops are open. In this first proposal, both bikes as street furniture, would be painted the color of trade to which they belong.




Later, after the interviews, we decided to go down the bicycle parking for workers because the first proposal could be uncomfortable and dangerous. So the new bicycle parking elements emerged from a height of 1m from lampposts. Workers bikes would park on a slant to distinguish and draw attention. Furthermore we note that the commercial situation of a city is changing, so we replace the painting of elements and bicycle shops by Urban Knitting.

Apart from these commercial bicycle parking elements, we propose the creation of tourist information elements, which would treated with knitting in the shaft. Paint mark the direction of interest indicating the size of the arrow if they are more or less close.



The references used for the project have led to the creation of a ‘red’ color, whose starting points focus on the customization of street furniture. Customization proposal was based on visual parameters and aggressive intervention with the element, that is why we have used the urban knitting movement to bring this about.

1. how references

The choice of furniture is produced by its coincidence with the proposed and existing bike lanes. Thus we have 3 different types of lamps and planter, which are personalized by incorporating knitting on the stick (2m), and bike parking both for workers and customers (these have a shape and color depending on the type trade).

2. what project idea

These elements would be focused for two different functions:

-Guiding tourists (mainly those traveling by bike, as this furniture is located in cycle-lanes) on the nearby tourist points of interest.

-Support the retail located in the “casco antiguo”of Alicante, through the introduction of bike parking into existing furniture, and linking these with colored lines to the various shops “bici-amigos”.

-The trades proposed project would initially those who are in the “COMERCIO ALICANTE” platform, which to apply for this advertising service by the City Council, must purchase 2 vintage bicycles to their employees, which would park on the bike parking to bike to work, also located in said furniture.



We use colors to distinguish different types of stores.

4. what colors


The project area has been chosen for its shopping and tourist characteristics, as are encompassed in the high tourist inflow Alicante, and includes a network of cycle-streets are complemented by the new cycle routes proposed in the project.

5. where

6. what stores uf

7. what tourist uf

9. expsion

10. all design


In the final mapping we can see a possible combination of stores and furniture that would change the city’s image as trades realized the benefit of being “bici-amigo”.

15. planta final con color


Phase 1. Painted new section of bike lanes.

Phase 2. Furniture related to tourists is introduced and propaganda project focused on the trades is performed. Thus retailers can see an example how it can get visually influence this type of intervention.

Phase 3. Customizing furniture retailers associated (both public and private capital).

Phase 4. Expansion to other bike lanes.

16. how phases


Our advertising campaign, MOVE YOUR BIKE, aims to encourage the use of bicycles, to perform daily tasks. For this purpose use two formats: on the one hand we use posters of films that have had great impact in the world of cinema. Thus we get the attention of the citizen, and by souvenir positive film, create a link with the bicycle, so your brain will perform using the bike cool. The second format, it’s a VIDEO, about as if you use the bike to perform tasks (such as go shopping), would make you life easier and more comfortable.

18. et bike

19. forest bike

20. walking bike

23. hobbit bike

24. Bike-To-The-Future


FORMAT 3: We want to make an event, consisting of a cycle-commercial-touristic route, in which cyclists invade the streets of Alicante, and carried out a tour through all the shops the area bounded by the project bicicamigos.

This event must have the maximum dissemination and possible support, since it is a way to test what would happen if the project will take place and the benefits which would experience the city of Alicante with him. In terms of the development of the event, on the graph, we can see how gone interviews for its development, and as we have been getting support or not, for its realization.



30. road to infografic

To advertise the event, we’ve designed a few informative flayers focused for trade, to capture shops biciamigos about which route will be. These will be included in the page that we have done with the platform “Alacant en bici” ( Some advertising posters we have designed to publicize among the citizens.

cartel difusion_en


Then we realized, that this poster format, not caused any different impression, so not impressed and not getting the expected advertising object. Therefore we decided to use the film “MOVE YOUR BIKE” campaign strategy to create this visual impact to the pedestrian and thus advertise the event.

18. et bike_2

19. forest bike_2

20. walking bike_2

23. hobbit bike2

24. Bike-To-The-Future_2


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