WHY this icon?

Because It represents center and point. Project is basically some points that concentrate activities in them. Hexagonal because prototype that we call Point is hexagonal. Yellow because It’s an easily perceaptible colour.

The PROJECT tries to take advantage of the increasing movement of Tardeo and to make visible unequal use of public spaces in Alicante. For this reason, We try to attract people from the 25 Mayo square to another squares of Alicante center.


The benefits are:                                                                                                                                                                                                               -Reduce excess of people in 25 de Mayo square                                                                                                                                                 -Provide commercial and social activity in other points of Alicante

HOW  to reduce excess of people in 25 de Mayo square?


If we considerate DENSITY of “dense multitude” we see that one person take up 0,232 m². We know that people go every Saturday midday to the 25 Mayo square, but, what if they will go to another squares of Alicante?  We will reduce density of 25 Mayo square and people will be more comfortable.




.Strategy One: In these TARDEO points will be advertising posters that inform people that there are another squares where Tardeo is running. When people will see them, they probably decide to go to another square for enjoying some different Tardeo.

.Strategy Two: In TARDEO points will be sale some products of the local trades in Alicante. There will be little sign that inform each product of that trade comes. If the product is good, people could decide go to buy this in local shops. Helping to reduce density of 25 Mayo square.





Promoting local Trade

Showing another squares in Alicante Center




WHAT about the other days of the week?

It is known that in the squares there will be less and different activity in the week that in weekends. For example, kids playing in these squares, elder people taking a walk and enjoying public space, and finally, people drinking in bar terraces.

It is thought, TARDEO points will be opened during week. To promote habits between citizens (elder people, kids, and others)


The Benefits are:                                                                                                                                                                                                               -Get some activity in desert squares                                                                                                                                                                       -Provide commercial and social activity in other points of Alicante



We have to attend TARDEO points every day. For this reason, these prototypes will be in the street in a short time. Probably 3 months.8

There are two kind of prototypes, it will be used each one depending on quantity of people that fill square.

TARDEO point prototype 1:

-There will be one trader per point, and there are seat for 14 persons.

-It is modular (hexagon), it allows to be more cheap (light materials)

-Polyfunctional: Throw rubbish in the same bar, seat, buy local trade products and advertise.

-Recycle: People throw bottles of beer in the same bar. This situation promote that people recycle because when they approach at TARDEO point, they can do another things in addition of throw rubbish.

-Involve: We have said that we use an advertising posters in the same products that inform us about that trade they come. Trade owners, have to collaborate with TARDEO point.

-Seat and rest: It is know that when people go to Tardeo, they are standing all the time. TARDEO point allow them seat and rest in its seats.

-Tardeo: TARDEO point promote relationships in Tardeo because create one point of meeting.

9 10




TARDEO point prototype 2:

It is the same that before, but it has some differences.

-There will be two traders per point, and there are seat for 28 persons.

-It will be combined with two units of prototype 1.





Here we have different locations in squares of  TARDEO points:

Gabriel MiróGabriel Miró square


montañeta-calvo soteloMontanyeta-Calvo Sotelo square


Plaza Nueva Plaza Nueva


Ruperto ChapiRuperto Chapí square


Sant CristofolSant Cristòfol square


25 Mayo25  Mayo square













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