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Phase 4 concludes with the record and publicity of the action done : Format 03 .

The activities were realized the first three consecutive weekends of May 03th,  May 10th and May 17th.All the preparatory meetings and pre-design work were carried out the previous months.

For this format, the main concepts are the Involvement Boards, Activities and The Media and Information Methods.



The Involvement Boards are a key in the planning of activities . The purpose of these is to connect different local cultural agents in the neighborhood, and join forces with institutional and private agents associated with them. There were three tables in which we decided the organization of the activities planned in the contextualization of the project.

These Involvement Boards join all the cultural agents,  as the neighbors who want to join to our project LaPALMERETA and to his future management. Thus, it has become all part of our project and in the management and transparency of the participatory cultural program.

It Has been realized in three different places to reach more people and involve more agents , in addition to cycles for the neighborhood in which the project is based .

Thanks to this organization and disposition of different agents for the activities it has been a success .


  •  Involvement Board 01:

It took place at  the Plaza Les Palmeretes on April 10th where children and neighbors helped us to create  and took  part of it together with the agents. Agents were discussing  which activity will realize and when it would be.  Finally,  the date of the activities and agents participate in each one were concluded.

The agents who met with us were: LapizShow, David and Rocio (Dimonis), Alicia (Trapalatrop), Juan Carlos (L’Hort Comunitari), Cristina (Edificarte), Keka and Monica (Neighborhood residents).

IMG_1508 IMG_1505


  • Involvement Board 02:

It took place at the The Cigarreras  on April 28th  where we met with every kind of agents:  institutional,  private and local. Agents were agreed with the days and the activities for  May 10th , Day of Ecology.

The agents who met with us were: Cati (Cigarreras), Juan Carlos (L’Hort Comunitari), Rocio (Dimonis), Cristina and Jaume (Edificarte).

Sin título2 Sin título

  • Involvement Board 03:

It took place at L’Hort Comunitari on May 8th where we met with private, local agents and neighborhood residents. Agents were agreed with the days and the activities for  May 17th , Day of the Origins.

The agents who met with us were: Juan Carlos (L’Hort Comunitari), Cristina (Edificarte), Ana (Dimonis), Alicia and Cristina (Trapalatrop) and neighborhood residents.

Sin título3 Sin título4




To contextualize the need of an urban intervention that facilitates and maximize the programming of a continuous cultural calendar in the Palmeretes Square, we proposed three days of activities, with reference to three sections:

  •  ” Día de la Ecología “
  •  ” Vacio ” ( Contemporary Dance )
  •  “Dia de los Orígenes”

These activities serve as a test to measure citizen participation and engagement of cultural agents in the organization of activities in public space.

The main goals of our activities and our project are: Connect agents and neighbors, Visualize the culture in Alicante and to create a new identity and it was a success after that three days of activities.

  •  ” Día de la Ecología “

For the activities of the first day, on May 3th, Institutional, Private and Local agents came together to organize workshops and activities.

The Neighbor Association and Hort Comunitari  prepared together a paint_workshop in with children will decorate pots for put at the Street Julio Antonio; The collective of architects, EdificARTE with Architecture Education prepared a  recycling workshop; The Cigarreras and Explicarte prepared the Truequeñuelos; The Dimonis Colla d’ Alacanta prepared a labyrinth .

The main objective of this activity was to connect different cultural agents and involve them in the project for future actions.

The activities carried out by hybridization of cultural agents which allowed neighbors outside the neighborhood come  into the streets and knew Carolinas Bajas and the Palmeretes space.


14-05-03-191  IMG_2999 DSCF3115

  •  ” Vacio”

With the title “Vacio” which refers to the work of contemporary dance company OtraDanza, we realize our second activity, it was the pre-debut before submitting Leioa ( Bilbao).

Despite of the low diffusion on the event, there were a hundred of neighbours, who viewed the changing landscape from a square into a dance floor transforming the public space.

The propose of the action was visualize the culture in the square through a show that would not be possible to contemplate in any public space of the neighbourhood.

IMG_3352 IMG_3361



  •  ” Día de los Orígenes “

This day we concentrated also a lot of people, children and adults, in three themed areas : Workshop for a Participatory Sunshade developed by  Trapalatrop Colectiva, Architecture workshops to build your design of the neighbourhood  for children developed by Edificarte, the Bonfire developed the Fogueres Populars and the  Conferences of Urban and Humanistic Development of the neighborhood for Cronicas Carolinas, the architecture for the War of Spain by the Architect Andrés Martínez Medina, the Cigarreras’ women in Alicante by Teresa Lanceta and the origins of the Colla de los Dimonis La Ceba by Jaume Primet.

We believe that the creation of the urban identity of a neighbourhood by the neighbours begins with the knowledge of their urban and human history.

IMG_3765 sss



Media and Information Methods of  laPALMERETA  has been follow two sides: digital and analogy.

For the digital promotion has created a Facebook group that brings together cultural workers, neighbours and supporters of the project. A Youtube and Vimeo channel showing videos that are made for the project and a Gmail account for the contact between cultural operators and organizers PALMERETA members.

The analogy has had a bigger benefit.  The old town crier function has been possible to carry out in the 21st century by Jaume Primet and his ‘Colla’ informing to neighbours of the realization of the various activities and giving information about the time, place and needs to participate in the workshops.

Personal contact between neighbours works very well in Carolinas Bajas. For that it has been the main Information Strategy for social participation in our activities



For the final video of this phase we took as a reference the video of  Aldo Crusher:

Titles ” Diversidad Sexual ” MAX.    ( )

We took of it:

  • The way of represent different scenes with a colourful design which take the attention
  • The way of emphasis the main goals with a simple text.

Sin título6 Sin título5

We copy it for emphasis the main goals in the three days of activities.



We keep this design also for the media and information methods.

Finally, we add all this information in a Final Video. You can see it on Youtube and Vimeo.

Lapalmereta_youtube   Lapalmereta_vimeo                                          ( click the picture)                                                                              ( click the picture)




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