What is our objective as activists?
Our main objective is to get the highest number biciamigos stores in the city of Alicante, to create a new business network to facilitate the daily lives of citizens who use the bicycle as a regular means of transport.
So we’ve divided the intervention on 2 intervention phases:

1 Phase:
We want to publicity the project through a first intervention that causes great social turmoil and make available to everyone the benefits of the project and the benefits of being a biciamigo trade. Thanks to this we will be much easier to get biciamigos stores.

Phase 2:
These stores advertise biciamigos the downtown area by a cycle track trade by the following route. This action is more focused on to inform the public of the existence of these businesses, their location, and the benefits it can bring them use bicycles in their daily tasks. So we also created a new type of customer profile.

What have we achieved as social activists?
After numerous meetings with council members, with trade associations and Alacant en bici (Alicante pro-bike group), this is the final result of the negotiations, the first phase of the Urbikenitting  project:

We got permission to put 3 streetlights knitting (knitting by I-Punto) and make some roads footsteps vinyl (printed by MAD team) to three biciamigos shops: Las Manolitas, I-Punto and Mad Team.


The intervention took place between 20/05/2014 and 05/21/2014. The first day we put the knitting and the footsteps to I-punto and Las Manolitas , the second day we intervene in MAD Team.



What is next?
We have prepared for the day 14/06/2014 at 16:30, Phase 2 of the project, the business cycle Route, which have already signed more than 14 stores, which have been previously considered as biciamigos stores.


To be continued…




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