phase 5a · lapalmereta


To do the video of the phase 5a, we have used the reference of ‘Las mesas de CityKitchen’ (Madrid, 2014). This project was done four months ago in Madrid to gather the professionals of the city council and differents agents of urban and social management. The idea to show the comments and the experiences of the participants after an activity was apt to plan the storyboard of our video laPALMERETA.


After of a meeting, where a lot of cultural agents and social activism of Madrid were discussing about the new ways of collaboration and urban management, participants tell in the video the project and the conclusions. 

We analyse the video which is divided in 3 parts:











In this context we have structured our storyboard for the video of the phase 5ª, combining with the reference of BOA MISTURA – ‘luz nas bielas’ where during the explanation of the participants, there are images of the activities and related with the topic is being talked.






The video of laPALMERETA is divided in 5 parts according to the comments of the cultural and social agents participants in the video:

· What is laPALMERETA?

-> explain by Asun Noales (OtraDanza), Rocío Soler (Colla de Dimonis La Ceba d’Alacant), Virginia Carrión (Social Agent) and Cati Rodríguez (Coordinator at Cultural Centre las Cigarreras Cultura Contemporánea)

· Neighbor meeting

-> explain by Vicente García (editor of Crónicas Carolinas and member of Carolinas Citizen Association) and Jaume Primet (neighbor of Carolinas and towncrier of the project)

· Involvement board

-> explain by Jaime Barceló and Cristina Caro (architects of the collective edificarTE · ARQUITECTURA EDUCATIVA)

· Activities

-> explain by Andrés Martínez Medina (architect, professor at University of Alicante and researcher about Heritage and Urban Development) and Juan Carlos Olivas (member of the Hort Comunitari de Carolinas)

· Points of view

-> explain by Asun Noales, Luisa Biosca (neighbor of Carolinas) and Virginia Carrión.



->INTRODUCTION: the first image of the neighborhood is with the tipycal wallstreets. The table of the involvement board appears in the video going throw the neighborhood.


-> DEVELOPMENT: the cultural and social agents explain the project in its entirely. During the explanation differents videos of the project are shown according to the words of the speaker. Each one has in the part of the video the name with the coorporative color (green, blue or orange) according to institutional, private or local agent of Carolinas Bajas.

The topic is shown on the top of the video.


Entirely there are eleven speakers who talk about the five topics of the project.




At the end of the video it shows the table going throw to street going to the next involvement board for new activities. d



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