phase 5b · lapalmereta

encabezado ana

1The strategies developed to generate expectations over the activities tried to reach to differend kind of public.

Firstly, lapalmereta landed at two main social networks: Facebook and Youtube.

The facebook group 

It has been the platform to comunicate with the neighbors and agents participant. The format of the picture uploaded was different depending on the information we wanted to comunicate.




The teasers – Youtube

For every envolvement board celebrated we released a teaser after, followed by the information and conclusions obtained in the meeting. This way, the progress of the negotiations was shown to the followers and the first information of the next activity was released.



The town cryer

As a way to criticize the actual management of the culture activities promotion we have recovered a medieval age character: the town cryer. Playing ‘dolçaina’ and ‘tabalet’ , as popular instruments of the city, we went through the streets of the neighborhood.

It is the way we captivated all the other public that has not usual acces to social networks or even internet, as children or elder people.

Both the 10th and the 17th in the morning we did it with the colaboration of Dimonis and some spontaneous neighbors.















The main strategy in order to develop the promotion and graphic campaign of the activities has been to reinforce the goals of the projec through the corporate image. Every aspect of the project has been related to a format and design insithe the parameters defined in the previous visual identity strategies.


Corporate image at the Involvement boards    

The agents and asociations didn’t knew each other, so they had in front of them a constant reminder of who were they negociating with, supporting also the colors agent clasification.



Corporate image at the hybrid activities

The stickers

Every agent participating got its own color sticker, based on their kind: institutinal, local or private



Final printed posters were related to the final program defined after the involvement boards.



El día de la ecología  / Ecology day. Nature and recyclin values were taught that evening , toguether with architecture activities for kids and arts.

Vacío / Emptyness. As the activity finally included only one agent participant , the poster described tha activity visually , not following the ‘ hibrid activity’ poster design

Nuestros orígenes / Our origins. Both sewing workshops and lectures were taking place at the square that day, making it the mos recognizable icons at the poster


Triptics ( clic to read)

Keeping up the aesthetics of the posters and the chosen colors there were designe three triptics with the information of the fynal program of activities, including tha agents participating, and basic information about la palmereta and where to find us



Press appareances

Press dossier 

Sticker count

Every event we measured the amount of participants by our stickers.


Isuu project dossier views011

Youtube viewsAnalytics - YouTube-1

futureBoth the neighbors asociation and the active neighbors of the area have agreed to coninue in the future with the project , as the first activities of the recent founded neighbors asociations of Carolinas bajas.

For the next weeks  it is settled an evaluation meeting as our previous involvement boards.

With this future in mind we have elaborated a dossier that brings all the information toguether. With it , the project can be sold to be done in similar context, but also as a tool to integrate mor agents to participate (click to download)



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