To publicize our activities, we have conducted numerous ad formats.
To begin our main objective is to create a network of biciamigos trades, on which we will conduct our activities.
Our first ad campaign was the flayers of the previous phase.

In conclusion, this mode of advertising was not the most suitable for our type of project, since in 2 months, only got to 4 biciamigos are enrolled.


Starting on 21/05/2014, coinciding with the intervention, we decided to change the strategy. We decided to start moving through the social networks, Facebook and Twitter, to get our performance and promoting our project. We also use curiosity, causing by the lamposts to serve us as a way to advertise our project. For this, we design a business card, which we placed in the pockets of knitting, so curious and interested can get a card and could follow us on social networks or contact us via phone or E-mail.


We print 60 cards and each half day we were putting it on the knitting pockets. In three days we had to order more. We’re not sure about their function, but the fact is that we in those days our social media followers increased from 34 to 152 and the blog visits increased significantly.


The dissemination strategy for social media, was to use advertising designed in the previous phase and make new with the same style to introduce parts of the project to disseminate and encourage the use of bicycles among our direct and indirect followers.


Posters (enlaces Faceebook)


The next step, was to meet with the most important  trade associations of the downtown area, Corazón de Alicante y Más que centro, to explain the proposal and send it an e-mail explaining the project which forwarded its partners.


Thanks to do the intervention, we get one of the most important publicity, the media news. Our project appears the next day in La Verdad Alicante, a Local Newspapper. In the last week we appeared to in the city council web, and in the informacion, another local newspapper. It helps us to get more biciamigos.

To account for the overall success of the performance. We saw the is of the enrolled stores in Alicante Biciamigo´s blog.




biciamigo jpg



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