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The design of the billboard house was made because of a call for a contest “House prototype” for the Baanlaesaun Fair 2011, is a house prototype for those persons afected by the floods in Thailand.  The representative of “Capitalism” and “House” the basic need of human being.

Billboard house inspired form the progression of the capitalism that contributes higher competition on advertising media especially O.D.M (Outdoor Media) which are located around the big cities separately. Sometimes their huge structure causes the visual pollution or harms the neighbor accidentally. However they are still be used in advertising industrial because of several advantages.



Billboards to present throughout the entire city in different aspects and forms are an efficient way to advertise. Currently in Thailand the cost of this type of advertising can amount to an estimated 150 million euros. Companies through this medium could get a return on their investment by 30%, this represents a substantial increase economically.

Advertising campaigns presented in different external media can reach up to 85% of people (in places with a range of 20,000 people). As for outdoor advertising printing with sizes from 1: 8000, within range in places with a total of about 50,000 inhabitants can reach 68.1%. These values ​​demonstrate the importance and impact of such advertising on viewers.

According to a study by the University of Granada, billboards reduce the attention of drivers especially when ad content is emotive especially those that appeal to negative emotions.


The customizable prototype Billboard House is focused on the goal of reducing the visual impact of the billboards in the urban environment while it brings benefits to the person who owns one. Housing prototype that combines the concept of media Outdoor housing. the project, which recently showed at the fair ‘baan iae suan’ fair in Bangkok, Thailand, which explores ways to reduce the visual pollution of billboards in the city taking into account the evolution of capitalism today.


What pursued this project as involving three social levels, the customer, the advertising agency and the owner to reduce the number of billboards.

1. Client: is the tenant who wants to rent an effective media with in-expensive price, as well as the variety of O.D.M platform and location.
2. Billboard Agency: is the coordinator between Client and Owner dweller who collect the information for advertisement band facilitate the owner dweller. The income of Billboard Agency is come from the advertising commission
3. Owner dweller: is the dweller who wants to have the extra income from the advertising rent, and the flexibility of Billboard house, that can response or change the owner’s life style.


This is the financial issue, According to the outdoor media rent chart (statistic from Bangkok), It trend to be higher. See in year 2009 the total revenue is 6,000 million baht (200 million US Dollar) compared with year 2010 the total revenue is increasing to 7,000 million. Baht (233 million US Dollar) The question that “How to bring in revenue from the lease of these outdoor media to pay by installment.” which is basically a middle class to pay a higher interest rate. Need to pay more than half of their salaries each month. The timing of the payment as long as 20-30 years, so the concept of outdoor media for lease to pay by installment. Calculated to reduce the time needed to pay only 2 years.


The process to get a Billboard House is simple, it is requested on-line:

1- Registration: register your name and contact information

2- Choose the program: choice of house program being designed, rooms, kitchen, bathroom…

3- Install: in this next step the client must wait until de Billboard company installs the advertisement.

4- Choose platform and location: choose your favorite platform including on ground, on mobile, on building or over the head

5- Receive Billboard smart card: this is the identification card, it records your information and current situation. And also, supporting Billboard Bank which can withdraw your advertising rent or pay your house installment.


The house is built in metal by dry mounting. A simple mounting system with clear influences billboards but improved, which results in an easily constructible housing.

The goal is to get constructive housing and design work as efficiently as possible. The first level includes a set of home theater, pantry, bathroom and terrace. The second level has a more private character, and is where the bedroom is located, both plants are connected by a staircase that has been designed to accommodate the storage and hydroponic plant on the handrail for the main source of food.

Stairs detail




Having one house like this one means create new opportunities, the owner gets a benefit for itself and the company a place to advertise much more affordable than the common billboards, plus this get closer small companys to citizens and reduce the visual impact in the city.


As referred before, the account of billboard per city is huge. The only one getting a benefit is the advertisement company, this project reflects the aim of reducing the impact.


Besides the billboard, the house efficiency itself is a very good benefit for everyone, it shows how a self-efficient house can be built. With it solar pannels, hydroponic plants, the way is build, that could be reused.



he most remarkable of this project is socially how to build your own building includes customer at all times. It is he who with his desires and by previously established, specific modules as you would like your home really. And also indirectly relates this do it yourself with efficient construction techniques.


As explained above, another objective of this project is to introduce renewable energy or energy self-sufficiency in housing.


Culturally change would highlight this concept billboard, billboards have become an element of the urban landscape. This type of project is what you could call into question the commitment level of creative fences assuming a greater chance, which could be a different view.


The three agents involved receive benefits, this is a cyclical economic system that could create new sources of income or a way to finance a home or any other public building.




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