Phase 5a Carolinas Bajas-Queremos ser tu barrio

The video is based on the reference “Little Red Riding Hood” infographic´s video. The video follow the structure of our storyboard:

1.What? Project:

Evidence that the project has its origin in a Business Plan.

2. Where?The neighborhood:

Show the most relevant data about our context only the information that is useful for afterwards explaining the benefits of our project. The data is the following

– Population and groups of population.
– Opened – closed shops.
– Bars, Haberdasheries and DIY shops are the most abundant : this is OUR PRODUCT.

3. Who? Agents:

The trades, the Bonfire Association , the associations and neighbors relationship is crucial to develop our project.

4. Where? Specific context:

The shops and its surroundings : parking and empty plots.

5. Our Product:

The network presentation , showing the routes.

6. The urban image:

Showing which are the main elements that take part in our public image intervention.

7. Benefits:

Evidence the needing of the project with the cultural, social, economical and environmental benefits for the population, trades and neighbors.

8. Benefits for the neighbors and the groups of population that weren´t integrated in the neighborhood.

9. What people remember of our intervention: photomontages with the permanent urban image of our project.








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