Phase 5b Carolinas Bajas-Queremos ser tu barrio


The strategy followed to create expectations through an advertising campaign about the product CAROLINAS BAJAS are the following:


 1 )   CAROLINAS BAJAS blog : where we have posted some photos of the shops of the Net-work with their own review.



2)      The posters: the posters were hung in the shops of the network after a conversation with the shop owner or employee. The name of each net work was changed in order to promote the name of CAROLINAS BAJAS and make it easier to identify our campaign. Afterwards, we posted in the media the pictures we took  to make the product more reliable.


–          QR code

–          Reference to our website

–          Slogan of the network: La major oferta gastronómica // Coser, cantar y comprar // Los mejores comercios para los manitas



3)      The discount coupons: in order to attract the attention and make reliable the other strategies. We used them to attract and at the same time to annoy in somehow the traders.

Sin título-1


4)      The Facebook page-profile : a business page with the CAROLINAS BAJAS name where we posted the contents of the blog and the adverts that we generated for the last phase with some modifications and our video.



5)      The twitter page where we advert the page in Facebook and our Blog.





The first strategy was hanging some posters in the shops of CAROLINAS BAJAS, each shop had their own poster depending on their product offer. We entered in the shops and we persuaded the traders telling them we were young entrepreneurs that were working to reactivate their shops because it is necessary , most of the shop owners or employees agreed. Finally we put our poster in 23 different SHOPS :




-Carolinas Bajas Dining net:

The dining net was the network where we could put the biggest number of posters due to the amount of bars that were opened and the friendly owners. We only were denied by one bar. The participants were 10 shops.

cartel 11



This network was also active, we could post in 7 shops. In one of them La Boutique de Dianita, the owner suggested that he wanted to improve the quality of his shopfront to put our poster , he was proud of being a participant.

cartel 22


-DIY wshops

This shops were the most difficult ones to persuade because most of them are repairing workshops and most of them were closed so we put the posters in their door , we put the posters in a total of 6 shops.

The posters are still there.



This strategy consisted in posting some discounts around the neighborhood of Carolinas Bajas in the streetlights and in some walls where people could see the  advert and be surprised by the discounts. Also we put the posters in the Hort Comunitari of Carolinas. Some neighbors asked our partners of La Palmereta if they knew something about the promotors and where they can use the discounts.

STRATEGY 3 THE BLOG (16/05/2014-02/06/2014 data)

In the blog we posted some reviews about the shop with their own shopfront and our poster. Followed by some pictures of their “products”. Also some tags were added in order to attract the people while they research on the internet.

The number of visits in total are 781.

Data about the visits:


The most visited posts were the following, the most visited shop was the merceria finita with 97 visitis, followed by the bars , the food posts were the most visited ones.


Another remarkable data is that the 21% of our visits were made from a mobile phone, that could be link with the presence of our QR code on the posters.


The way people knew our Blog was through the facebook page mainly 118 visits , others through the facebook page and few of them through the QR code.


Strategy 4: The Facebook profile and page


The profile in facebook has had a lot of success, it is named CAROLINAS BAJAS, we created the account the 16/05/2013, and we had a lot of diffusion that first weekend because it was the election of la Bellea del Foc and many people linked our product with the Fogueres due to the neighborhoods IDENTITY and our LOGO.

The page has got a total of 507 friends none of them are our friends, most of them are people of the neighborhood that we invited through Cronicas Carolinas or the facebook group foguera Carolinas Bajas. Also some people are related with the Fogueres, some of our friends are from the City Council as the Commerce and Urban image counciliors.




The participation has been really active, many people shared our contents and liked them.  All our data points out that the number of followers are increasing each day. Now we have got an average of 15 friend request per day.




The main success key has been the BRANDING image that we have generated through the different posters with catching images and a colorful image. We have some followers that don’t have to do anything with us or Carolinas Bajas, they trust the page due to its appearance.



The more visited posts were the following:

1)      Carolinas Bajas video: the decision of posting this video was in order to increase our popularity in the neighborhood. The advert has been shared by 17 neighbors of Carolinas Bajas , they wrote down in some of their posts : “ por unas Carolinas bajas mejor!” ; “ Ese es mi barrio”,” Toma que guapos salimos!”.

2)3)The other more visited posts are two posters, that served to proof which were the more catchy images that we generated.


-The Agents



Through our page of facebook the relation between agents have been established. The agents are the following:

Cronicas Carolinas: the association of Carolinas was interested in our project and asked for our identity many times. Also the association criticized our name because the name Carolinas Bajas is linked with the bonfire and right now to avoid the conflict between Carolinas Altas-Bajas they use only Carolinas. Finally they understood that we were foreign and that we wanted to help them and they invite us to participate in La Palmereta speech of our classmates, in order to explain our project and meet with La Palmereta students.

The following week “ Concejalia de Participación ciudadana” shared many posts of our page and Cronicas Carolinas thought that we were linked with the city council.

Also the departments of the city council like our page and share our contents: such as Concejalía de Participación ciudadana (shared 11 posts) or Concejalía de Comercio (Like our page).


About private agents , we have posted in the timelines of the shops we posted about in our blog such as Café La Aldea , and the owners agreed with our initiative. Also 15 posts were shared by DGA (Diversidad Gastronómica Alicantina) were they advertised our shops.


We got in touch with Alicante Street Style , a blogger that has 3480 followers. We told her about our project and she was interested in going to Carolinas Bajas shops with us in order to publish them and our project in her Blog.

But one of our most successful cases is the “Bar BON APPETIT ”. This Bar has the poster in their shopfront and we wrote a post about it. The owner shared our post and the costumers also , so many people began to know about us. Also he won 20 followers more on his facebook page and he started posting more photos in the Bar´s page on facebook that was nearly empty before. He posted one photo of the shopfront with our poster and some Paellas in our Page Timeline.


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