Phase 5b /// Urban intervention + correction phase 4



Video 1

We decided to change completely the way we were trying to explain the concept of the asssociation help and how people get inside, because we saw the general view of situations the balay video was giving us, did not help at all to explain the kind of situations we want to aproach.



We found another reference that linked better the steps for any situation.



Video 2

In order to let clear the spot where is located the project, we introduce more visual references of the roundabout. The video has been made shorter not to lose the attention of the public.


////// PHASE 5B

As the intervention itself 5b phase is creating expectations among citizens or agents. Tried at first attempting to measure what kind of repercussions are typical as unemployed, taken to extremes, on the people who see them. But after a failed attempt we realized that we did not get anything and that the issue was too sensitive to try to treat it as such an exposed way.


06 DSCN5299 (2)

06 DSCN5299 (8) 5b_1 estadisticas cerca



Therefore we decided to disassociate a little the issue of the unemployed and improve worker or retiree knowledge, to focus on the idea proposed by the trucking association. Under this guideline of needs met by the neighbours make visible the roundabout to them and those of the agents that pass along the day. Chose tape as materials since allowed us to perform a fast and clean intervention, while giving us the proper visibility through glare and colours. 5

Following the basics of our project: Create a set of templates that allowed the acting of citizens within a marked patterns in order to classify them in supply and demand, and at the same time let clear what kind of exposure they performed, if it was something material, knowledge, or even the person itself. 8 9 10 12d 12e











To conclude that the intervention helps to corroborate the idea of this type of association and its location in the roundabout would have future as we show in the Loop in project. There is the possibility of regulating the mutual collaboration of neighbourhoods through a physical platform located in the most visible meeting point between the neighbourhoods, the roundabout. Moreover we understand that if the intervention would had been more prolonged in time and summing over all the hours we understand as more crowded, the results would be better and we would have even given the possibility to rectify the form of measure. Here we attach some data of the results of the intervention:

estadisticas todo junto estadisticas 2 time


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